Moto 360 Sport $100 (Or More) Off At Amazon


It’s been awhile since we reviewed the Moto 360 Sport smartwatch, but we were pretty impressed with it even at its full $299 price tag. It’s been on sale a couple times recently, and now Amazon has it on sale for $199 ($100 off retail) for the white or red versions, and $161.32 ($138.67 off). … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Available In Canada Through TELUS


Motorola’s new Moto 360 Sport smartwatch is now available in Canada through TELUS, one of the “big three” telecommunications carriers. With built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and a music player, Moto 360 Sport has all the tools you need to hit the road and push for your personal best or just free your hands up to … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Review: A Smartwatch For The Activity-Minded


It’s been almost a year since I last visited an Android Wear device when I reviewed the original Moto 360. For the most part the smartwatch does what it’s supposed to, but in the end having constant notifications on my wrist wasn’t for me. When Motorola announced a Moto 360 Sport version, my curiosity was piqued … Read more

Motorola Moto 360 V2 Review: Still King Of The Hill


It wasn’t long ago when I said that smartwatches were useless devices that no one really needed, then I started reviewing and testing them. Truth still is, no one really “needs” a smartwatch but if you have some disposable income they sure do come in handy, handier than I first thought. With the new crop … Read more

Motorola Opening Experiential Moto Shop In Chicago


Chicagoans will have a new way to shop for Motorola products this holiday season as the company is set to open an experiential Moto Shop on November 7th. The Moto Shop will open in the heart of downtown Chicago and consumers will be able to experience Motorola’s latest offerings in a hands-on, interactive environment. Instead … Read more

Samsung Gear S2 Will Make A Home At T-Mobile November 15th


The Samsung Gear S2 looks to be heads and tails improved over Samsung’s previous bulky Star Trek watches. With a stunning classic circular design, the Gear S2 looks like it should give the Huawei Watch and Moto 360 V2 at least a little competition. Now T-Mobile has just announced they will be carrying the Samsung … Read more

Moto 360 2nd Gen Announced, Sport Version Coming


After weeks of rumours and speculation, Motorola has officially launched the new Moto 360 Collection with more styles, features and longer lasting battery life. With this second generation, Motorola has refined the design of the Moto 360 and will have versions specifically designed for men, women, and fitness enthusiasts. The new design will feature lugs … Read more

2nd Gen Moto 360 Makes An Appearance In Indonesia


The tech world is ramping up for a lot of announcements over the next few months. Apple is working on preparing all of their new wares for September 9th. Samsung recently unveiled some of their gear and hinted at a new smartwatch as well. IFA 2015 is getting ready to drop and tech companies are … Read more

New Moto 360 Images Show Off Two Sizes: The Moto 360L And Moto 360S


We’ve heard the rumours and seen some shots of what appears to be a new Moto 360 smartwatch in the wild, and now we have two more images that – based on the tagging – indicate that there may be two versions of the update to Motorola’s smartwatch that was released just under a year … Read more

After Initial Surge, Wearables Demand Slows Significantly


Even though they’ve been around for some time now, wearables are still the “new kid on the block” when it comes to mobile technology. With the announcement and release of the Apple Watch last year, interest in wearables surged, but a report by Argus Insights has found that demand for wearables has slowed significantly since November of … Read more

New Rumor Speculates On Two Moto 360 Models This Year


It’s getting to the time of year where we might expect a new Moto 360 sometimes soon. A report from the India Times suggests that we may not be getting a new Moto 360, but two new Moto 360 models. The hypothesis comes from some Motorola documentation through a Brazilian equivalent of the FCC, Anatel. … Read more

TYLT Moto 360 Watch Band Review: A Solid Alternative To Stock


The Moto 360 has been out for some time now and prices have recently dropped in preparation for the Moto 360 V2. The price drop on V1 of the Moto 360 is actually a good thing and I think people will jump on it to see what smartwatches are all about. How do I know … Read more

Google Store Tempts With Father’s Day Nexus, Android Wear Deals

With Father’s Day around the corner, Google has been offering some pretty killer deals. The latest and greatest being the almost 25% price cut on the Nexus 6, the Motorola manufactured 6 inch beast. This brings the price down to a much more friendly $499 from the $649 that it was previously. The second, very … Read more

My Five Favorite Android Wear Watch Faces

We all like seeing different watch faces on our Android Wear device whether it be the Moto 360, LG G/R/Urbane, the Samsung Gear Live, etc. but I’ve come to enjoy these five watch faces that I have used since getting my Moto 360 back in September 2014. More and more tend to be released and … Read more

Win $1000, Moto X, Or Moto 360 With Foap And Motorola Giveaway


Motorola has teamed up with Foap, a mobile app and online marketplace for user-generated images, to launch a giveaway titled “For the Love of Android,” in which participants can win $1000, a Moto X smartphone, or a Moto 360 smartwatch. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the app allows photographers to sell their photos to leading … Read more

Motorola Moto 360 Review: Decent Looking First Gen Smartwatch


Smartwatches have been gaining steam lately and a few shipped last year using Google’s Android Wear operating system. Typically smartwatches feature a square face, but Motorola’s Moto 360 was the first to take the round classic approach. Smartwatches are designed to give users notifications at a glance, quick access to send texts, set reminders, and … Read more

The Moto 360 Review – Out And About


  The Moto 360 Review – Out And About – Chris Wilson When I first saw the Moto 360 pictures turn up online I was taken aback. Finally, this looked like a Smartwatch that would be a well designed and tasteful watch as well as functional tool that would make life simpler. At the time, … Read more

UPDATED: Does The Motorola Moto 360 Have A Cracking Problem?


Quality control in consumer electronics seems to be getting a lot of attention these days, from the iPhone 6 Plus to the Galaxy Note 4, people are reporting issues via social media and posting pics to boot. Now Motorola may have an issue to deal with of their own, as several users are reporting their … Read more

Punit Soni Leaves Motorola Mobility


Today Punit Soni announced via Google+ that he is leaving Motorola Mobility behind with no word as to his future ventures. Soni helped usher in the Moto X and Moto G smartphones as well as the new Moto 360 smartwatch. There is no doubt that Soni has had a positive impact on Motorola Mobility and … Read more

Apple Watch Throws A Match On The Gasoline


  The Apple Watch doesn’t even exist on the consumer market yet, there are probably a handful of prototypes reserved for top Apple employees, yet the firestorm it has created is huge. A lot of the vocalization is coming from fans of Apple’s competitor, Android Wear (Google’s smartwatch OS) most of whom are unsurprisingly unimpressed. … Read more

Moto 360 Swing And A Miss? Apple iWatch You’re Up!


The smartwatch game is like baseball these days, everyone is coming up to the plate to have a swing to see where it goes. Over the weekend the Moto 360 had it’s swing and missed among some reviewers. Tomorrow the Apple iWatch will have its turn at bat, although there will likely be no hardware … Read more

Rumor: Moto 360 Images Surface Ahead Of Announcement


Well folks, the press only event in Chicago today seems to have produced some leaked images of the Moto 360. The images show the round smartwatch without its strap and sitting in a display cradle. Looks sleek but the images are not the best so I’m sure the “in the flesh” version will be much … Read more

Samsung Gear Live Coming To Best Buy Soon


Android watches seem to be on fire these past few months, Samsung and LG both released their G Watch and Samsung Gear Live just recently and now Best Buy will have the Gear Live available for purchase soon. While the Best Buy site doesn’t give details, we received an anonymous tip that puts the Samsung Gear Live release … Read more