Lenovo, HP, other OEMs hit with UEFI bug in BIOS

security breach

Lenovo has definitely had some software issues on their generally high-quality hardware of late, though in this instance they aren’t the only ones affected. Security researcher Dymtro Oleksiuk located a vulnerability in the BIOS of some Lenovo computers that bypasses some aspects of Windows Security. In his post related to the issue on Github, Oleksiuk described the … Read more

Looking To Build Your Own PC? Check Out These Great PC Parts

Build Your Own PC

So you’ve been itching to do it, you just haven’t pulled the trigger. You’ve been wanting to build your own PC. Building a PC really isn’t very hard and here’s a list of great PC parts that will help you get where you want to be. Keep in mind these parts are higher end, geared … Read more