Raspberry Pi 3 Most Popular UK Made Computer, Adds Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 has become the most popular British computer yet made. The title was formerly held by the Amstrad PCW which is believed to have sold a total of eight million units. Sales of the Raspberry Pi will surpass that figure this month, said the Raspberry Pi project founder Eben Upton. The milestone comes as … Read more

Clickbait: Why It Works And Why Some People Love It


Clickbait, sometimes called linkbait, is used by some publications to try and dramatize their headline to entice people to click and read it. For example, there could be a news story on the wire about iPhone sales figures and how iPhone sales for the month of November beat Android sales (this is just an example). … Read more

Does The Tech Press Handle Apple News With Kid Gloves?


As the news of XCodeGhost continues to spread this morning I ran across a small blog with a big opinion. When it comes to Apple, news outlets of all kinds scamper to cover the latest from Apple and for the most part readers are interested in reading it. But that begs the question. Does the tech press … Read more

Newsfusion Is A Nice Granular App Solution For Personalized News


There are a plethora of news apps out on both Android and iOS and a lot of them are really nice. Newsfusion is a new news aggregating service out for both platforms and it offers a different level of granular news aggregation. Instead of one app pulling in all channels of news they’ve broken it … Read more

New CNN Studio To Produce Content For Advertisers


Advertising has been around for a good long time and it’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon. While we’re pretty much stuck with advertising, there is at least another truth about advertising: advertising has had to morph and adjust to new technologies and consumer habits. In the beginning of the modern tech era there was … Read more

Tech History Thursday: Week 7, 08/03-08/09

Welcome to the seventh installment of Tech History Thursday! If you’re keeping up to date with tech news by reading Techaeris, you’re just as interested in the origins of our high-tech world as we are. This weekly snapshot will give you a look at what happened throughout history as it relates to tech. Keep reading … Read more