HTC Gives Us A Little Tease Of Their HTC M10 Flagship


HTC is at MWC this year, but isn’t showing off what we’re all hoping for the most — their next flagship device, the HTC M10. It’s not to say that HTC showing off their mid range Desire phones or the HTC Vive aren’t what we really want to see, but introducing new phones or anything … Read more

New OPPO Battery Tech Will Fully Charge Your Phone In 15 Minutes

OPPO is a Chinese phone manufacturer responsible for taking a few of their phones to the next level when it comes to adding some type of new feature to a phone — take rotating cameras for example. This time around, OPPO is looking into getting the battery on your phone charged in a mere 15 minutes for their … Read more

[MWC 2016] Lenovo Adds New YOGA And ideapad MIIX Devices To Consumer PC Line


Rounding out Lenovo’s big MWC 2016 announcements are some additions to the YOGA and ideapad MIIX devices to their consumer lineup. We’ve been fortunate enough to review a lot of Lenovo’s consumer PC lineup and for the most part we’ve been impressed. Check out the full press release below to see the new additions to … Read more

[MWC 2016] Lenovo Adds TAB3 Mobile Devices To Consumer Tablet Family


Lenovo has also announced at MWC 2016 some new additions to its tablet lineup in the form of the TAB3 family. This tablet family will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and there will be three distinct models available. One geared towards the business user coming in with a 10″ screen and the others geared towards … Read more

[MWC 2016] Lenovo Introduces VIBE K5 And K5 Plus Smartphones

Vibe K5

Lenovo showered us with announcements and new products during CES 2016 and to top off the avalanche, they’ve made a few more announcements during MWC 2016. This announcement is of special note to those who have loved using Motorola branded phones over the past few years. As most everyone knows the Motorola brand has been … Read more