Google Data Center Being Planned For Tennessee

Google Data Center

A new Google data center is being planned for Tennessee as the company has purchased a piece of property in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area. The property, formerly owned by Hemlock Semiconductor, was purchased and Google plans a $600 million dollar facility employing approximately 70 people. Google is one of the largest (if not the largest) companies … Read more

Bing Gains Ground In Desktop Search, Still Lags In Mobile

Bing gains ground

Google has been the market leader when it comes to search on both desktop and mobile and that trend still continues with a near 64% share. But Bing gains ground this year, at least on the desktop/laptop side by snagging nearly 21% of the market. Yahoo is also in the fray but with a 12.5% … Read more

YouTube Accuses T-Mobile Of Throttling Their Video Service


If there’s one thing T-Mobile CEO John Legere knows how to do it’s run a marketing campaign and “Binge On” is the latest. Binge On is T-Mobile’s video version of “Music Freedom” where T-Mobile customers can watch as much video as they like for free. Of course there are some rules that apply to Binge On, … Read more

Ford – Google Deal May Be Announced At CES 2016


Ford and Google may be announcing a partnership in the autonomous vehicles market at CES 2016. Forbes is reporting that sources indicate Ford would supply the technology giant with vehicles for their self-driving car project. This could mean Google is one-step closer to making their self-driving car a road reality. Forbes says “Automotive News” was … Read more

Google Accused Of Using US Congressmen To Lobby Against EU Antitrust Case

Politics is a dirty game and like it or not, all big companies play the game to their advantage. I use Google products, I like Google products, but it is plain to me that the company isn’t as clean as it would like to present itself. Does Google do a lot of good things? Of … Read more

Google Inks Deal With Australian Banks To Use Android Pay

Android Pay Christmas

Mobile payment options have met with much resistance but eventually everyone will realize it will soon become a standard. The two major players in mobile payments are Google and Apple. The #1 and #2 mobile device market share holders literally have millions of users who can take advantage of mobile payments. Australian banks have finally … Read more

On The Fence About Project Fi? Part 2 – Project Fi In Action


In our previous post, we hit most of the general stuff about Project Fi.  We really needed to repeat the basics to set the foundation for the discussion in Part 2.  I’ve been on Project Fi for a month.  Project Fi is prepaid service.  The customer is billed on a set date for upcoming service, with … Read more

Buy A Google Chromecast And Get $20 Google Play Credit

Chromecast autoplay

Google Chromecast is one of the cheapest ways to get streaming services to your TV and it works rather well. The Chromecast is already one of the lower priced high end streaming devices on the market but Google is sweetening the pot by offering a $20 Google Play Store credit if you buy one now. … Read more

Google’s Gift For The Holidays: A Nexus 5X

Google's Gift is a Nexus 5X

Every year, companies like to gift a small token of their appreciation as a thank you. Google’s no different. Google’s gift this year, a Nexus 5X. Employees of the search giant are receiving this year’s Nexus phone, well, the smaller of the two devices. According to a Reddit thread, Google’s gift comes in whatever color … Read more

Android Tablets May Be Getting Split Screen View Soon

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Sorry, let me calm my inner fanboy down for a minute. Good news for folks who use Android tablets because you might be receiving a split screen option some time in the near future. Thursday, during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), the team who created the Pixel C let loose … Read more

Google Introduces Shared Albums In Google Photos


Google launched its Google Photos service back in May in an effort to make sharing images to non-Google users even easier and simpler. With an update to Google Photos earlier this week, the company has added the previously announced shared album functionality, allowing users to make collaborative albums. With shared albums in Google Photos, anyone … Read more

EU Wants Google And Yahoo To Pay For Displaying News Snippets

Google Tax

The European Union is exploring the idea of making Google and Yahoo pay for displaying news snippets in “news” search results. Some have dubbed this the “Google Tax” and it is sure to get some more heated debate going throughout the Internet. Many are against such a tax on search engines like Google and Yahoo … Read more

Google Is Looking To Add Google Fiber To Chicago And Los Angeles


Calling all Chicago and Los Angeles citizens! Calling all Chicago and Los Angeles citizens! Google is looking to potentially (keyword here) add your city to their list for Google Fiber. Sounds pretty nice right? Google is looking to add both cities to their list because they are the second and third largest cities in the United … Read more

Censoring The Internet For Hate Speech, Good Idea?

censoring the internet

OK, let’s be honest, the Internet is chock full of trolls, miserable souls, and hate speech. There’s no denying that at all, some days are better than others, we get our fair share of hate around here at Techaeris. But is censoring the Internet using algorithms to detect hate speech a good idea? Google’s Eric … Read more

