Popular SwiftKey Android/iOS Keyboard Is Now A Microsoft Product


After rumours started to circulate yesterday about Microsoft’s acquisition of SwiftKey, the company has formally announced they will be joining the Microsoft team. SwiftKey was founded back in 2008 by Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock and quickly gained popularity, largely in part due to its excellent predictive word and auto-correction capabilities. SwiftKey is currently available on … Read more

ZAGG Slim Book iPad Air Keyboard Review: This Is The One


The iPad is, in my opinion, the best tablet in a declining tablet market and the best tablet experience you’re going to find. But sometimes the tablet experience is hampered by one of the most important parts of any device, the keyboard. The onscreen keyboard of the iPad is clunky, large, and usually in the … Read more

E-BLUE K727 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


[button link=”http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_153543.html” icon=”fa-flag” side=”left” target=”” color=”b74949″ textcolor=”ffffff”]Sponsored Post[/button] Keyboards are like a pair of nice shoes to most people, you just have to find the right one for you and you’re in love. Some people love the look and feel of Apple’s MacBook Pro’s chiclet style keyboard and some really like the fingernail shaped keys … Read more

Work Faster And Smarter With The Sonder Keyboard


Even with the increasing popularity of tablets, the keyboard is still a staple of day to day computer use. Sonder Design has designed a new keyboard which is supposed to make your computing life easier. The Sonder keyboard allows you to customize the keys on your keyboard based on what app or game you are playing, … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Your Samsung Keyboard


On Tuesday, a website called NowSecure posted a report discussing a security flaw in the stock keyboard of several Samsung devices. If you take a few minutes to get past the fire-engine-red background, the death’s head skulls designed to elicit fear, and the panic-inducing headline, you’ll understand that you probably shouldn’t throw away your Samsung … Read more

Moshi Versakeyboard Review And iLynx 3.0 Review


Moshi has been making great mobile accessories for some time now and they continue the trend of quality with their Versakeyboard and iLynx 3.0. More people are finding themselves using their tablets as a desktop or laptop replacement. Often times though, people still need and prefer a physical keyboard. This is the Moshi Versakeyboard review … Read more

Fleksy Keyboard User Breaks Own Guinness World Record

Yes, we’re there, there is a Guinness World Record for the fastest typing on a mobile device and apparently Marcel Fernandes Filho is the owner of that title. I guess you could argue why on Earth would we need such a record, but then you could argue against almost everything in the Guinness Book. Marcel’s previous … Read more

BrydgeAir Nearly Turns Your iPad Air Into A Laptop

There are a ton of bluetooth keyboard/cases on the market for iPad, just browse Amazon to find them. But very few of them are anything like the BrydgeAir. This thing is machined from a solid piece of aluminum so it compliments the iPad Air nicely and stays inline with Apple’s design aesthetics. The keyboard is … Read more

SwiftKey For Android Goes FREE Adds Theme Store And Rewards Loyal Users



SwiftKey, the Android replacement keyboard (that could soon come to iOS) is dropping it’s $3.99 price tag to FREE, permanently. You heard it! SwiftKey will now be a free app in the Google Play Store and on top of that there’s a ton of new features and customization in the latest update. Not only that but current SwiftKey users who previously paid for the app will be able to download a “Premier Pack” of 10 themes valued at $4.99 for free. This means you’re pretty much getting your money back from your original purchase.

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Swiftkey And Fleksy Confirm Plans For iOS8 Swype May Join The Party Too


Yesterday Apple announced a major step forward for their iOS platform with the introduction of third party keyboards. Now two of the biggest players in the business Swiftkey and Fleksy have confirmed their plans to bring their wares to iOS8. Swype has also expressed interest in a keyboard for iOS8 with no official announcement. Read … Read more

Minuum Keyboard Teases Itself On A Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

With Fleksy being the official keyboard of the Omate Truesmart Watch it’s no surprise to see other keyboard makers trying to break into the smartwatch space. Check out Minuum‘s new teaser video showing their keyboard on a Galaxy Gear. Source: Minuum Related articles Minuum Keyboard v1.2 Fleksy Keyboard App Arrives On Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch … Read more