Chicago loses the Lucas museum keeps parking lot

Lucas museum

The long battle between The Friends of the Park and the City of Chicago is finally over and the Lucas museum is officially dead. George Lucas expressed interest in building his narrative art museum in Chicago two years ago. Almost immediately there was both excitement and opposition to the Lucas museum, especially the chosen location. … Read more

Planned George Lucas Museum Likely Dead In Chicago

It’s been a long and bumpy road for the proposed George Lucas Museum on Chicago’s lakefront. From the early days, vying to get the nod, to the excitement of winning the bid, we’ve been there from the beginning to keep track of the goings-on with the proposed museum in Techaeris’ back yard. It seems only fitting … Read more

Chicago’s Museum Of Science And Industry And Google.Org Show Off Robots


It’s a rare treat for me to take my kids out for a day at the museum and today was that day. Three of my five kiddos all got dressed and ready to go early because they love going into the city (Chicago) and seeing all the amazing sites. Dealing with a 3 year old, 5 … Read more

Chicago George Lucas Museum Is Out Of This World


We reported some time back the George Lucas Museum would be coming to Chicago at some point in the near future and now we’re getting a glimpse of what it will look like. To say that the building’s design is futuristic is an understatement. Architecture firm, MAD Architects, was commissioned to design the museum by … Read more

Get Ready to Spend Another Night At The Museum… New Trailer Comes to Life!

Ben Stiller is ready to put on the uniform as Larry the Night Watchmen once again in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. This time the lovable and often clueless guard Larry crates up the gang and heads to London to investigate why the mysterious tablet that brings the museum’s collection to life … Read more

Chicago Lands The George Lucas Museum But Faces Opposition

There’s little doubt that Star Wars, Indiana Jones and George Lucas will be recurring topics here on MOARGeek due to their high levels of geek machismo. So what better way to kick off Lucas/Star Wars coverage than to talk about the George Lucas Museum landing in Chicago? Now I’m not the most unbiased person, due to … Read more

Chicago Pushing To Get George Lucas Museum

George Lucas-Death Star-Chicago-skyline-2

Use the Force Rahm! Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing and campaigning to secure George Lucas’ planned museum here in the city of Chicago. Never mind that Lucas has been talking with San Francisco, George’s hometown and a whole lot closer to the center of movie making. AP reports that San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee … Read more

Smithsonian X 3D, Print Artifacts in 3D From The Smithsonian Museum

3D printing seems to be all the rage as of late. It seems you can print anything from a working gun to your dead pet. Well, now the Smithsonian is getting into the act with their Smithsonian X 3D web portal which will allow users to print artifacts from their collection. This would be very … Read more