LG G5 review: The first step to a modular phone?

Every year OEMs come out with one of their flagship devices that succeeds the previous model. LG is one of those OEMs that comes out with a flagship once a year to stay on par with Samsung or Apple or Sony devices. Continuing the G series, LG came out with their LG G5 flagship device … Read more

Treat Dads And Grads With These Gift Ideas From Dell Canada


With graduations and Father’s Day just around the corner, Dell Canada has compiled a list of gift ideas for those after the hottest tech gadgets. From gaming rigs to laptops and cameras, you should be able to find something at Dell Canada for the dad or grad in your life. Oculus Rift Headset + VR-Ready … Read more

LG Shows Off New Features In LG UX 5.0

Every time LG’s newest G series flagship comes out, the user interface gets a bit of an enhancement along with improved bug fixes and some new features. This updated  LG UX 5.0 looks much nicer than previous versions and a bit more user friendly, so even your grandmother should understand what’s going on. Some of … Read more

LG G4 Bootloop Issue Seen In Some G4s Acknowledged By LG


Some LG G4 owners have faced an issue which caused their devices to enter into a bootloop, that is, constantly rebooting when trying to boot up the device, which leaves the phone unusable. Today, LG has issued a statement and is offering customers a solution. After investigation, LG is now saying that the issue is occurring due … Read more

[CES 2016] LG Believes We’re Ready For An 8K TV


With 4K TV prices falling, I suppose it’s a clear indication that we’re ready for the next jump in the technology behind in TVs. LG certainly believes so. LG is keeping quiet on the details — all we know is that the model number is UH9800 and it’ll be huge, at 98 inches. We certainly expect … Read more

LG V10 Review: Is The Second Screen Really That Cool?

When LG announced their newest flagship the LG V10, something new was introduced: A secondary screen above the main 5.7 inch display and two (yes, you read that right) front facing cameras. Keep reading to see how these new additions perform in our LG V10 review. Specifications What’s In The Box LG V10 Power block USB cable … Read more

Faulty Component Forced LG To Recall Watch Urbane 2 LTE; Assures Safety Isn’t An Issue


Earlier we reported that LG is recalling and halting the sale of their latest smartwatch, the Watch Urbane 2 LTE. Today, we found out why. LG says that during some quality assurance testing, the company came across a component which has the potential to reduce image quality on the device. The company said that the … Read more

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Sales Stopped Due To Hardware Issue


LG has stopped sales of its LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition due to what the company is calling hardware issues. The only clue we have as to the problem is a message from LG to The Verge stating the watch was pulled due to hardware issues that affect day-to-day operation. Both Verizon and AT&T have … Read more

The LG V10 Heading To T-Mobile On October 28th


Well, well, well, what do we have here? It looks like Un-carrier, T-Mobile will be the first carrier in the states to start offering the LG V10. And as T-Mobile puts it, it’s “a sweet Halloween treat for Android lovers.” Starting on Wednesday October 28th, you can purchase the V10 online and on October 30th … Read more

The LG V10 Will Be Sold By AT&T, T-Mobile, And Verizon


LG unveiled a new phone with a new twist to it yesterday and later on during the day, it was announced that three different carriers here in the states will be getting it. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Why Sprint isn’t included is beyond me. Maybe they’re skipping this device for something better or they … Read more

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Has Cellular Capability


The new LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition was just announced by LG and it comes sporting full cellular capabilities making it the first Android Wear cellphone watch. This means you can conceivably leave your phone at home and still make calls and text. The watch can also play music without the need for your phone … Read more

Huawei and LG Nexus Renders Leaked Showing Potential Design


Twitter user and device leaker @OnLeaks (a.k.a. Steve Hemmerstoffer) has leaked renders of the upcoming Huawei Nexus 6 and LG Nexus 5 Android devices. Both devices appear to have rear fingerprint scanners. Here is your very first (as usual) look at #LG‘s New #Nexus Phone,in collab with @uSwitchTech! http://t.co/GTOKq66MWZ pic.twitter.com/bpRZW8eKV0 — OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) August 14, … Read more

Nexus 5 2015 Specs Leaked Online But Website Has No Sources


GizmoChina is claiming that the Nexus 5 2015 (said to be made once again by LG) specs have been leaked online. The Chinese tech website offers up the leaked specs but doesn’t give a source or link to where those specs came from. As we near closer to any smartphones’s release, there are bound to … Read more

The LG G2 Set To Receive Android 5.1.1 And Other LG Devices To Possibly Jump To Android M

Though the LG G2 came out in 2013, it seems to continue to receive the latest Android OS updates. Currently the G2 is using Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, which it received back in April of this year. According to the German site Android Pit and a source coming from LG’s Software Department, LG is getting ready … Read more

LG G4 Review: The 2015 Flagship You’re Looking For

When leaks for the Galaxy S6 started popping up, Samsung hinted at a new, radical design for its sixth generation flagship and when the Korean company revealed the smartphone — and its edge variant — there was a new, radical design indeed. Gone are the staples that gave the Galaxy S line its edge — … Read more

Nexus 5 (2015) Rumors Hint At Not One But Two Nexus Devices This Year

Gather around kids as I tell you the rumors about Google’s next Nexus device. Don’t forget to grab that salt shaker too as you’ll need it. It all started with a rumor that Huawei would be making the next Nexus device for Google, but recent rumors have been coming forth that LG will be making a … Read more

LG Lancet Is Verizon’s Newest Windows Phone


LG’s newest Windows Phone, the LG Lancet, has finally arrived and is available from Verizon. There was a rumor that Verizon would be releasing the phone on May 21st, but the phone was released today and put up on Big Red’s website to purchase. Verizon may have jumped the gun on this one or just couldn’t hide … Read more

LG Watch Urbane LTE Smartwatch Announced: Make Calls And More From Your Wrist


LG has just raised the bar in the smartwatch market. Less than a week before MWC 2015 in Spain, the company has announced the LG Watch Urbane LTE which will include not only LTE (obviously) capabilities, but also NFC and other features. Current smartwatches like the Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, and the LG G … Read more

LG Claim New Snapdragon 810 Doesn’t Overheat

Yesterday we heard all sorts of info claimed to be the specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, along with several sources such as Bloomberg saying that Samsung were dropping the Qualcomm Snap Dragon 810 mobile chip due to overheating issues. Instead choosing to use their own Exynos chip to power all versions of the device. However LG have come out with conflicting information about the new chip.

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LG G Watch R Review: Stylish But Falls Short

gwatch review featured

Round is cool. That’s just a fact – wheels, money, Oreos… they’re all brilliant. We’ve only seen two attempts at round Android Wear watches, and just one if you count the flat tyre of the Moto 360. Why there isn’t more, only manufacturers know. Most have adopted the safe haven of a square. So here … Read more