Active Android User Base Grows To 1.4 Billion


Android is still by far the largest used operating system on the planet and it’s easy to see why. With the vast amounts of Android device makers the platform is making in roads into every market in the world. So it’s no surprise that a new report says the active Android user base has grown … Read more

Google Announces New Phones, Chromecasts, And A Tablet

Google Products Announced Today

Today is what passionate fans refer to as “Nexus Day” – typically reserved for major hardware announcements from Google. But today we got a lot more than just new Nexus devices. In addition to two new phones, Google showed off a second generation Chromecast, an audio streamer, a new premium Pixel tablet, and a host of software … Read more

Moto X Force Confirmed In Motorola Migrate App?

Motorola Android 6

An eagle eyed reader has sent us a screenshot of the Motorola Migrate app where you can plainly see the Moto X Force listed as a compatible device. Earlier we reported on a leak from @upleaks showing evidence of Moto X Force codenamed “Bounce.” Since then @upleaks has removed his Tweets but the below screenshot … Read more

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program To Bring VR Field Trips To Schools

Since first playing with Google Cardboard I thought one of the best implementations for the VR gear would be in the classroom which is where it is headed.  The Google Expeditions Pioneer Program is designed to bring schools into a new era of virtual reality field trips allowing students to go to exotic locations that … Read more

Alleged Leaked Huawei Nexus 6P Presentation Shows Specs, Options

Humans are not a patient bunch. If we were, we could simply wait a few more days for the official unveiling of the new Huawei Nexus 6P and LG Nexus 5X. Since that wait can seem excruciating for some, we will soak up any potential information on our favorite tech that we can find. Today … Read more

Is There A U.S. Antitrust Investigation Of Google’s Android?


Google seems to be under the microscope just about everywhere overseas and now it seems the eye in the United States is watching too. A new report coming out of Bloomberg says the United States is launching an Antitrust investigation against Google and their use of Android. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Justice … Read more

Microsoft Makes Baidu Default Search In China


Microsoft has made a deal with search giant Baidu to make them the default search provider for their new Edge browser in China. Microsoft, like Google and Apple, are trying to get their foot into China to tap the second largest economy in the world. Of course this means cooperating with the Chinese government and … Read more

Huawei Wants Your Opinion On Pre-Installed Apps, Bloatware


One of the consistent complaints from some Android users is the amount of pre-installed apps that come with their new devices. Pre-installed apps are sometimes referred to as “bloatware” and can be a real pain to have to deal with, particularly if you can’t uninstall them. Sometimes companies pre-install apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram … Read more

BlackBerry: Android’s Hope For A Solid Enterprise Foothold?


BlackBerry was a juggernaut back before the iPhone and Android stole the spotlight, but has since fallen from grace. The company’s products still have a loyal fan following, especially among users who still crave the amazing physical keyboards that are the trademarks of BlackBerry devices. But the lack of apps on the default app store (the … Read more

Google Fortunetelling Uses Guilt As A Call To Action

There’s no shortage of people in the world who believe the world isn’t doing enough to support a cause they believe is the most important cause there could be. With the amount of atrocities out there it’s easy to get lost in the noise of chaos and pain, your eyes and ears get numb after … Read more

Rumor: Second Gen. Chromecast and Updated App Due This Month

Rumors and blurry images are plentiful today for what may be an upcoming refresh to the extremely popular Google Chromecast and its accompanying app. With an event planned for the 29th of this month, it is not unlikely that alongside a couple of Nexus phones, Google may also reveal an updated model of it’s popular TV … Read more

Android Fanboys Troll Move To iOS App With Bad Reviews


Android fanboys showed their worst side today, with the release of Apple’s Move to iOS app on the Play Store. The app, which is Apple’s first app on a non-iOS platform, is designed to easily transfer your data from your Android device to an iDevice. Justin predicted the “fake bad reviews” previously and that’s turning … Read more

Incremental Updates Have All But Killed Innovation


So I’m Cranky Today Sometime next week I should be receiving a shiny new Moto X Pure and Apple iPhone 6s Plus, both 64GB versions. These are Motorola and Apple’s newest flagship devices shipping for 2015 and many users are abuzz over them. Apple’s latest promises 3D Touch as well as an upgraded camera and … Read more

Android Lockscreen Hack Discovered, Fix Already Dispatched

A new Android lock screen hack has been discovered which affects devices running Lollipop, and Google has already released a fix for the issue. The patch has been released and Google’s Nexus devices will see that patch first, but other OEM’s may take some time to implement the patch into their updates so care should be … Read more

