Ziggurat Review: A Fun Fast-Paced Dungeon Crawler

Ziggurat initially launched last October for the PC on Steam. The fast-paced dungeon crawler inspired by the likes of Hexic and Heretic has now made its way to the Xbox One, and we take a look in our Ziggurat review. Story To be honest, there isn’t much of a story here. A few intro screens drop some lines about wizards … Read more

Ziggurat Crawls To Xbox One March 20

Milkstone Studios’ indie game Ziggurat is set to release on the Xbox One on March 20th. First released on Steam last October, the first person shooter dungeon crawler features fast-paced combat, random dungeons, “baddass bosses,” and… carrots? Playing as a neophyte sorcerer, you must enter the labyrinth and face dangerous challenges and learn spells on your … Read more