Could Google be planning a Chromebook Pro?

HP Chromebook 13

This story is probably standing on shaky ground right now but anything is possible. According to Venturebeat, a user on Reddit reported that a Google Opinion Rewards survey questioned them about a Chromebook Pro. Google Opinion Rewards is a Google app that gives users Play Store credits for answering surveys. It’s actually a really nice … Read more

New Surface Pro-Like Hinges Might Make MacBooks Thinner


Apple is looking to make its MacBooks thinner by hitting up the company that makes the hinges for the Microsoft Surface Pro. According to Cult of Mac, Apple is in talks with the company who makes those hinges to possibly make something for the company’s MacBooks. The hinges in question are the ones on the Surface … Read more

SpecOut’s 16 Best Laptops For Designers

best laptops

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Andrew Lisa Although they use their computers for different tasks, designers value many of the same features as gamers when it comes to purchasing the right laptop. To work efficiently, designers require speed, power, memory and, of course, the best display possible. The team at SpecOut selected the best … Read more

HP Spectre 13 Out Thins Everyone Else

HP Spectre

HP has just introduced the world’s thinnest laptop, the HP Spectre 13 and it measures in at an astonishing 10.4mm thick while running an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor. To give some perspective, the new 12″ Apple MacBook is 13.1mm thick and runs an Intel M processor, which is great for running silent and … Read more

New Apple Laptops Expected At Possible June Event?

Apple laptops

Apple laptops have been pretty popular over the years, and some expected a lineup refresh when the iPhone SE was announced but walked away disappointed. New rumors are surfacing that come June we may see those new Apple laptops announced. Apple has been taking its lumps and bruises lately with some in the media criticizing … Read more

The Average Lifespan of Seven Popular Tech Products


Posted on December 29, 2015 by Ben Taylor The holidays might be over, but the festive season brings a wave of new toys, from smartphones to game consoles, digital cameras to HDTVs. It’s the electronic antidote to the post-holiday blues. But just how long will all of these new gadgets last? For some home items, … Read more

[CES 2016] Here’s Our CES 2016 Predictions

CES 2016 Predictions

As we gear up for the Consumer Electronics Show this week, we thought we’d hit you with our CES 2016 predictions. From VR to connected homes, we think there’s going to be no stone unturned when it comes to the biggest electronics show of the year. Let’s dive in! Jamie Moxon 2016 – The year … Read more

Lenovo LaVie Z Review: Lighter Than You Can Imagine


When FedEx stopped at my home to deliver the Lenovo LaVie Z I was expecting a box larger than what was handed to me. I was also expecting much more weight than what was handed to me. For a moment I thought, OK, this is something else not the Lenovo unit I was waiting for. … Read more

The Dart: World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter



Wouldn’t you love to carry around a laptop adapter that was four times smaller and six times lighter than what you’re forced to lug around with you now? Well the folks at FINsix think you deserve just that and that’s why they created the Dart. The Dart is a 65w AC adapter WITH built in USB 2.1 for charging phones and tablets at the same time. Video after the break.

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Throwback Thursday


I stopped at a convenience store and I noticed all of the soda bottles looking old-school with labels that read “throwback.”  Retro seems to be the big thing now. Let’s make all the new stuff look like the old stuff but still have the same functionality as the new stuff and yet charge more for the new stuff that looks like the old stuff. (yes, that sentence totally made sense…just read it again).

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