Google’s Faster internet cable goes online today

Faster internet

Google’s “Faster” internet cable goes online today. The cable runs between the state of Oregon all the way to parts of Japan. The Faster internet cable is 9,000 kilometers long and will cover the West Coast of the U.S. and every major Japanese city. The low-loss fiber the cable is made from gives the Faster cable … Read more

Japan’s FREETEL Mobile Will Sell Unlocked Phones In The U.S.


Japanese mobile device maker FREETEL has just announced it will be selling two of its offerings in the U.S. market and these are some interesting looking devices. FREETEL will be offering a budget minded phone in the Priori3 and a mid-range offering with the Kiwami, though the company refers to it as a flagship. The Kiwami … Read more

Fujitsu Develops Tech, Detects RT Targeted Email Attacks

email attacks

Fujitsu, with some assistance from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, has developed a new technology that can detect real time targeted email attacks. The tech works by analyzing email activity and detecting suspicious patterns outside normal email activity. The tech must first learn the email habits of an organization’s users, as well as their Internet … Read more

Actual Pokemon Gym To Open Next Month In Osaka, Japan

If you truly want to be the very best like no one ever was, the opportunity to do so will soon exist as there will be a real-life Pokemon Gym opening up in Osaka, Japan on November 19. Sanoyas Interactions announced their plans to build a hands-on “edutainment” facility complete with programs that promote education … Read more

Japan’s Weird Hotel Run By Robots Is Now Open


Japan, the country where they’re willing to try just about anything once and that includes opening up a hotel run predominately by robots. Henn na Hotel, translated in English that’s Weird Hotel, utilizes robots for just about every task in the hotel and only ten humans for security and housekeeping tasks. Otherwise when you go to … Read more

SoftBank, Alibaba Banking On Robots, Foxconn On Board To Produce “Pepper”

Robots and other smart technology have found their way into more and more facets of our everyday life. In spite of some dire warnings and opposition from the likes of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), companies continue to work in this area. The next group to help speed … Read more

First Footage Of Live-Action Attack On Titan Movie Revealed

The Attack on Titan anime, and to a lesser extent the manga, has garnered a massive amount of worldwide popularity. Combining elements of horror, high-flying action, and steampunk, the series has done well to graft itself into pop culture’s mainstream. All of that attraction and interest has since spawned, among other things, a Marvel crossover event, an Attack … Read more

Electric Car Charging Stations Outnumber Gas Stations In Japan

As long as you’re able to overlook a few creative uses of numbers, and take with a grain of salt that the study was done by a company who’d love to sell you an electric car, Bloomberg has reported that Japan now has more electric car charging stations than gas stations. The gap is narrow, … Read more

Microsoft Only Sold 300 Xbox One Consoles In Japan Last Week

No, we didn’t forget any zeroes on that number – Microsoft’s flagship console only sold a minuscule 300 units over the span of a week in Japan. To be fair, Xbox consoles have never fared well in Japan to begin with and likely never will with the entire country remaining loyal to the other major console … Read more

Crunchyroll Now Available On Wii U

Nintendo has announced that Crunchyroll, the number one anime streaming service available without breaking any laws, has been added to the Wii U. The massive anime repository, which features over 25,000 HD videos ready to be streamed at a moments notice, will be the fifth streaming service on Nintendo’s flagship console. Premium Crunchyroll members (which is … Read more

Japanese Court Rules Google Must Delete Search Results

forgotten google featured

A Japanese court has ruled in favor of a man who filed an injunction against Google to remove search results that implicated him in a crime he did not commit. The court has order Google to delete half of the 237 entries, where the man’s name appears, from its search engine. The man filed the injunction … Read more

Nintendo Announces New Nintendo 3DS Models for Japan

Nintendo has just announced two new models of the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL (XL in other regions) are both coming to Japan on October 11. Nintendo has said that no new 3DS consoles will be coming to North America or Europe at this time, though … Read more

The 600HP Nissan GT-R Nismo; Who Wouldn’t Want This Beast?

  We had the unique pleasure of actually sitting inside the 600HP Nissan GT-R Nismo at The Chicago Auto Show and even with the engine off it didn’t fail to amaze us. The lines on this car are superb, a combination of elegant muscle and sporty good looks there is no question it will get … Read more

Honda FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) Concept Car At The Chicago Auto Show


There were several uniquely designed vehicles at The Chicago Auto Show one of which was the Honda FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). I fell in love with the sleek front end and the sweeping sides, although I have to say it will take me a bit to get used to the rear end. Check out the pics and video after the break of this concept electric from Honda.

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Sony’s Xperia Z1f Killing iPhone Sales In Japan

Softpedia is reporting that Sony’s Japanese Xperia Z1f is leaving Apple’s iPhone 5s behind in sales numbers. They don’t give any official numbers but this is great news for Sony and Android fans alike. The Xperia Z1f is a smaller version of the Z1 and is exclusive to Japan at the moment. There is no … Read more

The Lapcat A2, A Mach 5 People Mover

This looks like an awesome project and one I’m sure many would be both nervous and exited about. Imagine flying 3800mph or 5 times the speed of sound to Europe, Japan and anywhere else around the world. The previous world’s fastest commuter jet, the Concorde, has been retired and there were many issues with that … Read more