T-Mobile offers free data for Pokémon GO players


We’ve seen John Legere and T-Mobile make some pretty crazy offers in the past. What other company would offer its customers a share of its own stock? Uncarrier moves such as Binge On and Music Freedom may get some side-eye glances from some, but they are both clearly very popular. You know what else is … Read more

Verizon rate plan pricing may be on the rise

There were rumors floating around last week that Verizon would be coming out with competition for T-Mobile, specifically in dealing with rollover data. Much like T-Mobile offers for their Data Stash program, unused data would roll over to the next month and so on. Two other new programs rumored to be offered include a “Safety … Read more

Google Researchers Hit The Road To Gather Data

Faster internet

Google is at it once again, trying to gather more information about how we use our devices in conjunction with Google’s products such as Drive, Hangouts, Gmail and more. But instead of gathering data through complex algorithms baked into their products Google is going the grassroots route for this round of data collection… ready for … Read more

That Innocent Facebook Quiz Is Probably Mining Your Data

Facebook Quiz

OK, I get it, social media is a place to be social and interact with your friends and family as if they were right in front of you. Part of many people’s face to face interactions include playing games together, so it makes sense that sharing a Facebook quiz would be a normal thing to … Read more

Microsoft To Open Its First UK Data Centres

Microsoft cloud

Microsoft’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella announced on Tuesday at the Future Decoded conference that they are going to open data centres in the UK for the first time, competing with the likes of Amazon. The UK cloud market is currently worth around 3.4 billion pounds and is growing rapidly. Microsoft already has data centres in other … Read more

This Is What A 5MB IBM Hard Drive Looked Like in 1956 [Video]


Technology has come a very long way in 60 years. Televisions have gotten thinner, bigger and lighter. Cars have become smarter, faster and more efficient. Telecommunication has become more widely available, and the world is more connected than ever before. And of course data storage capacities have grown from MB (megabyte) to YB’s (yottabyte). Which … Read more

John ‘Wayne’ Legere Aims To Stop T-Mobile Network Abusers


John Legere came out shooting in a blog post directed at T-Mobile network abusers who find creative ways to use data they don’t pay for. A small subset of users seems to have a unhealthy appetite for T-Mobile data some to the tune of two terabytes, which probably means they’re streaming movies. Legere isn’t all too … Read more

[UPDATED] Sprint’s New “Unlimited” Plan Has A Tiny Limit

Imagine going to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and being told you can eat as much as you want. The only caveat is that the plates are the size of cupholders. But go ahead, eat as much as you want. UPDATE: Well it didn’t take long for Sprint to see the error of their ways. In a blog … Read more

AT&T Hit With $100 Million Fine For Data Throttling


Filed under “score another one for the lawyers”, the Federal Communications Commission has decided to sue AT&T for promising unlimited data to customers, then throttling their data speeds. Originally offered between 2007 and 2011, the plans boasted of unlimited data use. However, AT&T implemented a “Maximum Bit Rate” where speeds were greatly reduced once a … Read more

Apple To Renovate Old Sapphire Factory Into A Data Center

So remember sapphire glass? That thing that Apple was teasing, then swept under the rug when the supplier declared bankruptcy? Many of us were crossing our fingers that the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would feature an incredibly scratch resistant sapphire glass display, and Apple may have had its finger crossed as well. With the bankruptcy … Read more

BMW Declines Tech Companies Requests For Connected Car Data


The Financial Times is reporting that auto makers are under increased pressure from technology companies and advertising companies to share connected car data with them. Reportedly this includes some large “Silicon Valley” companies which leaves ones mind to wander to names like Apple, Google and Microsoft. BMW says that every car they produce now has … Read more

Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Office to Hijack Computers


I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel real insecure when I am using the Internet. The once glorious open pasture of consumable content and entertainment has become a huge metropolis of people trying to steal personal data. Gone are the days of hackers fooling you into downloading a program, nowadays they use … Read more

Op/Ed: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Big Data (But Still Stay Wary)

The idea of Big Data isn’t anything new – for years market research companies have tried to get as much information as they can about their consumers to help inform marketing plans and decisions. Governments have also sought more information to better tackle crime and direct their policies. However, big data has changed from simple market … Read more

AT&T Confirms Customers Personal Data Compromised

AT&T Confirms Customers Personal Data Compromised
AT&T Confirms Customers Personal Data Compromised
photo modified from www.sapling-inc.com

Call records and social security numbers are among the bits of customer data accessed by parties “outside” of AT&T. In a California regulatory filing, the telecom giant confirmed the incidents took place between April 9 thru the 21st. AT&T would not say how many customers were affected by the breach but ITworld says California law requires a regulatory filing if more than 500 persons were affected. 

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