Apple Watch Review: Useful But Is It Worth The Price?

Apple Watch review

In my Moto 360 V2 review I admitted to changing my mind a bit about smartwatches. My initial impression was that smartwatches were redundant and really not needed. I mean, I can do everything by pulling my phone out and more. Why would I need a smartwatch? So the single most convenient thing about a smartwatch … Read more

Huawei Offering Black Friday Deals On Huawei Watch, Huawei P8 Lite

Ah Black Friday. A holiday all its own for the shopaholics living among us. Shoppers can find exceptional deals if they’re willing to get up early and wait in long lines with all of their shopping brethren.  Smart shoppers can sometimes avoid the lines and find some great deals on the Internet from the comfort of their … Read more

Huawei Is Giving You An Extra Year Of Warranty For Its Watch


Huawei seems quite keen to make a mark, and with the recent Nexus 6P it’s certainly in the spotlight right now. The Chinese company is now announcing that it’ll offer an extra year of warranty to users of the Huawei Watch, as long as you buy it directly from Huawei. To qualify for this, you … Read more

Apple watchOS 2.0.1 Rolls Out With New Emoji And Bug Fixes


Apple watchOS 2.0.1 started rolling out to users today with a variety of bug fixes and the new emoji characters everyone has been raving about. Included in the bug fixes are fixes for software update stalls, improved battery performance, syncing issues with Calendar, location information and other minor issues. We’ve been using the Apple Watch … Read more

Huawei Watch Review: This One Is A Looker


Without question the wearables market continues to be the one of most buzzed about tech spaces currently out there. Whether it’s opinion that the space is declining or opinion the space is growing, people are talking about it. With the release of the Apple Watch many analysts predicted that wearables might take off. We now … Read more

Samsung Gear S2 Will Make A Home At T-Mobile November 15th


The Samsung Gear S2 looks to be heads and tails improved over Samsung’s previous bulky Star Trek watches. With a stunning classic circular design, the Gear S2 looks like it should give the Huawei Watch and Moto 360 V2 at least a little competition. Now T-Mobile has just announced they will be carrying the Samsung … Read more