Canceled Nokia McLaren gets a hands on review showing 3D Touch

Nokia McLaren

The last we heard from the Nokia McLaren was the cancellation of the project back in 2014 along with some leaked photos of the device. Now Windows Central has managed to get some hands on time with a Nokia McLaren prototype which you can watch below. The Nokia McLaren specs were respectable back in 2013-2014 … Read more

Microsoft Selling Off Feature Phone Business

We all love smartphones,  and so does Microsoft.  The next step down toward “dumb” phones is the feature phone — not as featureless as a dumb phone, but having fewer features and flexibility than a smartphone.  There’s a market for those, too.  But, for a phone maker, at the cost of maintaining focus on its … Read more

[UPDATED] Nokia C1 Android Phone Caught On Camera


We recently ran a story about Nokia possibly building an Android phone to reenter the smartphone market. Of course we know that Nokia is under contract with Microsoft and cannot build smartphones until 2016 and that time is approaching fast. Our last story contained the leaked render of what is now being called the Nokia … Read more

[UPDATED] Leaks Of A New Nokia Phone Running Android Show Up

Everyone knows that Nokia is unable to make smartphones until next year, due to their devices division being obtained by Microsoft. Since the start of 2016 is only 5 months away, Nokia might be gearing up to enter the market again by possibly coming out with the “Nokia C1”. UPDATE (09/08/2015 10:30ET): It appears these … Read more

Jolla Tablet Now Open For Pre-Orders Running Sailfish 2.0


I had the extreme pleasure of talking to the Jolla team at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year and I have to say that I’m excited for the Jolla Tablet. The hardware I demoed at MWC was spot on in design and construction, it felt nothing short of premium. The OS (Sailfish 2.0) also looked … Read more

Nokia Here Maps Has Been Sold To Audi, Daimler And BMW

Today marks the day that Nokia has sold its navigation platform Nokia Here Maps to three German car manufacturers. How much exactly was Here sold for? €2.8bn or $3 billion USD to be more precise. Uber and Baidu teamed up to Here, but Audi, BMW, and Daimler beat those two companies in the end. The deal is … Read more

German Automakers Poised To Buy Nokia Here


Audi, BMW and Mercedes are in talks to buy Nokia’s “Nokia Here” mapping system. No deal has been done but there are ongoing talks among the companies. If a deal is to be made these three automakers plan on asking Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, Renault SA, PSA Peugot Citroën, Ford, Toyota and General Motors to invest … Read more

Microsoft’s “Tough Choices” Revealed – Nearly 8000 Jobs Cut

A couple of weeks ago Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, sent an email to the entire Microsoft team which contained Satya’s visions for the company, along with a new mission statement: To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The email was not all all sunshine and roses … Read more

Nokia To Return To The Handset Market In 2016


Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri  announced that Nokia will re-enter the handset market in 2016 by licensing its brands and designs, thus confirming rumors that have been swirling since April. Nokia will not actually manufacture the phones, but rather design them and make the brand name available for them. Suri did not indicate if it would be for … Read more

Microsoft Killed The Nokia Smartwatch


Even though Windows Phone is pretty much bringing up the rear when it comes to smartphone adoption, there’s no denying that Nokia made some quality smartphones. Information has surfaced that the company was also working on a Nokia Smartwatch. Unfortunately when Microsoft acquired Nokia, they killed the watch – dubbed Moonraker – because they were already working on … Read more

Windows Phone 8.1 Review: A Simple & Straightforward Mobile OS


Earlier today I reviewed the Nokia Lumia 830 from a hardware standpoint. This article is a Windows Phone 8.1 review in which I take a look at the operating system itself, and in the final article I’ll be offering my thoughts as an Android user “making the switch” to Windows Phone. Let’s take a look at Windows … Read more

Nokia Lumia 830 Review: A Sturdy Mid-Range Phone With Excellent Camera


I had a chance to use a Nokia Lumia 830 for a couple weeks as part of Microsoft’s #ConnectsTrial program based out of the UK. I’ll be giving my thoughts in a series of articles, this being the first – the Nokia Lumia 830 review. In the second I’ll take a look at the Windows … Read more

Will The Nokia McLaren Ever See The Light Of Day?

Technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft often create devices that are purely experimental and never see the light of day. The Nokia McLaren was one of those devices that Microsoft never took to market. Now more photos have surfaced online showing the Nokia McLaren next to an iPhone 6 (the 6 is smaller). The … Read more

Mysterious Lumia Phone Surfaces With Huge Camera


A potentially new Microsoft Lumia device has appeared up for auction on a Chinese website. The Lumia phone, listed under the Nokia brand, sports a 1920×1080 5″ screen running Windows Phone 8.1 with a camera that covers a large portion of the back of the phone, similar to the Lumia 1020 model. The seller is asking ¥1588.00 … Read more

Nokia Unveils Its Android Powered Nokia N1 Tablet Priced At $249


Nokia has been struggling for some time now in the mobile market, fighting battles against both iPhone and Android it seemed it just couldn’t win. So, they sold off their Windows devices and services to Microsoft to let them continue that struggle and have returned with a brand new piece of hardware. The old saying, … Read more

Microsoft Dropping Internet Explorer From Some Phones

internet explorer featured

Microsoft clearly has a bug to bear with Internet Explorer. After millions spent on adverts convincing us IE is the best browser. They appear to be giving up and not only renaming the browser. Also dropping its use from mobile phones, albeit only a few of them. Now that the Nokia deal is complete and … Read more

Stephen Elop Takes The Reigns Of Microsoft’s Devices and Studios Division

photo courtesy of

Microsoft is experience some high level management shake ups this morning. First Julie Larson-Green has been moved to the position of Chief Experience Officer and now ex Nokia man Stephen Elop is taking the helm at the devices and studios division. This division includes Xbox and the Surface lineup. Larson-Green sent out a memo explaining the moves to her team (find that below). One things for certain, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella, seems to be working fast to restructure and place people where he feels they’ll be of best use. It remains to be seen if these choices are good or bad but at least there seems to be a battle plan. Not quiet sure what Elop has to offer in the gaming sector of Microsoft but I’m sure he has some good ideas for the Surface products. Elop has worked for Microsoft in the past as President of the Business division so he has insight and experience into Microsoft culture. What do you guys think of the upper management shake up at Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below! Read Larson-Green’s full memo after the break.

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Mass Effect: Infiltrator Nokia Exclusive Expires, Comes To All Windows Phone 8 Devices

In the world of mobile, exclusivity agreements are very normal and widely practiced. Awhile back Electronic Arts and Nokia made such an agreement. Mass Effect Infiltrator was only available on Nokia devices. Well now the rest of the Windows Phone 8 community can final enjoy the game on their devices. It looks like that agreement … Read more

Microsoft Looking To Compete In Android Dominated India Wireless Market

India’s smartphone market is dominated by Android devices just ask some of the Android blogs out there, they will tell you (or not) how much web traffic they get from India. But Microsoft is looking to fight Android on its own dominate turf in 2014. Microsoft is working with companies like Lava to bring Windows … Read more

VUZIX Announces Optical Technology For Smartglasses

Vuzik Corporation has just announced their new Waveguide optics engine jointly developed with Nokia, that for the first time enables smart eyewear technology capable of fitting into standard glasses frames and is being first introduced with the release of the Vuzix M2000AR HMD. Waveguide optics are a revolutionary new way of moving light within smart … Read more

iOS Core, XNU Kernel, Ported To Non Apple Hardware

Software developers, Wincom, have just ported the XNU Kernel (the core elements that make up Apple’s iOS operating system) to non Apple hardware. The XNU Kernel is what Apple used to develop OSX and iOS. Steven Troughton-Smith provided a picture of a Nokia N900 running the XNU Kernel successfully. This build does not make a whole operating … Read more

Winamp May Rise From The Ashes Before It Even Makes It To Ash

The demise of Winamp hit the web full force with many paying their last respects with simple remembrances of the media player in their lives. AOL’s choice to shut Winamp down was likely driven by the success of services like Pandora, Google Music and now iTunes Radio. While Winamp’s plug was being pulled that didn’t … Read more

Nokia Shareholders Give Final Approval For Sale To Microsoft

Nokia, the once undisputed titan of mobile phones and mobile phone sales, has final approval from shareholders to sell its mobile phone division off to Microsoft for $7.35b. In a landslide 99.7% of voting shareholders agreed to sell of the mobile division and move the company in a different direction. So the question now is. … Read more

Get The Ringtones From The Nokia 1520

So we spotted a post over on WM PowerUser saying they had a link to the new Nokia 1520 ringtones. We followed it and it led us no where. We’ve been hunting around trying to find these ringtones that seem to have hit the web several hours ago. We finally tracked them down after being … Read more