NASA turns to Rocky to keep astronauts fit in deep space

Let’s just say right up front that no, Sylvester Stallone will not be a permanent fixture on future space missions, nor will his silver screen boxing persona be making any trips to Mars in the near future. Rocky — short for Resistive Overload Combined with Kinetic Yo-Yo — is the name of the exercise equipment … Read more

The Martian Makes $2.5 Million On Preview Thursday

If Thursday earnings are anything to go by, Ridley Scott’s The Martian is well on its way to breaking Hollywood’s Mars curse. It will also almost certainly sustain, if not up, the momentum space movies have gathered in the last few years. Starting off at about 2,800 locations, The Martian has made a $2.5 million preview … Read more

NASA Confirms Flowing Water On Mars; Stops Short Of Confirming Life On The Red Planet


In case you missed it, NASA announced a pretty significant discovery regarding Mars this morning. Now I’m no scientist, and I don’t pretend to understand all of this, but the fact that NASA confirmed the existence of flowing water on Mars is pretty dang cool. Using an imaging spectrometer on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), NASA … Read more

Elon Musk’s Super Villain Plans to Warm Up Mars

In his interview with Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, Elon Musk outlined his – somewhat villainous sounding – plan for turning Mars into a more hospitable planet. You can watch the full video below, but we’ll start with a transcript of the important parts. “Well, there’s the fast way,” … Read more

The Mystery Of Thin Skin On Long-Term Astronauts

For decades, people have talked about going to Mars. Since our nearest neighboring planet is over 34 million miles away, astronauts would face over a year of round trip travel. During such a long voyage, the health of astronauts would be of chief concern. While any possible manned voyages are decades away, scientists are already working … Read more

NASA Exploring Algae For Oxygen Supply On Mars

The mankind-on-Mars conversation has been going on for some time, but only recently has it begun to be scientifically feasible. Technological accelerations are taking NASA, and other space programs such as SpaceX, closer and closer to making the conversation and fantasy a reality by developing methods for not only getting humans to the big red planet, … Read more

Scientists Have Calculated The Amount Of Ice In Glaciers On Mars

It has been made clear that some people want to make the human race interplanetary in many of our lifetimes, or at least in the 21st century. We have yet to see much convincing evidence that a colony can be supported elsewhere, but everyday technological advances are being made that bring us closer. Whether we do … Read more

Elon Musk’s New Thing: Internet… Everywhere

The face of the future of technology is forever changing. For a while, many would have said someone like Bill Gate or Steve Jobs, the silicon Valley whiz kids, were the revolutionaries. In the public eye, they were pushing the definition of what technology could do for us. Quietly though, Elon Musk, the dreamer of … Read more

NASA Orion Test Launch Successful – Mars, Here We Come!


After being delayed yesterday due to a faulty valve, NASA’s Orion test launch went off without a hitch this morning. The Orion spacecraft successfully launched at 7:05am EST from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a Delta IV heavy rocket and headed into orbit, accomplishing a series of tests and milestones. Before the launch, … Read more

NASA Aims Higher – Manned Mars Mission Announced

I think it’s safe to assume that  at one point or another we’ve all looked up to the sky and dreamt of what’s out there.  Science Fiction films have always captured our attention and let our imaginations run wild with the possibilities of what could await us beyond the reaches of our blue marble.  Even space moves … Read more

NASA’s Morpheus Lander Flies Free Once More

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Morpheus Lander performed its ninth successful free flight test yesterday, March 11, 2014. The short flight took place at Kennedy Space Center located in Merritt Island, FL. This was the final test flight before the integration of Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) on NASA’s Bravo vehicle.

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NASA Brings I, Robot To Life With Its Humanoid Valkyrie

NASA launched its Valkyrie humanoid robot recently, standing 6 foot 2 inches tall this thing looks awesome. “Designed for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, Valkyrie — officially named R5 — is expected to aid disaster relief efforts. It’s a role that could require driving vehicles, cleaning up debris and cut through walls. It will have a … Read more

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Hopes For Human Colony On The Moon In 30-40 Years

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is arguable one of the coolest astronauts since Neil Armstrong. A regular on Google+ he showed the whole world a bevy of interesting things from space. Now Mr. Hadfield is hoping for a lunar colony in the next 30-40 years and even going further saying that he hopes our children will be … Read more

Amateur Astronauts Planning One Way Mission To Mars In 2018

A Dutch company is making plans to send a team of amateur astronauts on a one way mission to mars to establish the first human space colony. The mission has been dubbed “Mars One”.  Lockheed Martin is working on a lander for the company. Lockheed is well known for working on many NASA missions so … Read more

Curiosity Shows Methane Lacking In Mars Atmosphere


NASA’s Curiosity rover has sent back data showing that the Mars environment does not contain methane gas. Previous data had shown that there was methane gas on Mars so this latest report has left scientists puzzled. Curiosity has been on a mission to find traces of methane in the atmosphere because methane gas is an indicator of potential life.

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