Popular YouTube channel WatchMojo hacked

It’s a day ending in ‘Y’ so chances are good somebody has gotten hacked. Tonight the victim appears to be the popular YouTube list channel, WatchMojo. WatchMojo is based in Quebec, and the site publishes top 10 lists daily including lists regarding movies, TV, videogames, comedy, and more. The YouTube channel currently has over 12 … Read more

GitHub Hit With Reused Password Attack, Notifying Affected Users

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for people that use the same password on multiple sites. It really should already be abundantly clear that everybody should use unique, strong passwords for every site they log in to. We are, however, seeing yet another example where that hasn’t been the case. The popular code repository GitHub … Read more

Netflix Proactively Resetting User Passwords

Netflix premiere

If you’ve been reading Techaeris lately, you’ve no doubt seen our articles about Twitter passwords for sale and social media, and other, accounts being hijacked — most of which are being attributed to older password hacks that are just now surfacing. As it turns out, Netflix isn’t sitting around waiting for its user’s accounts to be compromised … Read more

The NFL Twitter Account Got Hacked Today

NFL Twitter

Earlier today the NFL Twitter account tweeted the passing of commissioner Roger Goodell in what looks like a hacking of the NFL Twitter page. The tweet was removed fairly quickly and no goes to a dead link, but one eagle eyed viewer managed to snag a screenshot of the tweet and shared it with us. This … Read more

[UPDATED] LinkedIn Breach Leads To More Celebrity Twitter Hacks


You probably already saw that some of Mark Zuckerberg’s social channels didn’t have the best weekend, but it seems he wasn’t the only one to get hacked. The recent LinkedIn breach seems to be the most obvious culprit, as the sheer number of Twitter hacks in such a short time is definitely odd. UPDATE (6/6/2016 12:20ET): … Read more

Steam Hack Drains Your Wallet, Increasingly Popular Among Cybercriminals

Techaeris has written in the past about a Steam hack that can drain wallets faster than our own spending.  It’s a real threat that we shouldn’t ignore.  International Business Times reports, “Cybercriminals might be paying more for your Steam password than you spend on games.” Steam, itself says, “We see around 77,000 accounts hijacked and pillaged … Read more

MSU Researchers Hack Fingerprint Scanners With Inkjet Printer

patent infringement

We’ve all seen the movies where spies try to gain access to areas protected by fingerprint scanners, ranging from the extreme (cutting off fingertips) to the technical (using latex copies of another person’s fingerprints). Kai Cao and Anil K. Jain, a pair of researchers from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State … Read more

Man Held In UK Over VTech Hack

VTech hacked

A 21 year old man from Berkshire has been arrested by police investigating the hack into Toy company VTech. The man has been held on suspicion of unauthorised access to a computer, said the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (Serocu) in a statement. VTech was hit in mid-November when servers holding its customer information were … Read more

Hello Barbie Vulnerability Could Make It Easier To Hack

Hello Barbie

A Hello Barbie vulnerability in its software could make the child’s toy easier to hack leaving the data of children exposed. Hello Barbie was introduced by Mattel as an interactive adventure toy that kids could interact with and ask questions of. Kids ask the doll questions and the responses come from ToyTalk’s servers (Mattel makes … Read more

JD Wetherspoon Hack Exposes Data Of Over 600,000 Customers

JD Wetherspoon, a popular cheap pub chain in the UK has had an old version of their website hacked, putting over 600,000 of its customers at risk. The attack happened between June 15th & 17th, but the company was only notified on the 1st December, who then contacted security specialists. Wetherspoon’s customers where notified via … Read more

UPDATE: Fitbit Hack Demo Takes Just Ten Seconds


Hacker Axelle Apvrille demoed her Fitbit hack at the Hacktivity Conference in Budapest last month that only takes ten seconds to implement. After the malware or virus is injected into the Fitbit via its open Bluetooth connection, it can then deliver the package to the user’s computer once they sync with the computer. Apvrille was also able … Read more

Late 2013 Scottrade Hack Could Affect 4.6M Customers


Another day, another data breach, another 4.6 million customers potentially at risk. This time hackers have targeted the stock trading service Scottrade. The Scottrade hack took place in late 2013 and early 2014 and could affect up to 4.6 million people who signed up for the service before February 2014. The system accessed contains Social … Read more