Google Matching Refugee And Migrant Crisis Relief Donations


Tech companies often get involved and give back to the community, and Google is no exception. Usually the first to set up information pages to assist people around the world find others in disaster areas, the tech giant has donated €1 million (over $1 million) to organizations who are providing front-line humanitarian relief in the refugee and … Read more

Google Anti-Trust Ruling In Russia = Guilty


Google is taking a hammering from several countries in the EU and Russia has just returned their Google anti-trust ruling finding the company guilty. Guilty of abusing its position in the search market by bundling its own apps with Google Play Services, requiring Google search to be default and requiring Google apps have prominent placement … Read more

Google Picks Up John Krafcik To Head Driverless Car Division

John Krafcik

Google has hired former Hyundai CEO John Krafcik to head up its driverless car division, bringing some much needed auto industry experience into the fold. Krafick not only brings with him five years of CEO experience at Hyundai but fourteen years of product development at Ford. While driverless cars have yet to become a consumer product … Read more

Cyanogen Inc. Breaking Dependency On Google, Integrating Cortana Into OS


CyanogenMod was arguably one of the best alternatives to Google’s stock Android for many users for quite some time. Those who didn’t get devices installed with the stock version of Android flocked to CyanogenMod to rid their Samsung, HTC, Sony, and other devices of the manufacturer and carrier bloatware that they often came with. Around … Read more

Android Pay Rolling Out Today In The U.S.

Google was one of the first big companies to attempt mobile payments with the launch of Google Wallet in 2011. Unfortunately, the service was perhaps a little too early, as most retailers lacked the technology to make Tap and Pay viable. Some carriers also blocked Google Wallet, to focus on their service, Softcard. The mobile … Read more

Apple Refuses To Hand Over iMessage Data In Real Time


Apple made a big deal of its dedication to user privacy back at WWDC and it seems to be sticking to that promise. The Cupertino based company has encrypted the iMessage platform well enough to ensure that US law enforcement can’t snoop on the communications and now, after being approached directly for the data, Apple refused. FBI … Read more

Google Self-Driving Car Vulnerable To Laser Hack – Claims Researcher


Jonathan Petit, a security researcher at Security Innovation, Inc. claims the Google self-driving car and other vehicles that use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) can be hacked using $60 in parts. LiDAR is the laser tracking and navigation system that many self-driving cars use to understand the world around them. The system is essentially the … Read more

YouTube Reportedly Bypassing AdBlock Via Google Chrome


[clickToTweet tweet=”Twitter users are reporting that @YouTube is bypassing @getAdBlock in @GoogleChrome.” quote=”Twitter users are reporting that YouTube is bypassing AdBlock in Google Chrome.”] Ads have always been a bone of contention on the Internet. On the one hand, they’re a way for many blogs like ours to make money to help support our endeavours. … Read more

Google Donates €1M To European Migrant Crisis


The European migrant crisis is becoming a huge issue for the EU. The influx of refugees and migrants puts a strain on the countries they’re fleeing to and economies could suffer. These issues are certainly not easy to deal with. As a government you want to first and foremost take care of the people of … Read more

Alabama DA Makes Waves About iPhone Photo Hiding App


My first thought, as I begin to write this up, is that parents seriously didn’t know that these apps existed? An Alabama District Attorney is making waves on Facebook after posting a video “outing” an iPhone photo hiding app. This app, and others like it for Android and iOS, are designed to keep prying eyes … Read more

Chinese Users May See Google Play Store China


China is chock-full of Android smartphones and not the big names you and I all know. Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei, Cubot, Legoo and many more sell tons of Android devices in China and the surrounding areas. So it makes sense that Google would love to create a Google Play Store China. The only … Read more

Newest Chrome Update Promises Significant Memory And Speed Improvements


There was a time when Chrome was the fastest and lightest web browser on the block, winning the hearts and minds of those who used it. Over the years though, the Google-made browser has become quite large and bloated. and performance has dropped into a tailspin. It has gotten so bad for some — especially Mac users … Read more

Are You Feeling Curious? Google Has You Covered

The Internet is a fantastic place to waste time. There are websites on top of websites vying for your attention twenty four hours a day. But what if you don’t know what you’re looking for? What if bored and you want to surf the Internet to kill time but don’t have any particular aim? I’d personally suggest … Read more

[UPDATED] Hangouts Bug Randomly Adds Google Business Pages, Here’s How To Fix It


Users of Google’s popular Hangouts chat service have discovered a Hangout bug which causes them to inadvertently add Google Business Pages that they are owners or managers of to existing Hangouts. This has happened to the staff at Techaeris and MOARGeek, and the bug first appeared yesterday. Unfortunately due to the way Hangouts work, especially … Read more