DCEU vs MCU: 4 keys to success and how each measure up

dceu vs mcu

DC and Marvel have been longtime rivals in the comic book world and have just recently started competing on a much grander scale, to the delight of every nerd ever, on the big screen. Unfortunately all comic book creations turned to movies are not created equal and the last installment for each company couldn’t be … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 art unveils Mantis


If you’re a superhero movie fan there’s no doubt you loved the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie and you’re excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The hypebeast has begun with James Gunn showing off some amazing artwork of Drax, baby Groot, Yondu, Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Nebula, and Mantis. Yes you got it, Mantis and she looks … Read more

Deadpool Number Two poster drops… kind of

Deadpool Number Two

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds and company to creatively drop the Deadpool Number Two teaser poster on the internet. But wait a minute, is this the official teaser poster? Apparently not. Rather, it is a fan-made poster which Reynolds gave his stamp of approval via his Instagram share. While Reynolds and crew had nothing to … Read more

Beth Behrs Launches First Comic Series Dents

Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs, the star of the CBS TV series 2 Broke Girls, is taking a stab at the world of comics with the debut of the post-apocalyptic comic series Dents. Described as Frozen meets The Hunger Games, the first three chapters are available exclusively on leading digital comics platform LINE Webtoon. Dents was co-created and co-written … Read more

PSA: Free Comic Book Day Is May 7!

Comic Book

Geek or not, everyone loves comic books. Hailed as one of the most popular mediums for storytelling since the early 20th Century, comics have a special place in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The most wonderful thing about comic books is that there’s always something for everyone to enjoy, from … Read more

Marvel’s Inhumans Film Removed From Schedule, May Be Cancelled

To say that Marvel has been on a roll would be an understatement. Multiple blockbusters, rave reviews, billions at the box office, mountainous excitement building about their upcoming projects and a schedule full of upcoming films featuring some of the biggest names and stories in comic books. That last one however might now be a problem … Read more

March LOOTCRATE Unboxing: The VS Theme


The March LOOTCRATE is here and we’re unboxing it on video as usual! As always we’re bringing you the LOOTCRATE as well as LOOTPETS and the LVLUP monthly mystery apparel bag. All of LOOTCRATE’s offerings are super awesome for super geeks and there’s always at least one thing in every crate you’ll absolutely love! This … Read more

VizMedia At C2E2 2016 #C2E22016

VizMedia is pretty well known for Anime and Manga such as Naruto, Sailor Moon, Hunter Hunter and Tokyo Ghoul. This year at C2E2, VizMedia decided to come out with a few announcements that you wouldn’t hear or see anywhere else because two workers from VidMedia were given the “okay” to provide us with some first … Read more

The Walking Dead Filming Two Takes For Negan

Only a few more weeks until Rick and crew are set upon by the biggest bad guy they’ve ever seen. If you’re familiar with The Walking Dead comics, you’ll know that Negan is quite unlike anything they’ve encountered before. Negan is also a complete and utter potty-mouth. This is a family site so we won’t be saying … Read more

Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Are Now Manga Characters

Most of our readers here will certainly know Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the two Steves who started Apple Computers in a garage decades ago. Following Steve Jobs’ death in October 2011, there have been a series of books, including the official biography by Walter Isaacson, and movies such as Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, and … Read more

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Herald Of Galactus?


Being Galactus is a difficult job and it takes top notch heralds to assist such greatness in consuming whole worlds for dinner. Every so often even invincible entities lose an employee or two. Whether that be getting fried in a planet’s core or betraying Galactus and being banished for good then coming back to fight … Read more

Mark Millar Hosts Comic Competition Seeking New Talent

Mark Millar is opening the door for aspiring comic book writers and artists to break into the industry and give something back. Scottish writer Millar, whose characters have gone on to become silver screen icons on par with the heavy hitters from Marvel and DC, is opening up his entire canon for the contest. Millar says: … Read more

