Prisma is the new mobile editing craze of the moment


Editing photos on your iPhone or Android device is basically a requirement these days for any social media post. Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, posting a picture without at least one filter is passé.  The latest mobile editing craze is Prisma and admittedly I got on the train using the iOS app. Now … Read more

Tenba Roadie HDSLR backpack review: Protection/storage in spades

Tenba Roadie Top Pick

Over the years I’ve made the long trek to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a simple backpack for my camera gear and laptops. When Tenba offered to send over one of their specialty camera backpacks I was game for it. My Sony camera kit has grown over the past year with … Read more

Huawei allegedly attempts to pass off DSLR photo as P9 photo


Without a doubt cameras on phones have become better, and what comes out of them can be stellar. But trying to allegedly pass off a DSLR photo for a phone photo is likely going to come back and bite you. That’s what Huawei is learning the hard way. The company posted a magnificent photo to … Read more

Cameras Are Now Obsolete

SidneyLanier Featured Image

In fact, we may be using the same camera most of the time. Here is my photography motto if you’ve not ever heard me (or another photography enthusiast) say it: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That’s right, Mr. I-stood-in-line-all-day-to-get-this-iPhone6SPlus128giga-whatever dude. Your camera is the same as mine most of the … Read more

Facebook Synced Photos Are Being Deleted, Try Google Photos Instead

After writing a personal post yesterday and getting a TON of questions about Facebook and Google Photos I’m back to give you a “how to” on the subject. Hopefully this will clear things up a bit for everyone. First, yes Facebook synced photos are getting deleted from their servers. Here’s my original post on the matter. … Read more

Tenba Cineluxe Series: A Photographer’s Best Protection


Tenba has been making bags since 1977 and their latest offering, the Cineluxe series, brings doctor style opening to an already stellar bag. The “doctor style” opening provides a quicker and easier way to get to your photography gear when you’re in a hurry. If you’re as old as some of us (cough) you’ll remember … Read more

GoPro Buys Editing Apps Replay And Splice


GoPro has made a big investment into the mobile video editing world by acquiring two popular mobile video editing apps, Replay and Splice. Both apps are well liked on the Apple App Store and Android versions are in the works for later this year. It’s one thing to make great hardware but many users want … Read more

Google Photos Puts Picasa In Kimura For The Submission


There can only be one photo service from Google and the battle has ended with Google Photos knocking out Picasa with a bruising Kimura. Google is finally sending the old warrior into retirement and is shutting down Picasa May 1st 2016. The shuttering of Picasa will likely be a blow to many who have come to love … Read more

Sony Xperia Z5 Receives Best DxOMark Smartphone Photo & Video Scores To Date


If photo quality is one of the more important features you look for in a smartphone, then you’ll likely want to give the Sony Xperia Z5 a close look. DxOMark, a site that tests, compares, and rates cameras – including those found on smartphones – has rated the camera in the Xperia Z5 as the best … Read more

Turn Your Snapshots Into Digital Photos With

We take a lot of digital photos, and free online storage options for those photos are available all over the place. From Dropbox, to OneDrive, to Flikr, and even Google Photos there are loads of places to store all of the selfies, food pics, and other assorted photos that our phones and digital cameras have … Read more

[UPDATED] A Photographer’s Open Response To Taylor Swift


Over the weekend Taylor Swift penned an open letter to Apple on tumblr. In her letter she was upset over Apple’s new music streaming service, Apple Music, and the fact they would be offering three months free to users without paying artists in those three months. The post went viral all over social media and … Read more

My Five Most Used iPhone Photography Apps


Photography is fast becoming one of everyone’s favorite parts of owning a smartphone. People are taking more pictures than ever before – whether it’s taking a selfie, grabbing candids of kids, or awesome shots of nature. There are literally hundreds of photography apps on the App Store and the Google Play Store and these are my … Read more

Nikon “Heartography” Lets Your Dog Snap Some Photos When They’re Excited

We’ve definitely seen goofy camera technology before, but this is for the dogs… literally. Nikon is experimenting with a system they’re calling “Heartography” that will automatically take a photograph when a preset heart rate is reached. While they could have tried this out with humans, it was probably quite a lot more interesting to try it … Read more

Samsung NX30 Review: Midrange Mirrorless Goodness


I’m a fan of different kinds of technology from laptops to smartphones and tablets to smartwatches. But one technology category holds a special fondness to me and that is cameras and camera accessories. Without a doubt I am a tech geek through and through, but I also have an extreme love of the arts and … Read more

Radian Motion Time-Lapse Review

I’m a big fan of time-lapse photography, although admittedly still not a master of it. We reviewed Alpine Labs Michron time-lapse device just a few months ago and it’s an excellent and affordable way to use your DSLR to take time-lapse photography. Well, Alpine Labs makes another time-lapse unit for DSLR cameras and this one … Read more

Apple Drops iPhoto And Aperture For Hybrid Photos App


Apple has long distributed two different photo editing apps for its Mac users to edit their photos, iPhoto and Aperture. iPhoto has always been geared towards simplicity and the average user. Edits in iPhoto are much faster and the tools are less complex and often one click solutions. Aperture, on the other hand, was geared … Read more

Samsung NX500 Brings 4K For Less Than $1000

The photography world is rich with products, and, speaking as someone who is slowly starting to dip their toes in, it can be a little daunting. The sheer amount of choice you have in terms of camera and price range is very overwhelming and wherever you read, everyone says something different. Although, I’m somewhat of … Read more

Element Case Adds Schneider Optics On Its New iPro 6


Element Case and Schneider Optics have teamed up on one of Element Cases’s newest 2015 offerings, the iPro 6. The iPro 6 is a finely crafted case which adds interchangeable Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto lenses for a higher level of mobile photography. There are other products on the market like OlloClip and a few … Read more

Michron Time-Lapse Review: DSLR Quality Time-Lapse On A Budget


Time-lapse photography is one of the coolest things you can do with any camera. Even mobile phones now have time-lapse features and apps you can use to take some pretty cool time-lapse captures. The problem with time-lapse photography is the “time” it takes to capture all the necessary pictures that make up a time-lapse. This … Read more

Stacksocial Ultimate DSLR Learning Bundle $24.99


The DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera is undoubtedly one of the best cameras you can get to take high quality photos and most pro photographers use them. But we know you’re no pro, neither are we. Maybe you received a DSLR for Christmas this year, sure maybe it’s a low end DSLR but those are … Read more

Experience Chicago Through This Awesome Time-lapse


Eric Hines is a Chicago photographer and time-lapse cinematographer who’s made a few notable time-lapses in the past, his first Chicago time-lapse was amazing in its own right. Now he’s back with a second installment and even better time-lapse of the great city of Chicago. Being a Chicago area native myself this timelapse is that … Read more

Nova, Bluetooth-Enabled External Flash For iPhone




There’s no shortage of iPhone accessories on the market today; everything from home button jewels to bunny ear cases. But BiteMyApple might have something that’s actually really useful. The Nova is an external flash that works via Bluetooth and is super slim (about credit card size) and portable. This is a great accessory for the iPhone photographers out there whose photos can sometimes be ruined by the on-board flash. While there are some people who wouldn’t give up their DSLR’s for anything, there is a whole new world of iPhone and smartphone photographers out there. This would be an extremely useful tool for those artists. Check out the full press release below and links where you can pick yours up. 

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