The Most Successful Company Founded Each Year Since 1944


Posted on April 11, 2016 by Ben Taylor About 50 percent of all businesses fail within five years. Only a quarter make it to the 15-year mark. Even then, the majority of survivors will be small operations, often based in a home. So it is that companies like Anthem, VISA, Microsoft and Facebook are the … Read more

The Best Headphones for Running


Posted on March 22, 2016 by Andrew Lisa While many over-the-ear headphones offer uncompromising audio, even the most rigid audiophiles must consider fit, battery life, water resistance and durability if they’re going for a run. Luckily, some in-ear headphones don’t compromise much on quality. The team at SpecOut compiled a list of the best headphones … Read more

Review: Rig Gaming Headset by Plantronics


Plantronics is a company known for their audio accessories, and their latest audio fruition, the Rig headset doesn’t disappoint. I picked up a pair in Vegas at CES and have been using them daily since.

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