Motorola Unveils Moto Mods, Lets You Transform Your Smartphone

We use our phones for everything these days: music, movies, games, directions, and nearly any other form of distraction you can think of. Our phones are already pretty powerful devices, but what if you could quickly and easily augment the abilities of your phone? Moto Mods aim to allow you to transform your smartphone in … Read more

Moto 360 Sport $100 (Or More) Off At Amazon


It’s been awhile since we reviewed the Moto 360 Sport smartwatch, but we were pretty impressed with it even at its full $299 price tag. It’s been on sale a couple times recently, and now Amazon has it on sale for $199 ($100 off retail) for the white or red versions, and $161.32 ($138.67 off). … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Available In Canada Through TELUS


Motorola’s new Moto 360 Sport smartwatch is now available in Canada through TELUS, one of the “big three” telecommunications carriers. With built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and a music player, Moto 360 Sport has all the tools you need to hit the road and push for your personal best or just free your hands up to … Read more

How Long Can You Go Without Touching Your Phone? Motorola Experiments


Let’s face it, we’re glued to our phones nearly 24/7. With the cost of smartphones going down more and more people are jumping on the connected world train. We’ve been using smartphones now for many years and through those years we’ve literally grown into them as if they were an extension of our bodies. So … Read more

Motorola Moto 360 V2 Review: Still King Of The Hill


It wasn’t long ago when I said that smartwatches were useless devices that no one really needed, then I started reviewing and testing them. Truth still is, no one really “needs” a smartwatch but if you have some disposable income they sure do come in handy, handier than I first thought. With the new crop … Read more

Two Motorola Devices Starting Initial Deployment For Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Early last month we found out certain Motorola device models would be receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow while other models were not. Owners of the phones that were not getting Android 6.0 weren’t the happiest considering that the excluded model was only one to two years old. It doesn’t look like Motorola is going to change their decision … Read more

[India] Motorola Offering Great Deals For Diwali

With Diwali, the festival of lights coming up, Motorola is offering some great deals on its lineup of phones through Flipkart. These offers seem to be limited to Flipkart’s mobile app. Moto X Style The Moto X Style, also known as the Moto X Pure Edition in the USA, is Motorola’s current flagship offering. It … Read more

Motorola Opening Experiential Moto Shop In Chicago


Chicagoans will have a new way to shop for Motorola products this holiday season as the company is set to open an experiential Moto Shop on November 7th. The Moto Shop will open in the heart of downtown Chicago and consumers will be able to experience Motorola’s latest offerings in a hands-on, interactive environment. Instead … Read more

Moto X Pure Review: What The Nexus 6 Should Have Been


Yeah, I know I’m bound to incur the wrath of fans of last year’s Nexus 6, especially the diehard ones, but the Moto X Pure is simply what the Nexus 6 should have been. There was no other way for me to word that without offending someone so there we are. Let’s move on to our Moto … Read more

Motorola’s Droid Turbo 2 And Droid Maxx 2 Heading To Verizon


Earlier today, Verizon Wireless and Motorola had their Droid Press Event which introduced two new Motorola devices for the carrier, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and the Motorola Droid Maxx 2. Out of both of the devices big red is getting, one of them is new to the smartphone world. I’ll get to the phones … Read more

Moto X Play Review: A Solid Affordable Phone For “The Rest Of Us”


It’s that time of the year again when the new smartphones are shipping, and with the new smartphones come new reviews. Of course, the new wave of phones range from the high priced “must have” flagships to the more affordable budget phones. The Moto X Play comes in somewhere in the middle and our Moto … Read more

Motorola Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Upgrade List Released

Motorola Android 6

With the latest version of Android due out next week, many users are wondering if their devices are going to be upgraded to the latest and greatest. The Motorola Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) upgrade list has been posted to the company’s blog and shows which devices the company plans to update. The update list includes the … Read more

Moto X Force Confirmed In Motorola Migrate App?

Motorola Android 6

An eagle eyed reader has sent us a screenshot of the Motorola Migrate app where you can plainly see the Moto X Force listed as a compatible device. Earlier we reported on a leak from @upleaks showing evidence of Moto X Force codenamed “Bounce.” Since then @upleaks has removed his Tweets but the below screenshot … Read more

Incremental Updates Have All But Killed Innovation


So I’m Cranky Today Sometime next week I should be receiving a shiny new Moto X Pure and Apple iPhone 6s Plus, both 64GB versions. These are Motorola and Apple’s newest flagship devices shipping for 2015 and many users are abuzz over them. Apple’s latest promises 3D Touch as well as an upgraded camera and … Read more

Moto 360 2nd Gen Announced, Sport Version Coming


After weeks of rumours and speculation, Motorola has officially launched the new Moto 360 Collection with more styles, features and longer lasting battery life. With this second generation, Motorola has refined the design of the Moto 360 and will have versions specifically designed for men, women, and fitness enthusiasts. The new design will feature lugs … Read more

New Shatterproof Moto X Force Is Leaked

Motorola Android 6

In case you thought Motorola was done confusing us with all the Moto X variants for the year (not to mention the Droid variants), looks like we’ve got at least one more incoming. This one looks like an amalgam of all the best qualities of the entire Moto lineup and it will reportedly be called: … Read more

Both Samsung Gear S2’s Have No Cellular Radio

Samsung Gear2

Shortly after Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge +, a teaser trailer came on showing a circular watch that might be the next Gear watch. Not one, but two versions of the watch, which everyone is calling the “Samsung Gear S2” might be announced at IFA in Berlin. Both … Read more

New Moto 360 Images Show Off Two Sizes: The Moto 360L And Moto 360S


We’ve heard the rumours and seen some shots of what appears to be a new Moto 360 smartwatch in the wild, and now we have two more images that – based on the tagging – indicate that there may be two versions of the update to Motorola’s smartwatch that was released just under a year … Read more

Rumor Pile Up: Moto X Play Coming to US as Droid Maxx II

Not Actual Droid II

Be the bigger man…. Be the bigger man… Be the….screw it. I told you so! On July 28th Motorola announced a collection of phones, among them: the Moto X Play. A slightly tuned-down Moto X Style/Pure Edition (or tuned-up Moto G if you’re a glass-is-half-full-kind-of-person at heart) with a large 3630 mAh battery. The twinkle … Read more

Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) Review: An Impressive Package For Under $200


A couple weeks ago Motorola announced the 3rd generation Moto G budget smartphone. I offered up my first impressions after only using it for a few days and suffice it say those impressions haven’t changed much. Read on to find out more in this full Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) review. Specifications The Moto G … Read more

Moto X Play Available At Most Canadian Carriers Starting On Friday


A little over two weeks ago, Motorola announced the Moto X Play alongside the Moto G and Moto X Style. While the Moto X Style is only available in the U.S., the Moto X Play is coming to many other countries around the world and most carriers in Canada will begin selling them starting Friday, … Read more

New Rumor Speculates On Two Moto 360 Models This Year


It’s getting to the time of year where we might expect a new Moto 360 sometimes soon. A report from the India Times suggests that we may not be getting a new Moto 360, but two new Moto 360 models. The hypothesis comes from some Motorola documentation through a Brazilian equivalent of the FCC, Anatel. … Read more