Organika Cases Review: Carrying Nature On Your Phone


Having done what feels like hundreds of case reviews over the past few years, I’ve definitely seen a wide variety. But nothing like what Organika sent me and what they’re trying to Kickstart. Organika¬†is using real organic materials to create their new phone cases that will be available for Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG … Read more

Native Union Accessory Review: Classy Apple Extras

Native Union

The Apple accessory market is a highly competitive one with many different manufactures and many different tiers of quality. You can certainly find many Apple accessories for a reasonably affordable price, then you will find some that are priced sky high. Native Union falls somewhere in the middle offering high quality and well designed accessories … Read more

Kuner Kuke Smart Case Review: iPhone Power & Storage

Kuke Smart Case

We all have been there in the past: low on power, low on storage for all those Live Photos on our iPhones. Most of the time we either have to plug our iPhones in to a wall charger and spend twenty minutes freeing up space to take more pictures. Well with the Kuner Kuke Smart … Read more

SuperStar Monster Blaster Review: The Boombox Is Back!

Monster Blaster

The boombox gained popularity in the United States in the mid-seventies and its popularity continued on into the very early nineties when the Walkman took its place. I remember my old silver Panasonic boombox with dual cassette deck and ridiculously massive speakers and lots of faux chrome, lots of it. The boombox was a bit … Read more

ilumi Smartbulb Review: Control Your Illumination

ilumi Smartbulb

Smart home products and IoT products are still trying to carve a space out in the market and sometimes the whole experience feels a bit disjointed. There are hundreds of different smart products on the market and smartbulbs are one of them. Mark Cuban-backed ilumi is one of the companies trying to be one of … Read more

Samson SR Series Headphone Review: Budget Friendly Sound

Samson SR

We’ve done a lot of headphone reviews and honestly most of those headphones haven’t been what you would call budget friendly. The Samson SR450 and SR550 are two pairs of headphones that fit tightly into the budget friendly mold and here’s what we thought of them. Samson SR450 On-Ear Headphones Design The Samson SR series … Read more

TarDisk Pear 2.0 Review: Expanding Your MacBook Storage

TarDisk Pear

Storage can sometimes become an issue with many MacBook owners especially if you opted for the¬†lower capacity version of your MacBook. Sometimes purchasing higher storage capacities when you buy your MacBook isn’t an option due to the cost of the upgrade. This can leave MacBook owners at the mercy of external storage, cloud storage, or … Read more