Researcher finds some Google Nexus chargers may be defective

Google Nexus

We’ve reported in the past about Google engineer Benson Leung’s crusade to test USB Type-C chargers and cables for defects. Benson has tested a huge amount of cables and chargers and has given his feedback on them all. His work has inspired others to do their own testing and quality control of these types of … Read more

Google Chromecast three years later

Google Chromecast

It is very rare that a device comes out that is not only affordable but available to a large number of people without signing a contract. That’s what happened three years ago today when Google Chromecast was released for purchase (Chromecast Day). Three years ago I called the Google Chromecast an every man’s gadget due … Read more

MESUIT brings Android to your iPhone


If you’re one of the rare users out there that doesn’t hold a loyalty to iOS or Android and like to use both, MESUIT may be for you. Jijia, a Chinese company, has just launched MESUIT which looks like an iPhone battery case but houses much more capability. The case offers expanded battery life, expandable … Read more

Google points DeepMind AI at data centers, reduces cooling bill significantly

Since acquiring DeepMind Technologies back in 2014, Google has been having all kinds of fun using AI for various tasks. They’ve recently partnered with Moorsfield Eye Hospital to help scan for early signs of disease, they’ve even taught the AI to play Go — and win. Machine learning has come a long way in a short … Read more

French court says Bing and Google do not have to censor torrent results


The High Court of Paris has come to a decision that search engines like Bing and Google do not have to censor torrent results. The court concluded that a censor of torrent results would be too wide and also adversely affect legitimate torrent uses. The French industry music group, Syndicat National de l’édition Phonographique (SNEP), brought … Read more

Google Fiber is offering a plan for small businesses


Google Fiber is slowly but surely getting into the hands of people who are wanting high speed internet that they aren’t currently getting. At the moment only a handful of cities have the service, and a handful of cities are currently in progress of getting it. Yesterday Google Fiber posted on their blog that they are providing … Read more

Latest update for Google Hangouts lets you record and send video messages

Google has begun rolling out an update on the Play Store for the company’s chat application Google Hangouts. The update is said to add support for recording and sending video messages to your friends and family. With the update installed, you’ll be able to send out video files to contacts, which is ideal if you wish … Read more

New cast option comes to Google Chrome, can mirror to Hangouts

Google Chrome has new cast options

Google Chrome users how have new a new cast option in the latest stable release of the web browser. In order to cast from Chrome, users were required to use a Google Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store. Now, users who have Chrome 51 or higher installed will find a new “Cast” option listed … Read more

Do Apple, Google, have too much power?

There’s no doubt giant tech companies have a few advantages over many of the rest of us. Unless you’re a multi-billionaire there’s the obvious advantage of the bankroll of these companies. Those giant piles of cash allow companies such as Apple, Google, and to grow and absorb other smaller companies, which in turn often … Read more

Google’s Faster internet cable goes online today

Faster internet

Google’s “Faster” internet cable goes online today. The cable runs between the state of Oregon all the way to parts of Japan. The Faster internet cable is 9,000 kilometers long and will cover the West Coast of the U.S. and every major Japanese city. The low-loss fiber the cable is made from gives the Faster cable … Read more

Chicagoans can get a free Nest thermostat

nest thermostat

Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. We should know as we call the Chicago area our home! We’re obviously not the only ones who know this. Nest is also acknowledging the greatness of Chicago by offering up a free Nest thermostat to its residents. There are, of course, some terms and conditions … Read more

Factory Reset Protection bypassed on some HTC devices

Factory Data Protection

Back in March Android Authority reported on a video done by Rootjunky on how to bypass Android Factory Reset Protection. Well, Rootjunky is back and this time has managed to bypass several HTC models’ Factory Reset Protection. Factory Reset Protection, when enabled, is designed to not allow others into your device. If you lose your … Read more

Could Google be planning a Chromebook Pro?

HP Chromebook 13

This story is probably standing on shaky ground right now but anything is possible. According to Venturebeat, a user on Reddit reported that a Google Opinion Rewards survey questioned them about a Chromebook Pro. Google Opinion Rewards is a Google app that gives users Play Store credits for answering surveys. It’s actually a really nice … Read more