Let’s throw fuel on the iPhone rumors fire… iPhone 7 Pro?

iPhone 7 Pro

OK, so there have been rumors of an iPhone 7 Pro model coming from Apple and that there would be three iPhone 7’s to choose from. Well that rumor never really went anywhere with most people agreeing that Apple would simply have the same iPhone and then the Plus model. Now we’re seeing admitted “dummy” … Read more

Simpliday offers a visually appealing way to manage a calendar

Simpliday is an iOS calendar that is visually stunning.

Business professionals spend a large amount of time in their calendars and they’re often drab to look at. Simpliday looks to change that. The iOS calendar tries to simplify the calendar process by removing the need for toggling between multiple apps. The app comes in the wake of Sunrise Calendar’s sunset next month. You’ll see the … Read more

Petition asks Apple to stop “upgrading” old iPhones

unlocking iPhones

“Planned obsolescence” is a phrase that we’re hearing more and more these days. The idea that companies are designing their products to fail at a specific time in order to try and procure more sales is a rather dubious one, and yet the signs can seem pretty obvious at times. SumOfUs is a consumer group … Read more

Goldgenie custom iPhone 7 render shows dual cams and Smart Connector

iPhone 7 video

Yeah we know, we already posted one rumor about the iPhone 7 today. But we’ve warned you that these will start coming fast and furious as September gets closer. This time we were sent an email showing an iPhone 7 render that has dual cameras and a Smart Connector. Our last iPhone 7 rumor showed … Read more

Meizu M3 Note Review: Lots of phone for the price

Meizu M3 Note

Meizu isn’t a phone maker you hear about much in the United States, but our overseas readers in India, the EU and other parts will be very familiar with them. Meizu sent us their latest “Note” model, the Meizu M3 Note, for review. Let me say this before we dive into things. The Meizu M3 … Read more

Is Tim Cook’s Apple past its peak?

Apple services

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Ben Taylor Following Apple’s first down quarter in over a decade and mixed reviews for the company’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference, an ominous question is making the rounds. Has Apple peaked? Ask four people this question, and you’ll get four different answers. “Apple peaked when [former CEO Steve] Jobs … Read more

Hyperkin’s Game Boy Smartphone Adapter Actually Being Built

April Fools has been a great way for some companies to introduce ideas and concepts with questionable marketability potential. ThinkGeek has gone on to produce a number of items it listed as jokes in the last few years after they received a lot of public interest. Hyperkin, a company known for designing and selling video … Read more

Apple Pay Rolls Out On Five Major Canadian Banks


Apple Pay is rolling out to all five major Canadian banks today giving Canadian iPhone users a new option to pay for their goods and services. Apple has finally put the lid on pending deals that were holding them up from bringing the service fully to Canada. Apple Pay was available before in Canada but … Read more

Rumor: iPhone 7 May Have 256GB Of Storage


If you’re a lover of mass amounts of video, pictures and music on your smartphone, then Apple may be giving you 256GB of storage on the iPhone 7. The current maximum storage you can get on the iPhone is 128GB — which isn’t anything to sneeze at. But doubling the storage to 256GB (minus the operating … Read more

Organika Cases Review: Carrying Nature On Your Phone


Having done what feels like hundreds of case reviews over the past few years, I’ve definitely seen a wide variety. But nothing like what Organika sent me and what they’re trying to Kickstart. Organika is using real organic materials to create their new phone cases that will be available for Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG … Read more

Seidio Kryptek Surface Review: The Kryptek Camo Case


Seidio is back with its amazing Surface line of cases, but this time they’ve partnered with world-renowned state-of-the-art camouflage creators, Kryptek. Kryptek makes camo gear for a variety of different applications and was founded by two veterans who have a great eye for design. Seidio had a short statement concerning their partnership with Kryptek. From Navy Seals … Read more