Content Creation Donation Site Patreon Hacked


Content creation is not cheap, especially when you start doing it on a larger scale. And advertising on your website, podcast, or YouTube doesn’t always pay the bills. That’s where Patreon comes in. It’s a way for users to pay their favorite content creators based on what they think the content is worth. We are … Read more

5.6 Million Federal Employees’ Fingerprints Stolen By Hackers


Hackers, or to use the technically correct term, crackers have stolen a whopping 5.6 million fingerprints belonging to employees of the United States Federal Government. Since it’s a little difficult to change your fingerprints, the hackers now have access to identity data that will last a lifetime. It was earlier estimated that about 1.1 million … Read more

Google Self-Driving Car Vulnerable To Laser Hack – Claims Researcher


Jonathan Petit, a security researcher at Security Innovation, Inc. claims the Google self-driving car and other vehicles that use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) can be hacked using $60 in parts. LiDAR is the laser tracking and navigation system that many self-driving cars use to understand the world around them. The system is essentially the … Read more

The Ashley Madison Hack Won’t Just Affect Its Users


It’s really easy to sit back and think to ourselves that the Ashley Madison hack is going to hurt those who had it coming. I mean after all, they chose to use a service that encourages infidelity, they got what’s coming to them. It’s always easy to take the moral high ground and forget about … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Getting An Emergency Patch

Adobe Flash Player, the most used plug-in is getting an emergency software update due to critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-3113). Adobe mentioned that it had “limited, targeted attacks” and advised people to update to the newest Flash Player ASAP. Those “limited, targeted attacks” were users running on Windows 7 and earlier along with users using Firefox on … Read more

Software Security Group Kaspersky Lab Attacked By Malware


Even software security firms aren’t immune to attacks, and Kaspersky Lab – maker of popular anti-virus and Internet security products – has admitted in a blog post that their internal system was the target of a malware attack. Company founder Eugene Kaspersky posted yesterday that Kaspersky’s internal networks were attacked through exploits of several zero-day vulnerabilities, and … Read more

IRS Hacked, 100,000 US Taxpayers Data Breached


The IRS hacked? According to U.S. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen that has indeed happened and has been happening for the past four months. Starting in February and going into May criminals hit the IRS website 200,000 times through its “Get Transcript” application which pulls up past returns of users. According to Koskinen of those 200,000 attempts, … Read more

British Airways Hacked, Frequent-Flyer Accounts Targeted

Another day, another high-profile hack has been confirmed. This time it’s British Airways reporting that Frequent-Flyer accounts were targeted in a breach that could affect thousands of accounts. The good news is that British Airways confirmed that no personal information had been viewed or stolen, and that affected accounts have been locked as a precaution … Read more

Slack Hacked, Usernames And E-mail Addresses May Have Been Compromised

If you had Slack on your “Next to get Hacked” Bingo card, go ahead and mark them off. Today, the official blog of the real-time messaging platform revealed that they’ve uncovered some unauthorized access to their databases. Slack has outlined the following in regards to the breach: Slack maintains a central user database which includes … Read more

Lenovo.com Hacked, Lizard Squad May Be Involved

Lenovo has definitely had better weeks.  On the heels of the outcry over their inclusion of the Superfish tracking software on some computers, the company has suffered another significant public backlash.  For part of the afternoon, Lenovo.com was hacked, with the site scrolling through photographs of emo teenagers while music played in the background. As … Read more

Sony Hack Was Likely Carried Out By Russian Hackers

sony hack featured

Remember that little issue Sony had a few months ago?  The one where loads of personal and professional e-mails, spreadsheets, records, contracts, etc. were stolen from Sony’s servers?  The same one that was almost immediately blamed on North Korea due to the impending release of a widely panned comedy about their dear leader? It turns … Read more

Taylor Swift Social Media Accounts Hit By Lizard Squad


The hacking group known as Lizard Squad is back in the news, this time allegedly targeting pop princess Taylor Swift. Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for the Xbox and Playstation network outage which left millions of gamers in the dark. This time their hacks were aimed at Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The hackers briefly took over … Read more

Anonymous Releases Account Information For 13,000 Xbox Live, PSN, and Other Accounts


As if Lizard Squad taking down Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas Day wasn’t enough, members claiming to be part of the hacker group Anonymous released a file containing the login information for 13,000 user accounts on Xbox Live, PSN, and a number of other services. The group tweeted on December 23 warning a dump … Read more