T-Mobile Cyber Monday Features iPhone Upgrade Deals


The deals just keep on coming!  Next up, some iPhone love courtesy of T-Mobile Cyber Monday deals.  Are you looking for an iPhone?  Today only T-Mobile will upgrade your internal storage for free!  You can check the full press release below, but the juicy bits are: Buy an iPhone 6 16GB and we’ll upgrade you … Read more

Apple Releases Tool To Free Your Captive iMessages


Apple has finally released a method for ex-iPhone users to retrieve their captive iMessages from Apple’s grasp. Deregister iMessage will allow current iPhone users who plan on moving over to Android, Windows or Blackberry to turn off iMessage so when they move their number to a new phone new SMS messages will come from old … Read more

iOS Malware Dubbed WireLurker Targets iPhones

Research site Palo Alto Networks published information about an iOS malware family they are dubbing WireLurker. According to their research, the malware has been targeting Mac OS and iOS systems for at least the past six months through the Maiyadi App Store, a third-party app store in China. Claud Xiao of Palo Alto Networks posts … Read more

Bank Of America Charges Apple Pay Customers Twice


Bank Of America customers are experiencing the first early adopter woes of Apple Pay. It seems the bank or Apple, have a glitch in their payment system which is double charging customers for transactions. CNN video taped one of those transactions.  Check out the video after the break. As with any new implementation of a … Read more

TYLT iPhone Cases And More Just $10 Until October 30th


TYLT makes a variety of phone cases, external batteries and speakers for mobile devices and right now they’re offering some of their iPhone cases and more for just $10. These cases normally cost anywhere between $35-$50 a piece so that’s a great deal right there. To make the deal even sweeter for US residents only, … Read more

Hearthstone For Android Tablets Expected Before End Of 2014, Other Devices Early 2015

Blizzard released a “fireside chat” to update their 20 million Hearthstone players about the status of porting the game over to iPhone and Android devices, among other things. Currently the game is available on PC and has already been ported to the iPad, but Apple’s smaller devices as well as the entirety of Android have been … Read more

My Frustrating Journey To Replace A Bent iPhone

iPhone bent featured

iPhone bent featured

You’ve read the few stories floating around, you’ve seen our round up of ‘#Bendgate’, and you’ve even watched some fools bend iPhones on YouTube only to dismiss the issue just like I did. It wasn’t until I discovered my own iPhone was bent that I started to believe those YouTube bending fools. It’s not as bent as some iPhone 6 Pluses I have seen mind you, but when placed face down it certainly doesn’t sit flat.

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Weekly Refresh: #Bendgate, Bone Paste, The Anti-Facebook, And More – Sep 21-27


From iPhone’s #Bendgate to a bone paste aimed at strengthening bones and a new Anti-Facebook social media website, we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at Techaeris. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in our Weekly Refresh. Tech eBay was hit again with another phishing scam. This one used Javascript inside … Read more

Apple Releases iOS 8.0.2 To Fix Major iOS 8.0.1 Flaws

iOS 8.0.2

Apple has just pushed out iOS 8.0.2 to their iOS users so check those updates. Apple’s past few weeks have been a roller coaster to say the least. Everything from auto installing U2’s latest album on everyone’s iDevices to iCloud celebrity nude photos being leaked and bending iPhone 6 Plus’s (#bendgate) to a major iOS … Read more

UPDATED: iOS 8.0.1 Is Available To Download But You Might Wait, It Could Be Broken


UPDATE: I went ahead and installed iOS 8.0.1 on my iPhone 5s and both Touch ID and cell service are working just fine on T-mobile. This might be an isolated incident or an iPhone 6 bug. UPDATE 2 FROM APPLE: “We have received reports of an issue with the iOS 8.0.1 update. We are actively investigating … Read more

Record iPhone Sales, But Many Not Even In Users Hands


iPhone sales have been off the charts once again, with the device selling 4 million units in its first day and that number going up to 10 million as of yesterday. But sales of the phone doesn’t equate to the actual number of people who have the phone. Yours truly is one of these and … Read more

iOS 8 Third Party Keyboards Need Work, Stock Experience Is Better



Third party keyboards have been on Android for years and have finally come to Apple’s iPhone in its newest iOS 8 update. The amount of third party keyboards on Android is enormous while iOS is offering just a handful at the moment. SwiftKey and Swype are two of the notables currently on both Android and iOS (with a shout out to Flexsy).

