Thunder Lightning Connector earbuds are noise cancelling too

Lightning Connector

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are coming in just over a month and, as we all know, the headphone jack will be history. This means you’ll either have to use Bluetooth headphones or a Lightning Connector adapter of some sort. Or you can start searching for a pair of Lightning Connector headphones. … Read more

Modobag lets you scooter around the airport on your luggage


Indiegogo is chock-full of some strange and wonderful ideas that sometimes get funded and other times don’t. The Modobag is one of those that will be fully funded but just how many people really want a motorized carry on? Currently Modobag has 93 backers which pushed them just over their $50,000USD goal. The Modobag is … Read more

Get into drone racing with Autonomous’ full package


There’s no question drones and drone racing are becoming more popular. Now, you can get a taste of drone racing with Autonomous’ Indiegogo campaign, which includes everything you need to get started —  and more. In addition to just drones and controllers, there are options to add flags, cones, and even headsets to the Drone Racing … Read more

BabyBit Baby Monitor offers working parents peace of mind

BabyBit baby monitor offers the working parent a peace of mind.

Being a new parent in a connected and busy world can be daunting. BabyBit: The Baby Monitor has that in mind as it keeps parents connected to their babies. With automaker Jaguar Land Rover’s backing — the monitor being a Jaguar Land Rover tech incubator project — the development team asked themselves “how can we provide useful … Read more

Perigon HD Digital Mirror Expands Your Field Of View

digital mirror

Vehicle safety has been an evolving thing since the birth of the automobile. When the first autos were rolling off assembly lines things like safety belts weren’t even conceived of. Even as recently as the mid 20th century children in car seats weren’t a normal thing. But we’ve learned a lot about vehicle safety and we … Read more

Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Review: Affordable Smart Car Charger

Roidmi 2S

Xiaomi is best known for its line of smartphones sold in China and other parts of the world, but they also do other consumer electronics. Roidmi is backed by Xiaomi and together they’re in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign for the Roidmi 2S, a smart car charger that is really affordable if you snag … Read more

Elppy Smart Ring Focuses On Affordability


Smart rings aren’t a new thing, in fact, they’ve been going for a few years but Elppy is trying to make them more affordable for everyone. Elppy is a simple smart ring with basic functions that could be very useful for many users depending on the situation. Elppy is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone … Read more

Meizu Gravity: Meizu Taps U.S. Market For The First Time


If you’re not familiar with Meizu they’re a Chinese consumer electronics maker with some awesome Android devices that sell well in China and other countries. We’ve had the opportunity, at past CES events, to handle Meizu phones and they’re most certainly a quality build. Meizu smartphones can be purchased and imported from China but the … Read more

Introducing Move It — World’s First Mobile-Connected Smart Home Gym


A new smart home gym has been introduced today by Eggplant Technologies. Move It is a four-in-one mobile-connected smart home gym that provides quick and effective cardio and muscle workouts. The companion app for iOS and Android provides instant feedback on workouts, offers users access to trainer-created workouts, and connects them with friends, family, and the … Read more

Android LED Projector With Harman-Kardon Sound

Android LED projector

Earlier this week we wrote about a small portable LED projector with integrated Bluetooth speaker that you could use just about anywhere. Well, how about a small portable LED projector with integrated Harman-Kardon sound and Android you can use just about anywhere? The XGIMI Z4 Aurora is a small Android LED projector that has Harman-Kardon … Read more

NexDock Turns Your Portable Device Into A Laptop


With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Continuum which allows users to connect a supported Windows 10 smartphone to a monitor using a special dock which transforms it into a full fledged PC experience. Nex Computer has announced NexDock, a 14-inch monitor with built-in battery and Bluetooth keyboard which turns Windows 10 smartphones, tablets, mini PCs — think Raspberry … Read more

[UPDATED] ThinCharge Indiegogo Campaign Leaves Backers Powerless

Indiegogo Campaign

Backing an Indiegogo campaign can be a risky proposal. Really backing any crowdfunded campaign is risky. But when a campaign gets fully funded, actually 382% funded, then you expect that things are going well. We covered the Indiegogo campaign from ThinCharge back in August of 2015 and at that time they were 220% funded with … Read more

