Netflix teases Marvel’s Luke Cage, The Defenders, Iron Fist at SDCC


After being introduced in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is back and we get an explosive first look courtesy of Netflix and San Diego Comic Con. Mike Colter returns as the former convict with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin to reprise his role as the title character in Marvel’s Luke Cage. After a sabotaged experiment leaves him … Read more

The Netflix Binge Scale: How Are People Binge Watching?


There’s no question that if you have Netflix you’ve done the Netflix binge at least once, in fact it’s almost the new way to watch TV shows. Netflix has examined the global viewing behaviour of more than 100 serialized TV series and developed the Netflix Binge Scale, showing what shows are binged harder than others. … Read more

Michael Keaton Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming; Kingpin Coming As Well?


After rumours were confirmed that Robert Downey, Jr. would be reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming reboot movie, the cast is getting another major addition — and a new rumour. After recently coming to an agreement with Sony over the rights to Spider-Man, Marvel has been quick to bring the web-slinging … Read more

MEZCOTOYZ Creates Epic Punisher Figure


The Punisher made his Netflix debut on the second season of Daredevil and quickly became a fan favorite of the show. So much so that Netflix is giving him his own show. So MEZCOTOYZ decided to give The Punisher an epic figure to celebrate. Hardcore comic fans know full well that The Punisher is no … Read more

Netflix Orders Full First Season Of Marvel’s The Punisher


Netflix has just announced a piece of news that will no doubt make fans of their ongoing collaboration with Marvel ecstatic — Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Frank Castle in a Marvel’s The Punisher series coming to the streaming service. The Punisher is back. Locked and loaded. — Netflix US (@netflix) April 29, 2016 We … Read more

Daniel Kish: The Real Daredevil

real Daredevil

The real Daredevil doesn’t live in the pages of a comic book. The real Daredevil isn’t on Netflix. Meet the real Daredevil, Daniel Kish. With season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil landing on Netflix yesterday fans everywhere are binge watching the series as you read this. But the “man without fear” is nothing more than an imaginary … Read more

Marvel’s Luke Cage Hits Netflix September 30th


We first got a look at Mike Colter as the indestructible Luke Cage in the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones last year, and now we know when we’ll be seeing Cage in his own series. Speaking at the recent red carpet event for season 2 of the upcoming Marvel’s Daredevil which hits Netflix March 18, Colter revealed … Read more

Daredevil Is Suited Up In The New Season 2 Teaser Trailer


As if it is possible to garner any more anticipation over season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil, a new teaser trailer was released with glimpses of Daredevil himself along with new partners in crime…er…crimefighting, Elektra and The Punisher. An ancient evil is coming. Time to suit up. #Daredevil — Netflix ANZ (@NetflixANZ) March 9, 2016 The Punisher, … Read more

New On Netflix US: March Returns With Daredevil, House of Cards


March brings a whole lot of binge-worthy shows to Netflix US, both new and returning. Of course, fans of Marvel’s Daredevil and House of Cards will be thrilled for the new seasons of those shows, as well as a few new Netflix Originals for adults and kids alike — with some Netflix Exclusives thrown in for good … Read more

Daredevil Season 2 Features Elektra And The Punisher


The second trailer for Daredevil season 2 has hit YouTube and it is a heck of a ride with the appearance of Elektra Natchios and of course The Punisher. The first season of Daredevil on Netflix was very well received and the network really did a hell of a job on the character and series. … Read more

New on Netflix Canada: March Binges With House Of Cards, Daredevil, Much More


It’s that time again to find out what’s New on Netflix Canada for March! It’s sure to be a binge-worthy month as both House of Cards and Marvel’s Daredevil return with all new seasons, not to mention a few other Netflix Originals. Let’s check out what Netflix Canada has in store for viewers next month, and don’t forget … Read more

Netflix Releases Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

Hot off the heels of a great opening weekend for one Marvel character, Netflix has released the first of two scheduled trailers for Daredevil Season 2, and this trailer is all about the Punisher. We see a healthy dose of Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle, and see a bit of about how Netflix plans to tell … Read more

