Adobe Flash Emergency Patch Pushed For Critical Vulnerability

If you are still using Flash, you should know that Adobe just patched a critical vulnerability that could have allowed malicious folks to send ransomware to your computer. This exploit was deemed an issue only on systems running Windows 10. However, Adobe pushed the update to versions of Flash running on all the major operating systems, … Read more

Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow Weekly Wrap-up for 9/11

You know that old saying “blink and you will miss it”? Well, you’re going to need some toothpicks for the ole eyelids for this Flash Season 2 teaser. Go get a set and get yourself squared away, I’ll wait. Ready? Okay, here’s the video. Did you see it?! Jay. Freaking. Garrick. In costume. For … Read more

Flash And Arrow 8/28 Weekly Round-Up

So we have another cast member joining the ever growing cast of Flash and it’s another speedster, Jessie Chambers, a.k.a. ‘Jessie Quick’ played by Violet Beane. In the comics she is the daughter of Golden Age Heroes Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick (another Flash). She eventually took on the name Liberty Belle herself and was … Read more

Yahoo! Ads Temporarily Replaced With Spyware – Flash At Fault

It’s a day ending in ‘Y’ so there’s yet another issue with the Flash browser plugin. This time with some potentially far-reaching effects. In an attack that started on July 28th, the ads displayed on Yahoo! were replaced with ads that sent malware instead of advertising. First, the good news: The malicious ads have since … Read more

The Flash Breaking News! – Michael Ironside Cast As Captain Cold’s Father


The Rogues Gallery grew one size today as veteran actor Michael Ironside has been cast as Leonard (Captain Cold) and Lisa (Golden Glider) Snart’s father Lewis. According to the Hollywood Reported Lewis Snart is as cold-blooded and ruthless as his offspring, if not more so considering he is returning to Central City after being released … Read more

Two New Flash Trailers Released

So no new episode this week, but plenty to chew on and think about with two Flash trailers dropping yesterday. First is the 2015 WonderCon trailer that gives us a ton of cameos like Roy Palmer, Felicity, Captain Lance, Gorilla Grodd, Firestorm, Eddie turning bad – I feel like an ‘Oh my!’ wouldn’t be out of place here. Next … Read more

Study Finds That You’re Better Off Being Hit By A Car Than Being Saved By The Flash

A group of researchers from the University of Leicester found that being saved by the Flash would most likely be more deadly than being hit by a car. The study specifically focused on one scene in the debut trailer from when the show was premiering in May. In it, the Flash saves a man mid-air from … Read more

Nova, Bluetooth-Enabled External Flash For iPhone




There’s no shortage of iPhone accessories on the market today; everything from home button jewels to bunny ear cases. But BiteMyApple might have something that’s actually really useful. The Nova is an external flash that works via Bluetooth and is super slim (about credit card size) and portable. This is a great accessory for the iPhone photographers out there whose photos can sometimes be ruined by the on-board flash. While there are some people who wouldn’t give up their DSLR’s for anything, there is a whole new world of iPhone and smartphone photographers out there. This would be an extremely useful tool for those artists. Check out the full press release below and links where you can pick yours up. 

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