Ocean Alliance Taps DJI For “Snotbot” Project, Drones Studying Whales

Whales are majestic creatures, and some of the largest animals in the world. Scientists have been observing and studying these animals for years, though many of the methods used could be best described as intrusive to the animals and their habitat. The Ocean Alliance has recently started working with DJI on a project called “Snotbot,” … Read more

New DJI App Brings Social Media To Drone Enthusiasts

DJI app

DJI is one of the leaders in drone technology and today they’ve launched a new DJI app that aims to bring drone enthusiasts together. The mobile app connects people socially and professionally by enabling drone pilots and drone enthusiasts to start conversations and meet up while also functioning as a professional marketplace for aerial service providers … Read more

DJI Files U.S. Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Yuneec

infringement lawsuit

DJI, the makers of the Phantom series of drones and one of the pioneers of drone technology has filed a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit against Yuneec today. The lawsuit says that Yuneec is infringing on two patents held by DJI, and DJI is asking Yuneec to stop selling and producing the offending products. DJI’s U.S. Patent Numbers 9,164,506, … Read more