Graze Uses Algorithms To Make Your Perfect Snack Box


Whether you’re working late from home or binge watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones at some point you might want a snack to settle the “rumbly tumbly.” The pantry is filled with Cheetos, Chex Mix and microwave popcorn not exactly the healthiest choices. This is where Graze helps you make good snack choices that fit your dietary … Read more

Supply Pod: A Great Valentine Gift Idea For Your Geek

Supply Pod

Do you have a hard time finding something fun to buy your geek for those special occasions? You know, birthdays, Christmas, Sweetest Day or maybe Valentine’s Day? Well, we know us geeks are hard to shop for as we generally impulse buy the crap out of everything giving our normal significant others not a chance … Read more

One Site To Rule Them All: MOARGeek Merging Into Techaeris


It’s been over two years since I started Techaeris and as websites go it has generally done well, especially considering the resources we have to work with. Just over a year ago we started MOARGeek to write about other topics we love that didn’t really fit into Techaeris, and it too is doing its fair share of traffic. … Read more Star Wars Caps Reviewed


So if you’re any sort of geek at all you’re probably peeing your pants by now in sheer excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (opening this Friday). Well the folks over at are just as geeky as you, and they’ve unveiled their new line of Star Wars caps just for you to show … Read more

The 10 Best Android Apps for Geeks!

It’s no secret that being called a geek means that people know you’re passionate about something – sometimes, many things. One of the things that I geek out about are smartphone apps, especially Android apps. As a geek concerned with any subjects, apps help me keep up to date with developments in my favorite film, … Read more