Netflix Price Increase Coming For Grandfathered Standard HD Plans

top rated

When Netflix raised their prices almost two years ago from $7.99/mth to $8.99/mth for their most popular Standard HD streaming plan, they grandfathered existing members and guaranteed their current plan and price would not change for two years. That was back in May of 2014, and the price of the Standard HD plan is currently $9.99/mth. Netflix … Read more

The Punisher Series Coming to Netflix?

the punisher

So the word on the street is the Punisher will be making an appearance on Netflix’s second season of Marvel’s Daredevil, which debuts March 18th. But even more exciting than that is Netflix might be working on bringing a permanent The Punisher series to the network, which would completely turn me into a drooling fanboy! According to … Read more

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Gets A Second Season

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will get another chance on the small screen as Netflix has picked it up for a second season. The show reached critical acclaim as critics and viewers alike clamored over the raw and gritty feel of the show. Jessica Jones will join Daredevil in a sophomore season and is the second of … Read more

[301] Marvel’s Iron Fist Lands Dexter Showrunner

It appears that the final piece of Marvel’s Netflix Universe has finally begun to take shape, since former Dexter producer Scott Buck has signed on to be the showrunner for Iron Fist. This character’s introduction will feature the final piece of The Defenders puzzle, since we’ve already seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Emmy nominated … Read more

Marvel’s Iron Fist Lands Dexter Showrunner


It appears that the final piece of Marvel’s Netflix Universe has finally begun to take shape, since former Dexter producer Scott Buck has signed on to be the showrunner for Iron Fist. This character’s introduction will feature the final piece of The Defenders puzzle, since we’ve already seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Emmy nominated … Read more

When Did You Become Hooked On That Show? Netflix Knows…


Netflix has become one of the main enablers of TV binging, often dropping entire seasons of its original programming and other shows on hapless viewers at once. Given the ability to watch a full season at your own pace – and I suspect oftentimes over the course of a weekend for many, it’s easier for viewers to get … Read more

Elektra Joining Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil

There’s no arguing that Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix was a success for Marvel. With Jon Bernthal already joining the cast as Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, the second season of the series just got even better as Marvel has announced that Elektra will be joining the cast as well. Referenced in the first season as a mysterious … Read more

The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal Joins Marvel’s Daredevil As The Punisher

It looks like Marvel is getting phase 2 of their Marvel Television Universe underway as they’ve cast Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, for season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil. It’s rumoured that The Punisher, and a few other Marvel superheroes will be getting their own Netflix series after Marvel releases its upcoming Jessica Jones, Iron … Read more

Marvel’s Phase 2 for Netflix Could Add the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade and More

With Marvel’s phase 2 for feature films wrapping up with the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s attention has turned toward phase the future of the MCU. However, the Disney owned company isn’t putting its eggs all in one basket as a new report has leaked showing that Marvel will be bringing some big names to … Read more

Daredevil Season 2 Coming In 2016; New Showrunners Attached

Marvel’s street-level superhero series Daredevil is coming back for a second season exclusively on Netflix sometime in 2016. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as the show has garnered almost overwhelming positive reviews, and is a big part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe going forward. Daredevil will be part of the Defenders series on Netflix, and rumors are … Read more

Daredevil Now The Second Most Pirated TV Show

Despite being available in its entirety on Netflix in more than 50 countries, Marvel’s Daredevil series is now the second most pirated TV show, according to piracy-tracking data from Excipio. In the week since the series debuted on Netflix on April 10, it has been downloaded by more than 2.1 million individual users worldwide. This number puts it … Read more

Daredevil Review: “Cut Man”


If there’s anything wrong with Daredevil‘s second episode, “Cut Man,” it’s that the show is going to have a hard time topping itself with the remaining 11 episodes. Childhood flashbacks, a drunk Foggy Nelson, and one of the best fighting sequences ever to leave its bloody mark on television – our second Daredevil review has a lot to cover. While Daredevil‘s … Read more

Daredevil Review: “Into The Ring”

It’s finally here. After months of waiting, the Netflix original series Daredevil graced our queues early Friday morning giving us a chance to dive into Hell’s Kitchen head first. If you were afraid that Disney and Netflix would be making this series kid-friendly you can pretty much throw that out the window with the first episode. Our … Read more