GitHub Hit With Reused Password Attack, Notifying Affected Users

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for people that use the same password on multiple sites. It really should already be abundantly clear that everybody should use unique, strong passwords for every site they log in to. We are, however, seeing yet another example where that hasn’t been the case. The popular code repository GitHub … Read more

32 Million Twitter Logins Up For Sale

Twitter logins

Twitter has been in the spotlight this week with the NFL’s account getting hacked as well as Mark Zuckerberg, Tenacious D and several other celebrities. Those hacks were linked to the LinkedIn breach of 2012 that saw account details of 117 million users leaked. It appears this new hack is the result of a malware … Read more

[UPDATED] LinkedIn Breach Leads To More Celebrity Twitter Hacks


You probably already saw that some of Mark Zuckerberg’s social channels didn’t have the best weekend, but it seems he wasn’t the only one to get hacked. The recent LinkedIn breach seems to be the most obvious culprit, as the sheer number of Twitter hacks in such a short time is definitely odd. UPDATE (6/6/2016 12:20ET): … Read more

Compromised Netflix Account Passwords Sold For 25¢

Netflix throttles

Security service Symantec is reporting a rise in Netflix accounts being hacked and passwords being sold for as little as 25¢. Symantec reports that thousands of Netflix account passwords are being stolen through a phishing campaign which redirects users to a fake Netflix website. Once a user inputs their credentials into the appropriate boxes the … Read more

SplashData Releases Worst Passwords Of 2015

Passwords are a way of life now, from checking your email, your bank account, your social media, or just logging into your computer at home.  Chances are you will run across a time that you have to put in a password at least once a day and this isn’t a new phenomenon.  Since this has … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Your iPhone & KeyRaider

jailbroken iphone malware

Cue the fearmongering! Alert the media! Thousands millions of users’ data at risk! Ok, so we don’t necessarily want to downplay the security risk of this newly discovered malware, dubbed KeyRaider, but we also want to be levelheaded about it. So let’s be clear from the start: it only affects your iPhone if you have … Read more

LastPass Hacked, User Accounts Not Accessed


LastPass is one of the handful of companies out there that helps manage your passwords so you don’t have to remember them all. LastPass sells itself as very secure, assuring users that their data is safe. Unfortunately for those users, LastPass has just announced that they have been compromised. The company is in the process of notifying users … Read more

Annual Worst Passwords List Is Facepalm Worthy


Splashdata’s annual worst passwords list has hit the Internet and it is completely facepalm worthy in every way. With data breaches hitting Target, Staples, Jewel/Albertsons’s, Home Depot, OfficeMax and many others in 2014 you would think people would begin to take password strength a little more seriously. But it seems the populous likes to live … Read more

Reports: Minecraft Data Breach Affects Users


German website heise online is reporting a Minecraft data breach that affects at least 1800 users. The breach is thought to have happened through a phishing attack and the number of users affected could grow. Right now they have verified a list of 1800 usernames and passwords and have authenticated a few of them. This could … Read more

Sticky Password Premium – Password Security For $24.99


With the amount of hacks and security breaches that have been reported in the news as of late, maybe it’s time to consider a password security system of your own. It’s no secret that a strong password is a good defense to prevent your computer, smartphone and tablet from being hacked. It’s also no secret … Read more

Dropbox Hacked? Blames Third Party Apps For Breach


Dropbox Hacked? The Next Web is reporting (referencing a reddit post) that Dropbox is the latest victim of hackers who stole hundreds of usernames and passwords. Some of the data showed up in plain text on Pastebin from an anonymous user asking for Bitcoin donations to release the entire list. Some reddit users confirmed the account credentials worked and … Read more

VOXX International Invests $3 Million In Eyelock Inc.



One of the cooler gadgets I had the chance to see at CES 2014 was the myris, a retina scanning device that can be used to unlock your computer and anything with a password. Now VOXX International has just announced a $3 million dollar investment into Eyelock hoping they’ll get the product out to consumers sooner than later. We didn’t get a chance to film the myris but check out the hands on video from TechRadar below and catch the entire press release after the video.

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