Monster Elements review: Monster sound with added bling

Monster Elements

Headphones are one of the most personal technology purchases you’re ever going to make. Not everyone likes the same music, not everyone lies the same sound. We review a lot of headphones here and a lot of them are simply amazing. Each reviewer has their personal favorite but our personal favorites aren’t always your favorites. … Read more

Spotify partners with Master & Dynamic on Rolling Stones headphones

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are one of the most celebrated rock bands in history. Now Spotify and Master & Dynamic are making a limited edition pair of Rolling Stone headphones! With music and tech becoming increasingly intertwined, premium audio company Master & Dynamic has partnered with streaming service Spotify to target superfans of one of rock’s most … Read more

Battle between Spotify and Apple intensifies

This is the inevitable thing that happens when two very large and very wealthy companies decide to battle it out as they try to clench as much money as possible while pretending they have the users, developers and basically anything but their wallets as a chief concern for their business decisions. As the month of … Read more

Suicide Squad Soundtrack List Released: Covers, Collabs, And Wubs


Suicide Squad is by definition a different type of superhero movie. Most notably, the cast is comprised of super villains rather than super heroes. The bright, shiny branding for the movie is in stark contrast to the other recent DC properties, so it would only make sense that the Suicide Squad soundtrack would be a … Read more

iClever Waterproof Outdoor/Shower Speaker Review: It Handles The Elements

We’ve reviewed our fair share of Bluetooth speakers here on Techaeris, but most of those speakers aren’t going to perform quite so well when they’re wet. The iClever Waterproof Outdoor/Shower speaker shouldn’t have any problems in that regard. Keep reading to see how this waterproof speaker handled some light splashing. Specifications Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, … Read more

Original Misfits Members Reunite For Riotfest In Denver And Chicago

After teasing a huge announcement for 9am this morning, Riotfest has released the first official band for the 2016 lineup in their Denver and Chicago locations: the original Misfits. 33 years and “20 eyes” after their last show together, Glenn Danzig will “Come Back” on stage with Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankestein once again. The Misfits … Read more

ADEL Technology Says It Can Get Brian Johnson Back In Black

Brian Johnson

Brain Johnson is a legend among rock stars. As the lead singer of AC/DC since the untimely death of original vocalist Bon Scott, Johnson has been belting out AC/DC tunes since 1980. AC/DC is also one of the workhorses of rock & roll as they continue to tour and record well into their sixties and … Read more

David Gilmour Tour Review: Sonic Masterpieces

David Gilmour

David Gilmour isn’t a name the public at large tends to recognize. It isn’t until you invoke the name Pink Floyd that some become familiar. At the age of 70 Gilmour is part of the royalty of rock that emerged in the late 60’s and ruled through the 70’s. Having become a part of Pink … Read more

Chris Taylor Creatio Ex Nihilo Review: Free Your Mind

Chris Taylor

Listening to new music is a hard proposition for many of us since we tend to shoehorn ourselves into a comfort zone and stubbornly refuse to dislodge ourselves from it. While Chris Taylor isn’t on the stardom level of Tom Petty or Taylor Swift that doesn’t make his work any less relevant. His latest album … Read more

Achieving NERVANA: Dopamine Delivery On Demand

Pick up any health, food, or beauty magazine these days and you are bound to find a new latest article on the ‘Joys of Dopamine.’ It is akin to the ‘devil on your shoulder.’ This neurotransmitter is best known for its work during our time of craving and lust, be it gambling, sex, food, or … Read more

Pandora Might Be For Sale as Losses Grow

Companies are quick and proud to spew out numbers of users they have.  Unfortunately, more often than not, that statistic does not correlate to success or profitability of businesses with weak models that fail to find ways of  converting those users to paying customers, or monetize off them to turn a profit. Pandora is a … Read more

Kanye West Releases Tracklist And Name Of His Next Album


Kanye West took to Twitter to announce the name of his next album and the tracklist. The rapper was running a contest after releasing the initials, TLOP, asking his followers to guess what they stand for. The album will be titled The Life of Pablo. Final track list for The Life Of Pablo — … Read more

jamstik+ Review: A Different Kind Of Axe


I started playing drums when I was seven years old. I migrated to guitar around the age of 12 and never looked back. I mean being the drummer is great but everyone wanted to be the guitar player, let’s not even talk about bass players (poor guys get no limelight love). So fast forward thirty years … Read more

JBL Cinema SB250 Review: Space Saver With Amazing Sound

JBL Cinema SB250 review

Home theaters are an important part of many family home entertainment setups these days. Going out to the movies gets expensive so more people are investing in good flat panel TVs alongside a good sound solution. True audiophiles (with lots of money) will opt to go for full on home theater systems with receivers and … Read more

Megadeth Pairs VR, Metal On New Album Dystopia

When you think of the band Megadeth, you probably think of Dave Mustaine’s vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and an overall metal experience. With the band’s newest release Dystopia, you can add Virtual Reality to the band’s resume. The album, which went on sale yesterday, includes a special edition that comes with its own Google Cardboard … Read more

Eagles Founder Glenn Frey Passes Away

Glenn Frey

It’s been a series of heavy losses in the entertainment industry these past few weeks with the loss of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Now we’re getting word from The Eagles Facebook page that the founder of the iconic rock band, Glenn Frey, has passed away. Frey was one of the great classic rockers there’s … Read more

Apple Music Reportedly Has 10 Million Paying Users

Apple Music hits 10 million paying users.

Apple Music has reportedly crossed the 10 million paying users mark in just about six months after launch. This is significant because Apple’s streaming service was launched in June 2015, just over six months ago. Many critics claimed that Apple was too late to the music streaming scene. However, as with most things, Apple seems … Read more

Ground Control To Major Tom, David Bowie Passes At Age 69

David Bowie

After a long week at CES 2016 I decided to sleep in this Monday only to wake up to the news that David Bowie has passed away at age 69. Bowie had been battling cancer for the past 18 months and the vile disease finally claimed one of rock’s greatest players. One of the greats … Read more

The Radiohead Spectre Theme Tune That Could Have Been


The James Bond franchise is an epic behemoth of popularity, and the soundtrack that accompanies the Bond movies tends to also get its fair share of limelight. So it was surprising to find out that Radiohead was asked to write a theme tune for the James Bond film, Spectre. Radiohead is well known for some of … Read more