iPhone 7 video shows what could be the next iPhone

iPhone 7 video

An iPhone 7 video showing what could be the next iPhone has popped up on 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel. The iPhone 7 video confirms that the headphone jack is indeed gone but the video is in 240p and hard to view. Of course it could be said that Apple plans these leaks and they do so … Read more

Rumor: Wire-free AirPods launching with iPhone 7?

wire-free AirPods

One of the biggest rumors to hit the mobile technology world is the exclusion of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. With the removal of the headphone jack we all wondered how Apple would deliver music to users’ ears. While the headphone jack rumor was swirling, another rumor was also making the rounds… Apple’s … Read more

Is Apple killing the mute switch on the next iPhone?

mute switch

Come on Apple! First we’re nearly confirming no headphone jack, now we might be seeing the death of the iconic mute switch? Leaked photos from reliable French site NowhereElse seem to indicate the mute switch is gone. If you look at the volume rocker in the photo you’ll see the iconic switch is missing which Apple … Read more

More confirmation headphone jack is gone on iPhone 7

headphone jack

I get a ton of public relation emails on a daily basis, a lot of them regarding iPhone accessories. I don’t always look at every one of them and often times scan the others quickly but one caught my eye this morning. Patchworks is an iPhone case maker and they’re latest email photo sure shows … Read more

Goldgenie custom iPhone 7 render shows dual cams and Smart Connector

iPhone 7 video

Yeah we know, we already posted one rumor about the iPhone 7 today. But we’ve warned you that these will start coming fast and furious as September gets closer. This time we were sent an email showing an iPhone 7 render that has dual cameras and a Smart Connector. Our last iPhone 7 rumor showed … Read more

iPhone 7 May Not Have Dual Cameras After All

dual cameras

iPhone rumors tend to creep up almost immediately after one generation is announced, sometimes literally the same day a new iPhone is announced. One of the iPhone 7 rumors that has been circulating over the past months is the inclusion of dual cameras on the larger Plus model of the iPhone. There were even leaked … Read more

Rumor: iPhone 7 May Have 256GB Of Storage


If you’re a lover of mass amounts of video, pictures and music on your smartphone, then Apple may be giving you 256GB of storage on the iPhone 7. The current maximum storage you can get on the iPhone is 128GB — which isn’t anything to sneeze at. But doubling the storage to 256GB (minus the operating … Read more

Thinner Apple Watch 2 Rumored To Show Up At WWDC Later This Year


Some of you may have heard the name Brian White (Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton) or Ming-Chi- Kuo (KGI Securities), but if you haven’t they are two big Apple analysts who make predictions on Apple’s next products. Both have already started make predictions on what Apple will come out with, AKA the iPhone 7/7 Plus and … Read more

Why Are We Gushing Over A Flush Camera On iPhone 7?

iPhone 7

So in case you haven’t read about it here, here, here and here…the new iPhone 7 “might” do away with the protruding camera that many disliked about the previous 2 generations. But that’s not all, those ugly antenna bands around back, which most of you don’t see anyway due to the case you have on … Read more

Is Apple Clearing Out 16GB iPhone 6/6s Stock At Best Buy?

iPhone error 53

Could the days of the 16GB iPhone finally be over? Will the iPhone 7 usher in 32GB and higher storage capacity iPhones? Best Buy is currently offering Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6s for one measly dollar with a two-year Verizon or Sprint contract. While the price ($1) of the 16GB iPhone 6 or 6s looks great on paper, buyers beware, you’ll … Read more

Waterproof iPhone 7? Does The Rumor Hold Water?

iPhone error 53

Earlier this year the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were found to have a gasket built inside that helped the phone resists water infiltration but Apple made no mention of it during their presentation. Could this discovery mean that we’re heading for a waterproof iPhone 7? Apple likes to flirt with things a lot and … Read more

September 9th Apple Event Will Stream To Windows Edge


Apple’s September event is upon us and its set for the 9th at 10 A.M. PDT. Traditionally Apple has kept live streaming of its events to Apple devices only. This year it’s worth noting that they have opened up live streaming of the Apple event to Windows 10 users as well but only through the … Read more

Thin Charge – The World’s Thinnest iPhone Battery Case


No matter what smartphone you have and no matter how big its battery is the fact remains, they suck power. Some users might be able to go all day without a charge, some may go a day and a half. For those smartphone jockeys that can’t seem to make it through a day there are … Read more

Fan iPhone 7 Concept Once Again Better Than Apple’s Real iPhone


Once again the iPhone concept videos are hitting YouTube. Fans love to imagine their favorite device in all sorts of ways and some of these ideas are better than what Apple actually produces. This video shows an iPhone 7 concept (or iPhone 6s, we don’t know for sure what they’re calling it) that combines the … Read more