Fake Captain America Civil War Trailer Disney Expo Leaked


UPDATE: Well folks, we found out late last night that this footage is indeed fake, sorry for the dust up, we got duped too. The first indication should have been that comments were disabled on the original YT upload. We regret getting you all fired up over nothing. WE BEG YOUR FORGIVENESS!!! ORIGINAL STORY The … Read more

[UPDATED] Catch A Shot Of Jared Leto As The Joker In Suicide Squad

There have been a few men who have attempted to portray the psychotic yet lovable character that is The Joker. For the most part fans tend to agree that there have been two men to have done it well, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. The former being the fan favorite for the intensity that he … Read more

This Week in Comics Wrap Up – June 24, 2015

As you may have already seen, we decided to mix things up a bit this week and split the Wrap Up into 2 different articles: This week in comics, and Comic of the Week. One article will of course be dedicated to the Comic of the Week and one will cover the rest. This week’s … Read more

This Week In Comics Wrap Up – June 17, 2015


This week was awesome mainly because it saw the arrival of several DC books that are new and very good. If you know me or you’ve noticed what I have been writing about, there has not been a lot from DC that I have been connecting with. I hope that with the passage of Convergence and … Read more

Rare '90s The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past Comic Being Reprinted

A series of comics loosely based around The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is being reprinted by Viz Media, the company announced on Twitter. The comics were originally printed in the now defunct Nintendo Power magazine in the early ’90s, and are being reprinted after being out of circulation for years. The reprint, which … Read more

Superman #37 Review: What Would Your Parents Think?

The new all-star creative team of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. are on fire as they manage to deliver yet another outstanding issue of Superman and wrap up their first story arch. Last issue Ulysses promised a perfect world for the first six million people to board his ship back to his home the … Read more

Details On Spider-Man Negotiations Between Marvel And Sony – Crossover Might Still Be Possible

More details have surfaced from the “Sony hack” on the discussion between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures on Spider-Man’s future in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. While the exclusive from ComicBookMovie.com paints a hopeful picture, there is no corroborating evidence from the documents or from either studio that the discussion has continued or that any action will … Read more

Star Wars #1 Will Sell More Than One Million Copies When It Releases Next Month

When Star Wars #1 releases next month it will sell well over one million copies, according to Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel. Initially reported by ComicBook.com, the inaugural issue of Star Wars’ return to comic book form will become the “top-selling single issue of the past 20 years.” This would knock off the current leader in … Read more

Marvel Cyber Monday Deal: First Month Of Marvel Unlimited For $0.75

A great Marvel Cyber Monday deal on the Marvel Unlimited service, which grants you access to over 75 years worth of comics, was announced today. The deal, available from today until December 4th at 3am EST, will net you the first month of Marvel Unlimited for $0.75. After that, the subscription price will hop back up to $9.99/month … Read more

The End Is Four-ever: Marvel Comics Cancelling The Fantastic Four?

Bleeding Cool is reporting that they indeed have enough evidence to say that Marvel Comics is planning on a cancellation of the first family of the Marvel universe: The Fantastic Four. While nothing has been officially announced (probably waiting for NYC Comic Con), it appears that sometime in the spring of 2015 with James Robinson and Leonard Kirk’s … Read more

It’s Finally Happening – Ant-Man Begins Filming Today

After several iterations, directors, leading actors, almost being a Pixar animated film, and nearly a decade of rumors, Marvel’s Ant-Man is finally set to begin filming today. The embattled Marvel hero will mark the twelfth super hero to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the movie releases in July of next year, and stars comedian Paul Rudd … Read more

Marvel’s Bob Sabouni Talks Comics And Digital Delivery

There is very little doubt that we are heading towards a digital world in almost every sense. Newspapers and magazines have become less and less noticeable, instead replaced by phones and tablets. The same thing is happening with comics, though I suspect there might be a bit more push back from hardcore fans who still … Read more