Microsoft Posts DIY Guide For Magic Mirror With Facial Recognition

Let’s admit it, we are vain creatures. We created “selfies,” a term and a whole market space around the concept of taking photos of ourselves and making the world look at them. But in order to look good in selfies, we spend countless hours of preparation in front of mirrors; brushing, shaving, combing, picking, smearing, … Read more

Amazon Shows You How To Make Your Own Amazon Echo

As many of us, including myself struggle to find a reason to drop $180 on Amazon’s Echo, plenty of people have already done so and most seem pretty happy with their purchase. And although I have yet to see one compelling reason to own one, I do grudgingly acknowledge that the world does not in fact rotate … Read more

Netfix And Nap; Socks That Pause Netflix If You Nod Off

Netflix and Chill sounds like a grand ‘ol time and there are certainly plenty of accessories available to facilitate that. But if you’re like me, sometimes you really do just want to get cozy, throw on a show, get a pile of snacks, and wake up the following morning on your couch next to an empty bottle of Woodford, covered in … Read more

Custom RC Tie Interceptor Lights Up The Night Sky, Our Geek Hearts

French YouTuber and DIY drone enthusiast Olivier C is back with another great Star Wars-related build. He first wow’d the Internet with his Millennium Falcon design last month, and now he’s back with a stellar RC Tie Interceptor design. In the two videos posted by Olivier C, the impressively-accurate Interceptor – complete with tiny little blasters and light-up … Read more

This Set Of DIY Wolverine Claws Looks Amazing But Not So Safe



There is no doubt the popularity of the X-Men movie series is in part due to the Wolverine character. People are often drawn to the anti-hero for a variety of reasons, in Wolverine’s case some of it has to do with the claws. And now YouTuber colinfurze has built his very own working Wolverine claws. Check out both his YouTube videos after the break.

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