Can the HP Elite X3 save Windows 10 Mobile?

Elite X3

Windows 10 Mobile isn’t exactly on fire and that is something we all just need to come to terms with. I’m a fan of Windows 10 Mobile’s aesthetic look and its functionality as a mobile OS. But I’ve never been thrilled with Windows 10 Mobile’s app selection. HP is set to release its reentry into … Read more

Lenovo, HP, other OEMs hit with UEFI bug in BIOS

security breach

Lenovo has definitely had some software issues on their generally high-quality hardware of late, though in this instance they aren’t the only ones affected. Security researcher Dymtro Oleksiuk located a vulnerability in the BIOS of some Lenovo computers that bypasses some aspects of Windows Security. In his post related to the issue on Github, Oleksiuk described the … Read more

HP Introduces Premium Chromebook Offering

HP Chromebook 13

HP has been making some strides towards thinner, more premium laptops lately. They recently released the HP Spectre 13, which is currently the world’s thinnest laptop at 10.4 mm. Now, they’ve partnered with Google to release a new Chromebook, one that is ridiculously powerful (for a Chromebook anyway), and looks really good. The Chromebook 13 … Read more

HP Spectre 13 Out Thins Everyone Else

HP Spectre

HP has just introduced the world’s thinnest laptop, the HP Spectre 13 and it measures in at an astonishing 10.4mm thick while running an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor. To give some perspective, the new 12″ Apple MacBook is 13.1mm thick and runs an Intel M processor, which is great for running silent and … Read more

The HP Elite x3: HP’s Proof That Windows Phone Is Not Dead

Let’s first be clear. Windows phone is not dead, despite what some lesser articles reported a few weeks ago following the Microsoft reveal of less-than-spectacular market share numbers. Since those false claims of its demise, a few really impressive Windows phone OS powered devices have been announced and even more are on the horizon. That … Read more

Worldwide PC Shipments Down 9.5%; Expected To Recover In 2016


Preliminary results by Gartner, an information technology and advisory company, are showing that worldwide PC shipments are down 9.5% for the second quarter of 2015 compared to the same quarter last year. While the numbers do seem to indicate that PCs are losing popularity amongst other technology like tablets and mobile devices, Gartner is quick to … Read more

HP Partners With Bang & Olufsen For Sound


HP partners with Bang & Olufsen for their PC and tablet sound, dumping their long time partner Beats Audio. Since Apple’s acquisition of Beats Audio there wasn’t a doubt that they would be pulled from any kind of competitor, as Apple tends to keep its hardware proprietary. That left HP without the sound “label” on … Read more

Microsoft Looks To Take On Chromebooks Starting With HP Stream


Chromebooks have been consistently residing in the top selling computers since their updating. Their easy of use, quick start up, and above all cheap cost have quietly lead to them eating into Microsofts domino of lower price laptop and desktop computers running a traditional Desktop interface. However, HP looks set to announce the first device … Read more

HP Chromebox Now Shipping

Image courtesy of Cnet
Image courtesy of Cnet
Image courtesy of Cnet

The New HP Chromebox is now shipping in the USA and that means there will be a lot more of Google’s Operating System in the wild. Since making their announcement in February, HP has been gearing up for the launch of this product. Classified as an ultra small form factor, the base model HP Chromebox sports an Intel® Celeron® 2955U Processor clocking in at 1.4 Ghz, support for dual displays, 2 GB of RAM, and a 16GB SSD for storage.

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