ZUS Smart Car Charger Locator Review: Buy It Already


The ZUS smart car charger locator first hit my radar from an email I received from the company asking if we would like to review their product. I get a lot of emails asking for reviews, so much so I have to pick and choose sometimes. The ZUS smart car charger locator grabbed my attention … Read more

Ventev Chargestand Combo Phone Stand And Travel Battery


Ventev is one of the third party accessory makers we’ve featured on Techaeris a few times and one whose products we’ve really enjoyed. Not only are their products high quality, the attention to detail is evident and appreciated. Now the company has come up with a new product solution with the Ventev Chargestand. Currently the … Read more

Meet The TYLT Energi Desktop Charging Station


We enjoy TYLT products here at Techaeris and we think they make some of the best consumer peripherals on the market. Not only do they work great but they’re designed well and hold up well too. Now the company is introducing their new TYLT Energi Desktop Charging Station which they launched on Indiegogo just today. … Read more

Thin Charge – The World’s Thinnest iPhone Battery Case


No matter what smartphone you have and no matter how big its battery is the fact remains, they suck power. Some users might be able to go all day without a charge, some may go a day and a half. For those smartphone jockeys that can’t seem to make it through a day there are … Read more

Yota Devices Cancels YotaPhone 2 North American Launch

An unfortunate turn of events has lead to Yota Devices cancelling the North American launch of their innovative dual screen YotaPhone 2. For those unaware, the YotaPhone is an Android phone that features a standard display on one side and an eInk display on the other. The eInk display allows for books, e-mails, and other … Read more

RevoBot: A Pretty Sweet Gravity Board


We would all like to see hoverboards out and about in this day and age  – if only because Back to the Future II indicated that we are supposed to have hoverboards sometime in 2015. Hoverboards are most likely in process of being made, but while we wait, a similar product is in the process of being made dubbed “RevoBot”. If … Read more

Musio: Your AI Robot Friend

Musio is an AI (artificial intelligence) robot that is going to be your friend created by AKA. AKA is a technology company in machine language and natural language processing. Musio is designed to learn, grow, and adapt with you. It also becomes smarter the more you use it. It’ll be able to handle simple tasks … Read more

Indiegogo: Move And Store All Your Files With Flex-Card Universal Data Storage


Many of us use the cloud to transfer and store many of our files for numerous reasons. However, there are times when you may need quick access to a file and you don’t have an Internet connection, or want to share files with someone else on a different ecosystem. While there are many apps to … Read more

YERKA: The Bike That Can’t Be Stolen


Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great places to try and get your great ideas funded and perhaps make it big time. We cover Indiegogo’s and Kickstarters when we see something that catches our eye and feel you the reader might like too. This time YERKA, “The Unstealable Bike” grabbed our attention for its design and concept. … Read more

iPocket Drive Expands Your iDevice Storage With Ease


Android devices makers have been using expandable storage as part of their hardware makeup for some time, but Apple has firmly stayed away from it. Currently Apple offers their iPhone lineup in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variations but you have to subtract 5GB or more for the operating system which significantly cripples a 16GB user. Enter the … Read more

Sonim XP7 Extreme Android Smartphone

Every year smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung, LG and Motorola bring us some of the most advanced, well designed and thinnest smartphones on the market. There’s no doubt that the space for thin and slim is very well filled but there’s one problem with those slim and thin designs. They’re not very rugged. Enter the … Read more

Indiegogo: RagLite Wants To Light The World – Flexibly

We’ve seen a few crowdfunding projects come out of the great city of Chicago recently, and it’s great seeing these innovations sprout up so close to Techaeris HQ. Today, we’re looking at a project that wants to light the world… literally! Introducing – the RagLite. The old saying says that necessity is the mother of all … Read more

Bluesmart Wants to Make Traveling Less Stressful: Here’s How

Bluesmart, a start up company based out of New York, has really gone to town creating a suitcase that is absolutely chock full with tech. What the heck kind of tech could you put in a suitcase? What’s the point? Well read further and you’ll understand. You also might just have to have one. The Bluesmart line of suitcases will … Read more