Amazon Drone Delivery service will begin testing in the UK

Amazon has found a strong ally in the British government in its quest to use drones for delivery. This new partnership between Amazon and the UK gives the company a chance to test its drones the way it can’t in the United States. Testing In The UK – Easier Than The US For one, the UK … Read more

Get into drone racing with Autonomous’ full package


There’s no question drones and drone racing are becoming more popular. Now, you can get a taste of drone racing with Autonomous’ Indiegogo campaign, which includes everything you need to get started —  and more. In addition to just drones and controllers, there are options to add flags, cones, and even headsets to the Drone Racing … Read more

Ocean Alliance Taps DJI For “Snotbot” Project, Drones Studying Whales

Whales are majestic creatures, and some of the largest animals in the world. Scientists have been observing and studying these animals for years, though many of the methods used could be best described as intrusive to the animals and their habitat. The Ocean Alliance has recently started working with DJI on a project called “Snotbot,” … Read more

Eachine E10C Mini Quadcopter Review: Fun In A Small Package

E10C Mini Quadcopter

Drones and quadcopters are gaining popularity and many of them are becoming more affordable. While prices are dropping, they’re not dropping to the point everyone is rushing out to pick one up. This is where products like the E10C Mini Quadcopter come into play. They’re small and super inexpensive and give users a chance to … Read more

“It’s Flying Season” With Parrot Drones Sale

Drones have been all over the place lately, and everybody seems to want to get their hands on this technology. Parrot drones have been some of the best available in the consumer drone market for some time now, and Parrot has decided to get into the spirit of summer. Whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot, … Read more

Drone Hits British Airways Plane At Heathrow Airport


The Metropolitan Police has confirmed it is investigating an incident at Heathrow Airport after a British Airways plane was hit by what is believed to be a drone. BBC News reports that the pilot of aircraft BA727, which was approaching Heathrow after flying from Geneva with 132 passengers on board, contacted police shortly after the … Read more

Think Twice Before Shooting Down Drones — It’s A Federal Crime


Drones have definitely been causing a bit of a predicament over the past year, leading to the FAA implementation of a drone registry a couple months ago. Of course, there has been various reports of individuals shooting down drones for various reasons, including trespassing, and one Kentucky man even got off on charges of wanton endangerment and … Read more

New DJI App Brings Social Media To Drone Enthusiasts

DJI app

DJI is one of the leaders in drone technology and today they’ve launched a new DJI app that aims to bring drone enthusiasts together. The mobile app connects people socially and professionally by enabling drone pilots and drone enthusiasts to start conversations and meet up while also functioning as a professional marketplace for aerial service providers … Read more

DJI Files U.S. Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Yuneec

infringement lawsuit

DJI, the makers of the Phantom series of drones and one of the pioneers of drone technology has filed a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit against Yuneec today. The lawsuit says that Yuneec is infringing on two patents held by DJI, and DJI is asking Yuneec to stop selling and producing the offending products. DJI’s U.S. Patent Numbers 9,164,506, … Read more

10 Drones That Are Worth the Money


Posted on March 10, 2016 by Andrew Lisa When shopping for a drone, racers, enthusiasts, photographers and hobbyists alike must consider more than just cost. Flight time, wingspan, weight and method of control all affect a drone’s performance. With an eye on several key data points, the team at SpecOut assembled a list of the … Read more

SkyWall, A Line of Anti-Drone Bazookas And Turrets


I don’t need to tell you about the explosive growth the drone market has seen over the last couple of years. There are dozens of companies all over the world building consumer-grade quadcopters in all shapes, sizes, functions, and price points. Drones are raced, used for video production, or just flown for recreation. There is … Read more

Police In Connecticut Want Armed Drones

armed drones

Police in Connecticut want lawmakers to allow them to arm their drones, suggesting armed drones would benefit public safety. Police point to an earlier YouTube video that went viral where a drone was outfitted with a handgun and shown shooting. The incident is enough reason for the police department to want to arm and use … Read more

Dutch Police Training Eagles To Take Out Drones


Drones are a whole new category of tech that has recently seen an uptick in popularity for hobbyists and companies alike. With new technology comes a whole new set of challenges and in the case of drones that means regulation of flight. But as we know, not everyone is so keen on following the rules … Read more

Qualcomm Is Looking To Use Their Snapdragon Processors In Drones


We’re all familiar with the name Qualcomm, the SoC manufacturer that uses their famous Snapdragon processors in a wide range of smartphones over the years. Big phone companies such as HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, and others all use, or have used, Snapdragon SoCs at one time or another. Qualcomm is now trying to put their chips … Read more

FAA Announces $5 Recreational Drone Registration

Drones have become wildly popular. People are already flying them all over the place (occasionally places where they shouldn’t) and plenty of kids and adults will probably unwrap their very own drone in the next few weeks during the holidays. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been busy working on guidelines to keep recreational drone use … Read more

Top 10 Drones For The Holidays

Top 10 Drones For The Holidays

Posted on December 4, 2015 by Ryan Fagenson Drones, defined as unmanned aircrafts controlled by remote control or onboard computers, are an emerging consumer tech industry segment. As such, many of these cool, flying gadgets will be purchased this holiday season for a variety of uses. You may have heard about them and thought they’d … Read more

Amazon Unleashes New Drone Design For Amazon Prime Air With Improved Performance

For a service that is yet to officially take off (yup, more puns), Amazon has been focusing pretty heavily on its upcoming drone delivery service, Amazon Prime Air. The company has recently released a new video — hosted by former Top Gear front man Jeremy Clarkson — in which the merits and benefits of the new drone delivery … Read more

Recreational Drones Will Soon Have To Be Registered With The FAA

File this one under: Why we can’t have nice things. Apparently flying drones into sporting events, getting in the way of firefighters and scaring airline pilots, along with numerous other hijinks is reason enough to get the government involved and start taking our toys away. Or at least start telling us when, where, and how we can use … Read more

“Don’t Drone Me Bro!” Police in North Dakota Can Arm Drones With Tasers


Introducing new technologies into law enforcement can sometimes yield beneficial results. Keeping officers safe is a priority; while newly introduced body cameras can help make sure that our rights are protected as well. But then you get something like North Dakota House Bill 1328 that brings with it some scary new elements to law enforcement. The … Read more

Watch This Drone Package Delivery Proof Of Concept


Amazon has been toying with the idea of drone package delivery and it’s a subject that is still very much up in the air (no pun intended). While drones are generally low flying vehicles the FAA will still have something to say about the matter before we actually see widespread delivery by drone. The Workhorse … Read more

Drone Police Given Green Light Over Illinois Skies


Heads up (literally) people of Illinois, the drone police are coming. The Illinois State Police (ISP) have been given the green light to deploy drones to photograph crime scenes and accident scenes. The Federal Aviation Authority has given the ISP clearance for the use of drones which probably should cause you to raise an eyebrow. … Read more

Facebook Laser Drones Want To Beam Internet To 5 Billion


Drones were the order of the day at this year’s CES 2015 and they’ve been the buzz on the web for the past several months. Amazon is planning on testing deliveries using drones and there are the countless people who fly drones as a hobby. So what could possibly trump the weekend drone flyer and … Read more

South Park Review: “The Magic Bush”

Last night’s episode of South Park was not the funniest episode in the world, but it could not have been more on point with the several parodies and satirical points it was making. Ferguson, nude celeb leaks, #GamerGate, and even South Park‘s own weird continuity in season 18 were woven together perfectly during the episode. But that … Read more