Chicago loses the Lucas museum keeps parking lot

Lucas museum

The long battle between The Friends of the Park and the City of Chicago is finally over and the Lucas museum is officially dead. George Lucas expressed interest in building his narrative art museum in Chicago two years ago. Almost immediately there was both excitement and opposition to the Lucas museum, especially the chosen location. … Read more

Robotics And The Future Of The Worlds Workforce


Who We Are Mankind has been blessed with abilities far beyond those of the rest of the animals that inhabit this bright blue ball of gas. We’ve arguably evolved into the most superior life-form there is, here or anywhere (that we know of). We’ve always been a species of curiosity, innovation and invention. We’ve also … Read more

Amazon Fulfillment Center Announced For Illinois, Maybe For Drone Testing?


A new Amazon fulfillment center has just been announced and it’s being built in Joilet, Illinois. Amazon says this new fulfillment center (just outside of Chicago) will create 1,000 jobs for the local economy. The fulfillment center is going to be nearly 500,000 square feet and help Amazon service customers better and faster. “We are … Read more

Could Apple Be Launching More Apps On Android?

The mobile operating system wars have been raging for years now with Apple and Google being the two top dogs scrapping it out almost constantly. Apple has been notoriously closed off when it comes to iOS and application development preferring a more controlled environment to how things are done. Google’s Android on the other hand … Read more

Microsoft’s “Tough Choices” Revealed – Nearly 8000 Jobs Cut

A couple of weeks ago Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, sent an email to the entire Microsoft team which contained Satya’s visions for the company, along with a new mission statement: To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The email was not all all sunshine and roses … Read more

Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs In Isaacson Adaptation


Pirates of Silicon Valley was the first movie to take a stab at somewhat telling the story of Steve Jobs and Noah Wiley actually did a fairly decent job. Fast forward after Steve’s death and we found Ashton Kutcher playing the role of Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs. Kutcher gained mixed reviews as did … Read more