Microsoft Selling Off Feature Phone Business

We all love smartphones,  and so does Microsoft.  The next step down toward “dumb” phones is the feature phone — not as featureless as a dumb phone, but having fewer features and flexibility than a smartphone.  There’s a market for those, too.  But, for a phone maker, at the cost of maintaining focus on its … Read more

SoftBank, Alibaba Banking On Robots, Foxconn On Board To Produce “Pepper”

Robots and other smart technology have found their way into more and more facets of our everyday life. In spite of some dire warnings and opposition from the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), companies continue to work in this area. The next group to help speed … Read more

Reversible USB 3.1 Is Coming Soon


It’s your first day back on shift, and as you stumble through the front door, so tired that you can barely see straight, you make it my personal mission to crash in bed for the night.

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