HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR Board Game Nearing Kickstarter Goal


Phil Tippet, a movie director, visual effects supervisor, and producer, has worked on everything from Star Wars movies to The Twilight Saga and Jurassic World. He’s now setting his sights on the world of augmented reality and is working on HoloGrid: Monster Battle — an AR holochess board game — with HappyGiant. With just over 24 hours left, HoloGrid: Monster … Read more

Playtonic Releases Yooka-Laylee E3 Trailer, Announces Delay

Yooka-Laylee, the spiritual successor to the wildly popular Banjo-Kazooie series of games completely and utterly obliterated its Kickstarter goal almost exactly one year ago. The buddy-duo platformer raised £2,090,104, which was well above their fairly reasonable request of £175,000. It’s clear that gamers believed in the Playtonic team, and with good reason. The group consists of former Rare … Read more

Organika Cases Review: Carrying Nature On Your Phone


Having done what feels like hundreds of case reviews over the past few years, I’ve definitely seen a wide variety. But nothing like what Organika sent me and what they’re trying to Kickstart. Organika is using real organic materials to create their new phone cases that will be available for Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG … Read more

Retro-Futuristic RPG InSomnia Fully Funded


Studio MONO’s Retro-Futuristic RPG InSomnia has been fully funded on Kickstarter, reaching its goal of £55,000 with just over a day left in the campaign. In addition, the campaign has also achieved three further stretch goals already thanks to the Unreal Developer Grant, and is working on meeting new stretch goals as the campaign winds down. … Read more

Toddy Cable Review: Customized Micro-USB Or Lightning Cables

A few weeks ago we told you about the Toddy Cable Kickstarter and what they were trying to do to give you a special cable of your very own. I mentioned that Toddy Gear was kind enough to send me an early sample of the cable, so with a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign … Read more

Henlen Smartwatch Arrives On Kickstarter With A Customizable Experience

There are loads of different smartwatches available these days. Everything from the Apple Watch to the Moto 360, Huawei Watch, and everything in between. The thing is, if you want a bit of a different smartwatch experience from a design standpoint, you’d be stuck paying an additional $250+ for another smartwatch with a different design. … Read more

BLACKROOM Kickstarter Postponed Until Gameplay Demo Completed


John Romero and Adrian Carmack recently made news with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for BLACKROOM. The ambitious sounding game from the well-known developer duo raised part of the requested funds pretty quickly, but Carmack and Romero have decided to put the BLACKROOM campaign on hold until they’ve completed a gameplay demo for the game. … Read more

John Romero And Adrian Carmack Team Up For BLACKROOM FPS


John Romero and Adrian Carmack, co-founders of id Software back in the day, are teaming up again for BLACKROOM, a visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play. The pair have launched a Kickstarter campaign and are looking to raise $700,000USD over the next month or so to back the game. BLACKROOM will … Read more

Toddy Cable Launches Kickstarter For Customizable Lightning, Micro-USB Cables

If you’re reading this site, chances are very good that you’ve got a smartphone. If you’ve got a smartphone, you undoubtedly know all about having to keep that smartphone charged. You may work with other people who own smartphones, and you may, on occasion, share your charging cable with those people. While there are some … Read more

World’s First Activity Monitoring Compression Sleeve Hits Kickstarter

There are numerous ways these days to track and monitor your fitness activity, from the more popular fitness bands to chest straps. Canadian company Komodo Technologies has launched the world’s first activity monitoring compression sleeve — the AIO Smart Sleeve — on Kickstarter. With a small tracking device held securely against the forearm, AIO uses an … Read more

Somm By SYNEK Launches On Kickstarter, Wants To Change The Way You Drink Wine

It seems like only yesterday that our friends at SYNEK were trying to change the way you drink beer by allowing any beer to be poured from a machine on your counter top. Today, SYNEK has turned their attention to wine with Somm by SYNEK. The Somm Kickstarter launches today, and this new device wants … Read more

Aurai Kickstarter Launches With Cool/Warm Eye Massager

Aurai may not be a name you’ve heard, but it’s one you might be interested in hearing more about. Today, Aurai has launched a Kickstater campaign for their cool/warm water-propelled eye massager. We all spend a lot of time looking at various screens, and otherwise straining our eyes. Aurai wants to help rejuvenate your eyes with … Read more

Automatica One Dive Watch: Durable, Rugged, Stylish, And Battery Free


Mansfield Time has launched a Kickstarter for the Automatica One Dive Watch that features durability, versatility, and affordability while utilizing automatic movement which powers the watch by the movement of your wrist. Featuring a rugged stainless steel case, robust band options, a sweeping automatic movement, dual sapphire glass, and extreme water resistance, the AUTOMATICA ONE offers an … Read more