Greenlight SmartCradle Turns Your Phone Into A Dashcam

Greenlight SmartCradle

Distracted driving is increasingly contributing to accidents these days and the Greenlight SmartCradle wants to protect you by recording those accidents. The Greenlight SmartCradle turns your iPhone or Android phone into a dashcam that can detect when you’ve been in an accident and save the video to the cloud. The Greenlight SmartCradle records in a … Read more

Nextbit Robin Review: More Than Enough To Satisfy

Nextbit Robin

Back in January of this year we were slated to meet with Nextbit to discuss the Nextbit Robin at CES 2016, but, for whatever reasons, that meeting never did happen. Many other websites have had their reviews out months ago, with most of them publishing on the same day and at the same time due … Read more

India Rejects Apple’s Plan To Import And Sell Refurbished iPhones

iOS 9.3

Recently, Apple made a request with the Indian government to be allowed to import refurbished iPhones and sell them. Unfortunately for the company, their request has been rejected. India has the world’s second largest population. However, Apple has just 2% of phone shipments in the country. Many organisations and companies lobbied against the sale of refurbished … Read more

Apple Sales Take Significant Hit, Refocusing Best Bet

Apple Sales

Apple sales have taken a hit this quarter and the company is starting to feel the pressure of poor performance and a saturated smartphone market. Apple sales have been slumping the past few quarters with Tim Cook even saying things were probably going to get worse. With the cellphone market saturated with both iPhones and … Read more

India Makes Panic Button Mandatory On Cell Phones

panic button

India’s telecom ministry has made the inclusion of a panic button on cell phones a mandatory feature both for feature and smartphones. The new law will apply to all manufacturers including Apple and every major Android device maker. The panic button will have to be implemented into all new 2017 (and beyond) models of phones … Read more

Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard Has Serious Potential

Word Flow Keyboard

The Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard app has hit the iOS App Store as a free download for all iPhone users, and it has serious potential. I’ve been highly critical of almost every third party keyboard on iOS including my Android favorite, SwiftKey. I’ve yet to find a keyboard with swiping capabilities that works well and … Read more

OtterBox Symmetry Review: Slim Yet Tough OtterBox Protection


OtterBox is often thought of as these massive bulky and awkward protective cases for your device that are well suited to construction workers. While it is true that the company makes some amazing heavy duty cases for phones. The company also makes slimmer cases that don’t add crazy amount of weight and bulk. Often in … Read more

China Banhammers iBooks And iTunes Movies

dual cameras

iTunes Movies and iBooks have been unceremoniously given the banhammer by China’s media regulator, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. The governing body requested Apple stop the service immediately and Reuters’s inquiry was met with the response that Apple’s services were “unusable”. Apple has faced the banhammer in China before, as have … Read more

Incipio Octane Review: A Slim Stylish iPhone Case

Incipio Octane

In our last iPhone case review we took a look at the Incipio Performance series for iPhone 6s now we’re going to dive in with the Incipio Octane. Incipio’s cases are a nice mix of minimal design, sporty looks and elegant taste and the Incipio Octane is no different. Design The Incipio Octane is probably … Read more

Native Union Accessory Review: Classy Apple Extras

Native Union

The Apple accessory market is a highly competitive one with many different manufactures and many different tiers of quality. You can certainly find many Apple accessories for a reasonably affordable price, then you will find some that are priced sky high. Native Union falls somewhere in the middle offering high quality and well designed accessories … Read more

Kuner Kuke Smart Case Review: iPhone Power & Storage

Kuke Smart Case

We all have been there in the past: low on power, low on storage for all those Live Photos on our iPhones. Most of the time we either have to plug our iPhones in to a wall charger and spend twenty minutes freeing up space to take more pictures. Well with the Kuner Kuke Smart … Read more

iPhone Production Cut Again Due To Slow Sales

dual cameras

iPhone production is being cut for the second quarter due to slow sales, according to overseas Apple parts suppliers. Apple itself has said that sales of the iPhone were slowing and they failed to meet some Wall Street expectations last quarter. iPhone production was also cut the last quarter prompting many to question Apple’s position in … Read more