GitHub Hit With Reused Password Attack, Notifying Affected Users

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for people that use the same password on multiple sites. It really should already be abundantly clear that everybody should use unique, strong passwords for every site they log in to. We are, however, seeing yet another example where that hasn’t been the case. The popular code repository GitHub … Read more

Amazon Shows You How To Make Your Own Amazon Echo

As many of us, including myself struggle to find a reason to drop $180 on Amazon’s Echo, plenty of people have already done so and most seem pretty happy with their purchase. And although I have yet to see one compelling reason to own one, I do grudgingly acknowledge that the world does not in fact rotate … Read more

Is Trouble Brewing At GitHub? Internal Issues Causing Strife

Popular code repository GitHub seems to be having problems. News has started to leak out that there’s a bit of a power struggle between executives and employees of the company. At the center of it all? How GitHub should move into the future and continue to effectively monetize itself. Reports coming from Business Insider by way … Read more

Hackers Use Twitter And Github To Lift Data From Users


Another day and another way found to hack into people’s private data. Security firm FireEye has discovered a piece of malware that uses Twitter and Github to attack users computers through online photos, dubbed Hammertoss. The malware generates bogus Twitter accounts that then Tweet a URL and hashtag giving the size and location of an … Read more

Google’s New Project, The Physical Web, Allows Interaction On Demand



Google has launched a new project on GitHub that is seeking to allow you to interact with any smart device through the Google mobile Chrome browser. Google’s Scott Jenson explains The Physical Web as a tool to be used when native applications “just aren’t practical.”

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Chromium Team Currently Working On Chrome App Based Development Environment

François Beaufort took to Google+ yesterday to announce the Google Chromium Team’s current project. Code-named Spark, he didn’t have a lot of information to offer just that they are excited and there would be more to come. François Beaufort This IDE project is full of goodness: – It is built with Dart¹, the “new language … Read more

GitHub User Accounts Compromised In Brute Force Attack Due To Weak Passwords

Looks like GitHub was hit with a bruteforce attack compromising some user accounts with weak passwords. Emails have been sent to the accounts compromised with instructions on what to do. Full press release follows below. Some GitHub user accounts with weak passwords were recently compromised due to a brute force password-guessing attack. I want to … Read more