Luna Promises A Revolutionary Wireless Speaker


Luna is a new wireless speaker being funded on Kickstarter and the company behind it promises a revolution once it hits the market. Made from premium materials and sporting a sleek modern design the speaker is small yet powerful and filled with plenty of functions. The design of the speakers reminds me of the old … Read more

Stream Music Without Your Smartphone With E3 Wi-Fi Smart Cloud Speaker


Bluetooth speakers which stream music from your smartphone, computer, tablet, or other devices are a dime a dozen these days and range in both sound quality and price. Some have unique features like the ability to charge your device from the speaker, or including an alarm clock. GGMM is taking music streaming one step further … Read more

High School Student Launches Modular Earbud Company


When your earbuds stop working, whether it be lack of sound coming from one earbud or audio crackling due to a kinked cord, there’s not much you can do besides toss them away. A 17-year-old junior at Wayzata High School in Wayzata MN was tired of throwing away earbuds after going through three pairs in 6 … Read more

Fitti Guard Combines Fitness And Environmental Tracking


GNS GmbH has announced a new generation of fitness and environmental tracking with the upcoming Fitti Guard. In addition to the expected step and calorie counter, sleep analysis, and GPS tracking, Fitti Guard also includes sensors that measure ultraviolet, gamma-ray radiation, noise exposure, and air quality. “This unique activity GPS watch combines fitness and additional … Read more

TYLT VU Pulse Adds Heart Rate Monitoring And Wireless Charging To Pebble Time


One of the companies we’ve continually worked with since starting Techaeris has been TYLT and now they’re back with another Kickstarter campaign. This time  the company’s focus is squarely on Pebble. The TYLT VU Pulse is a protective case with wireless charging and heart rate monitoring capabilities for your Pebble Time. It’s a really nifty … Read more

PINE64 Is A Simple, Affordable, Expandable Palm Sized 64 Bit Quad Core Computer


As computers get smaller and more powerful, more options are starting to surface for palm sized computers which can be used for a number of DIY projects. The latest to be unveiled, the PINE64 and PINE64+, launches on Kickstarter today and promises a more simple, affordable, and expandable computing solution. Starting at just $15USD, the … Read more

Phorce Launches Hybrid Pocket Wallet/Portable Charger Kickstarter


As we’ve mentioned time and again here on Techaeris, battery life in mobile devices is usually at the forefront of the list of concerns for mobile users. There are various portable phone charger solutions available on the market, ranging from portable battery packs to extended battery cases for certain phones. Phorce, the makers of premium … Read more

College Of Wizardry Kickstarter Launched To Bring Hogwarts To The US


Back in October of 2014, the University of Baltimore announced they would be offering a course that would explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much to the excitement of Marvel fans. The University of Richmond wants to do something very similar except they are aiming at something more along the lines of the Harry Potter-verse. Specifically, Hogwarts a College of Wizardry is … Read more

[301] College Of Wizardry Kickstarter Launched To Bring Hogwarts To The US

Back in October of 2014, the University of Baltimore announced they would be offering a course that would explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much to the excitement of Marvel fans. The University of Richmond wants to do something very similar except they are aiming at something more along the lines of the Harry Potter-verse. Specifically, Hogwarts a College of Wizardry is … Read more

Shine Smart Stereophonic Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Light Up Your Life


Most of us enjoy music and we enjoy a good light show. Shine is trying to pair the two together in its new Kickstarter creating a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds with responsive lighting. It’s actually pretty cool if you enjoy showing off your tech wear. They’re crowdfunding these guys out right now and you … Read more

NEODiVRjr Kickstarter Puts VR In A Kid-Friendly Package, Has Medical Aspirations

VR has been all over the place lately. From video games to car shows and nearly everywhere in between it’s fairly obvious that Virtual Reality has come a long way recently. There are kid-friendly applications for VR, such as the recently released Mattel View-Master VR which uses VR as an educational tool (and is compatible with other VR … Read more

NFC Payments Are Coming to Pebble Time Watches

Paying with your smartwatch hasn’t really hit the mainstream yet. Actually, smartwatches in general have yet to hit the mainstream.  But they will, as will using them independently from your smartphones for certain things like fitness tracking, music, and paying for your burrito. After being the first real smartwatch out of the gate, Pebble arguably … Read more

Turn Your Phone Into A GPS Navigation HUD When Driving With HUDWAY Glass

RIT LLC, the app developers of the HUDWAY GPS Navigation HUD have come up with a clever idea of taking their navigational app one step further and making it into a smartphone accessory for your vehicle while driving because they were tired of waiting for others to come up with the idea. The idea is … Read more

Pre-Orders For The Nextbit Robin Are $399

Remember back on Sept. 1, when the Nextbit Robin,the first cloud-based smartphone started on Kickstarter? Yea, me too because it’s tough to forget something new in the tech world. Any who, pre-orders have started for the $399 price tag if you missed your chance to get it at $299 (first 1,000 backers). The project has … Read more