Chromecast Autoplay Could Eat Up Your Bandwidth

Chromecast autoplay

YouTuber Lon Seidman posted a video addressing one of the pitfalls of Chromecast autoplay. Lon demonstrates how Chromecast will continue to play content even when the source device has been disconnected. This happens if you have autoplay enabled within the app you are casting, such as the YouTube or Netflix app. Generally that’s not a … Read more

Do Consumers Want One Device To Rule Them All?

one device to rule them all

A recent article over at suggests that both Android and iOS will soon become obsolete, and that consumer computing technology is moving to a singular product that scales from smartphone to PC. CIO goes on to say that neither Apple nor Google will dominate over the coming years, and they could very well be … Read more

“Needle Free Blood Draw” Patent Filed By Google

Needle Free Blood Draw Patent

According to a recent patent filed by Google, the company is apparently toying with the idea of having a needle free blood draw system. From what we can see in the patent application, Google is making two types of systems to procure your blood. The first blood collection system would be a wearable. The device … Read more

30,000 Chromebooks Deployed Daily In US Schools, Achieve A 51% Market Share

Older Chromebooks

Even Google was surprised to hear how popular Chromebooks have become in the classroom, so you can only imagine how their competitors must be feeling. New data is suggesting that Chromebooks have been a resounding success as teachers, students, and administrators are embracing them en masse.  As a result, more than half of devices used in … Read more

Google Trial Run Ads Coming To Android To Push App Installs

Trial Run Ads

In an effort to help developers get their apps in front of more users and perhaps get more installs, Google is introducing Trial Run Ads on Android. The Trial Run Ads would allow the user sixty seconds to preview and use the app within the ad to see if they might want to install it. … Read more

Andy Rubin Taking On Android Again In New Company

Andy Rubin

For those of us who have paid attention to Android, Andy Rubin is well known in most circles. Some would consider him the father of Android smartphones as he and Google brought the OS to what it is today. Rubin, who left Google in 2014 to pursue something other than the Android OS, appears to be wanting to get … Read more

Google’s Santa Tracker Is Live As Of Today

It’s that time of year again when Google opens up Santa’s Village and the Santa Tracker app to the world allowing kids or adults to take a break, have fun, and help Santa and his friends get ready for Christmas. This year the village has been redesigned and new games were added. If you’re not too familiar … Read more

Google Ending Support For 32-Bit Chrome On Linux

32-bit Chrome on Linux

The end is near for 32-bit Chrome on Linux. In a blog post Google announced they will no longer support 32-bit Chrome starting March 2016. The 32-bit web browser will still work but you won’t be getting updates or security patches. The official statement from Google is below. Hi Everyone, To provide the best experience … Read more

[UPDATED] Is Google Collecting Data On Schoolchildren For Ad Targeting?

Google Sign

Is Google collecting data and browsing habits of schoolchildren to target ads to them? The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) says it is — even after promises that they wouldn’t. The EFF goes on to say that Google’s “Google for Education” program collects and stores data from participating students and Google is in violation of Section 5 of … Read more

Get A Nexus 9 for $199 and Nexus 5X for $299 During The Google’s Black Friday Sales Go Live

We knew Google had some Black Friday sales lined up and this morning they went live. Almost everything is discounted somewhat, but there a couple of sales that really stand out and give consumers an opportunity to grab some quality hardware for very enticing prices. The Nexus 9 for example, a tablet that launched about … Read more

Project Fi Users Are Getting A Small Gift From Google


At this point, we’ve all heard of Project Fi, a cell phone service that Google launched earlier this year that utilizes Sprint and T-Mobile towers and charges you by how much Internet data you use. Well, users of Project Fi will be getting a little gift from Google that should be showing up at their … Read more

[UPDATED] Wi-Fi Bug Draining Your Battery on Android Marshmallow? Here’s A Possible Fix…


Android Marshmallow, version 6 of Google’s mobile operating system, has been out for awhile now. I’ve been running it on my Nexus 5 ever since the first Developer Preview and thought all the bugs had been ironed out for the final release. Once that was made public, I was quick to update to the final … Read more

Use Android Pay This Christmas And Support Special Education

Android Pay Christmas

Incentives aren’t anything new, companies use them all the time to get you to use a product they want to succeed. Android Pay isn’t new and has been around before Apple Pay was a thought but not many are using it. In an effort to boost Android Pay usage and do some good at the … Read more