“Breathalyzer” For Lung Cancer Wins $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

A breathalyzer is usually used in instances where you’ve done something wrong, and a need arises to determine just how far out of bounds you are. There are definitely exceptions to that rule, but for the most part, a breathalyzer is usually associated with some sort of punishment. A team of students from MIT and … Read more

Nanoparticles: The Next Avenger In The War On Obesity


Nanoparticles are particles that vary in size between 1 and 100 nanometers (1 billionth of a meter). Researchers at MIT (Langer Lab) and Brigham & Women’s Hospital (under Omid Farokhzad) have developed nanoparticles that act as vehicles for transporting anti-obesity drugs directly to adipose or fat tissue. The drugs work by converting White Adipose Tissue … Read more

One Step Closer To Skynet With New MIT AI Chip


OK, so maybe we’re not one step closer to Skynet with this new MIT AI chip but we are progressing at a decent rate with artificial intelligence (AI) research. MIT researchers have introduced a new chip, dubbed Eyeriss, to implement neural networks and it’s ten times more efficient than a mobile GPU making it ideal to … Read more

MIT Hyperloop Pod Design Wins First Round Of SpaceX Contest

MIT Hyperloop Pod

It seems like only yesterday that the Hyperloop system was just a gleam in the eye of Elon Musk. Touted as a manner of transportation that could connect cities up to a distance of around 900 miles apart, many may have figured that this would be an idea that never came to fruition. Certainly not everybody … Read more

MIT Builds Transparent Polymer Film That Stores Sunlight And Expends It As Heat

transparent polymer film powered by sunlight

It looks like MIT has built a new transparent polymer film that stores sunlight and outputs it as energy at a later time. According to the group of researchers at MIT, the film could be applied to many surfaces, for example, clothing, siding or windows. The heat could be released when needed. Currently, the sun’s energy … Read more

MIT Makes Improvements To Fusion Reactor Design, Increases Theoretical Power Output

Fusion reactors have been a dream since the 1950’s. Creating a nearly inexhaustible power source and finding a way to harness the same sort of energy production as our nearest neighborhood star has been an enigma to scientists for years. A running joke amongst those in the know says that fusion power plants are a … Read more

Gallium Nitride Will Make Electronics More Power Efficient


Researches at MIT’s Cambridge Electronics Inc. have announced a material called “gallium nitride (GaN) they believe will become the next semiconductor for electronics, bringing more efficiency than silicon. The predicted energy savings using gallium nitride is 10-20% and would affect data centers, electric cars and most all consumer electronics. Gallium nitrade transistors have been around … Read more

MIT, Twitter Open Lab To Better Study Social Media


Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and social media giant Twitter recently announced a 5 year, $10 million dollar initiative to study ways to better understand social media. MIT’s famed media lab has joined forces with Twitter to develop new and innovative ways to study social media and its impacts on society.  Twitter will be handing over … Read more

MIT’s Underwater Robot May Soon Patrol US Docks Looking For Contraband

These days when you think of pirates, the coast of Somalia, and kidnapping/extortion probably come to mind.  There are certainly other forms of piracy, including music, movies & software, or more traditionally, smuggling. The trafficking of illicit goods, or of people into the United States, might see a steep decline if researchers at MIT have their … Read more

Week in Review: August 3-8


From Google Street View Car accidents to transforming paper robots to staff app picks, we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at Techaeris. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered. Tech The NFL made our tech news again this week. Last week we covered their roll out of a real-time … Read more

Scientists Experimenting With Paper Transformer Robots


Scientists and engineers at Harvard and MIT have come up with a wicked cool self-assembling paper robot that puts itself together (sort of) and walks away. With about $100 of paper and plastic, along with some motors and batteries, it takes about four minutes for the transformation to happen and the robot to walk away. … Read more