NASA turns to Rocky to keep astronauts fit in deep space

Let’s just say right up front that no, Sylvester Stallone will not be a permanent fixture on future space missions, nor will his silver screen boxing persona be making any trips to Mars in the near future. Rocky — short for Resistive Overload Combined with Kinetic Yo-Yo — is the name of the exercise equipment … Read more

Juno begins mission as it arrives at Jupiter


NASA is popping the corks on the first round of champagne as Juno arrived at Jupiter to start its official mission. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and NASA aims to gather as much data in the 20 month mission as it possibly can. Juno is now orbiting the planet 540 million … Read more

Twenty Products Born From Space Travel

space travel

Space travel and space exploration is more than just studying the worlds beyond our world, it’s also responsible for providing many inventions we use today. NASA, and other space agencies, frequently conduct experiments in space which are sometimes intentional in testing an idea and sometimes their experiments lead to an accidental innovation. Conducting research and … Read more

Scott Kelly Is Back From Space With Some Physical Issues

Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly is back after spending 340 days on the International Space Station and he is wrestling with some physical issues that weren’t there one year ago. Kelly says he is experiencing soreness and joint pains that are different from the last time he returned from space. Kelly also says he is experiencing ultra sensitive skin … Read more

NASA Shares Images Of Pluto Jimi Hendrix Would Be Proud Of


NASA has shared images of Pluto that guitar god Jimi Hendrix would have been proud of. The dwarf planet appears to be wrapped in a huge psychedelic tie dye swatch making it look like something out of the 60’s. The image was created to highlight the planets different terrains and attributes. Much has been learned … Read more

Houston Partners With NASA On Future Spaceport

We aren’t quite to the point where commercial spaceports are completely necessary for human travel or shipping cargo, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t sites squared away for the inevitable future when commercial spaceports will be necessary. There are, in fact, currently 10 chosen locations where commercial spaceports can or will be built, with … Read more

New Data From Kepler Space Telescope Finds Possible ‘Alien Megastructure’

Are we alone in the universe? It’s a question that’s been asked for centuries. One that may have just gotten an answer thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope. According to a report, it’s claimed that NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has apparently caught a glimpse of an “alien megastructure.” Apparently, the telescope that regularly scans distant stars … Read more

Project Apollo Archive Puts 9,000+ Apollo Astronaut Images On Flickr


Space and photography fans rejoice! Kipp Teague, creator of the Project Apollo Archive back in 1999 has uploaded over 8,400 high-resolution photos taken by Apollo astronauts to Flickr. The images are new, unprocessed versions of original NASA photo scans of the various Apollo missions. According to Teague, every photo taken on the lunar surface by astronauts is … Read more

NASA Confirms Flowing Water On Mars; Stops Short Of Confirming Life On The Red Planet


In case you missed it, NASA announced a pretty significant discovery regarding Mars this morning. Now I’m no scientist, and I don’t pretend to understand all of this, but the fact that NASA confirmed the existence of flowing water on Mars is pretty dang cool. Using an imaging spectrometer on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), NASA … Read more

Boeing Opens Starliner Spacecraft Assembly Warehouse

This past Friday, September 4th, Boeing opened a warehouse in Florida that will assemble the Starliner – Boeing’s new spacecraft which will shuttle people to and from the International Space Station. The hanger was not a new build, but a renovation of the old space shuttle hangar at the Kennedy Space Center. The hangar doors have … Read more

Everyone Needs To Watch The Supermoon Eclipse September 27th


OK, I don’t care what you’re doing September 27th you need to take just a moment of your life to watch the night sky and witness the supermoon eclipse that’s going to happen. A supermoon eclipse has not happened in over three decades and it truly is going to be a spectacular event. Scientists say … Read more

NASA Developing Vegetable Patch for Space

NASA announced today that it is developing a vegetable garden designed for longer space missions and give space stations the ability to grow salad foods in space. The project is colloquially named “The Veggie” but is also aptly referred to as the Vegetable Production System. [The Veggie] is a deployable plant growth unit capable of producing salad-type crops … Read more

ISS Astronauts Capture Unique Fluid Behavior In 4K Resolution


Remember back in the days when we switched our TV’s from VHF to UHF? The UHF channels always seemed to be just a little bit clearer and with more quality. These days we’re so beyond UHF it’s silly. Some thought 1080p full HD was the pinnacle of television resolution but technology keeps on giving, enter … Read more

NASA Windbots To Explore Gaseous Planets, R&D Underway


NASA wants to explore Jupiter and other gaseous planets with a new robot, NASA Windbots, that will fly in the atmosphere, fueled by turbulence. Space exploration has been one thing the world has been united in pursuing since the very beginning. National rivalries in the space race only increased innovation and without that competition, you … Read more

Watch NASA Live Stream As New Horizons Reaches Pluto Tomorrow Morning


On January 19th, 2006, approximately 9 years, 5 months, and 24 days ago, a little spacecraft called New Horizons launched off of Pad 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, in Florida. Traveling at 59,000kph/37,000mph, New Horizons was launched directly into solar escape trajectory. After all this time and in less than 12 hours, the … Read more

NASA Sending Astronauts To The Bottom Of The Atlantic

In less than a month, NASA will be sending an international team of astronauts and scientists to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The project is a 14-day mission to prepare for future deep space missions. The mission is the 20th so far in the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) expedition. From NEEMO’s mission … Read more

NASA Is Sending Microsoft’s HoloLens To Space

Microsoft’s HoloLens is so futuristic that its implications haven’t quite sunk in for the majority of us. NASA, however, is eager to start taking advantage of the advanced holographic technology in space programs. So eager in fact, that NASA is including two of the HoloLenses on the International Space Station resupply mission that is set … Read more

NASA Exploring Algae For Oxygen Supply On Mars

The mankind-on-Mars conversation has been going on for some time, but only recently has it begun to be scientifically feasible. Technological accelerations are taking NASA, and other space programs such as SpaceX, closer and closer to making the conversation and fantasy a reality by developing methods for not only getting humans to the big red planet, … Read more

NASA’s Greased Lightning 10 Engine VTOL Electric Plane Completes Test Flight

Forget about quadcopters, NASA has just one-upped the fledgling drone enthusiast community big time. NASA’s Greased Lightning is a ten engine electric plane with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities. This new flier boasts a 10′ wingspan, and transforms in mid-air. It takes off like a helicopter, then the wings tilt forward and it flies … Read more

NASA’s Electromagnetic Drive Shouldn’t Work, Works Anyway

Scientists have had a pretty good handle on the laws of physics for quite some time. Bodies in motion and whatnot have been bound by these laws throughout recorded history. But what if something that theoretically shouldn’t work, did work? NASA seems to have that puzzling coincidence on their hands with an electromagnetic drive (EM Drive, … Read more

SpaceX Launching ISS Supply Run, Booster Landing Attempt Today

Weather permitting, SpaceX will send just over two tons of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) this afternoon. The launch will be their sixth of twelve currently contracted re-supply missions for NASA. The launch is scheduled for 4:33 pm (EST), and estimates show a 60% chance of the weather cooperating. If the launch is … Read more