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Sold Out Now Heading To eBay


The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has sold out and the iPhone 6 is not far behind, at least according to Mashable.com. Just take a look below at the updates they posted throughout the day. UPDATE, 12:30 p.m. ET: An Apple spokesperson told Re/code that the new iPhones had brought in “a record number of preorders … Read more

Review: Limefuel Rugged, Beastly Durability And Power

External batteries generally do one thing for you: keep your device powered up. The Limefuel Rugged takes it one step further. It wants to go where no other battery dares go. The Rugged is a beastly battery beautifully encased in a protective outer shell that is strong enough to take the weight of a car. … Read more

Apple iPhone 6 Features – iOS8 – iWatch What To Expect


Tomorrow is game time for the Apple iPhone 6 features, iOS8 and the iWatch (not the official name). What are we expecting Apple to announce? Apple iPhone 6 4.7″ iPhone 6 (possibly called the iPhone Air) 5.5″ iPhone 6 (possibly called the iPhone Pro) Thinner chassis unibody construction similar to the current iPod touch Possible … Read more

Apple Wallet? Visa , MasterCard On Board With iPhone Payment System?


Yesterday we reported that Apple could be bringing NFC technology to the iPhone 6 that has been present and active in Android for years. We also speculated that part of Apple’s plan for NFC is mobile payments. Now Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that Apple is working with three major credit card carriers (VISA, AMEX and … Read more

Weekly Refresh: Netflix Petitions FCC, iPhone Event Announced, Google vs Amazon, and more – August 24-30


From Netflix petitioning the FCC to Google’s new drone delivery device and iPhone 6 rumors, we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at Techaeris. Here’s our Weekly Refresh of some of the stories we covered. Tech Thought you were done hearing about the NSA? Classified documents show that the NSA built their own search engine called ICREACH. … Read more

Flir One iPhone Case Could Help Criminals Steal ATM Pins


We had the chance to experience the Flir One iPhone 5s case at CES 2014 and it has a world of great uses. From homeowners and contractors looking for heating and cooling issues in their homes to checking to see if your child has a fever or for finding mechanical hotspots in computers. Flir’s specialty … Read more

iPhone 6 Video Shows Unit Plugged Into iTunes (Rumor)


As September 9th rolls in ever closer we’re bound to start seeing more and more leaks of the iPhone6. We don’t generally post rumors and leaks but we’re pretty close to the unveil and this looks like it could be legit. This latest is from Feld & Volk and the iPhone 6 video shows a … Read more

Appetizers: Week 4 of the Staff’s Favorite Apps!


Welcome to Week 4 of Appetizers! This regular installment of delicious mobile applications will showcase some of the staff’s favorites each week. Jason Bouwmeester, Editor Untappd – Android & iOS I’ve been known to enjoy an “occasional” beer, and Untappd is a great little app that allows you to rate, track, and find different beers. … Read more

Google’s Photosphere Comes To iPhone


It’s unusual to report an app coming from Android to iPhone but the times they are a changing. Google’s Photosphere has been a staple on Nexus devices and one that many people enjoy using, including myself. Now it’s made its way over to iPhone so iOS user can enjoy the immersive 360 degree pictures. Taking photospheres … Read more

Apple’s iPhone Lightning Cable May Have Reversible USB Included


Apple’s lightning connector was a great idea for users who tired of putzing around with their 30 pin Apple connectors. Over the weekend Sonny Dickson leaked out on Twitter that Apple may be including a reversible USB connector opposite the lightning connector which would be equally useful. Check out Dickson’s tweets after the break. Reversible … Read more

Google Cardboard? Yeah, iPhone Can Do That


Back at Google I/O this year attendees were given their very own Google Cardboard. Basically a virtual reality headset made from cardboard (ala Oculus Rift). Of course that being Google I/O it would seem the novelty would only work with Android. But it turns out that iPhone users can also have a go with the … Read more

Is Apple Slowing Your iPhone Down?

iphone slow featured

It was Sony that first started the the conspiracy around killing your device when they wanted you to upgrade. The fabled ‘Sony timer’ stopped the tech from working days after the warranty expired, making you upgrade to newer hardware. Now the theorist have moved onto Apple. The anecdotal evidence has been that Apple intentionally slows down the … Read more