Obama may pursue venture capital career after presidency

Traditionally there has been a pattern to the projects that ex-presidents of the United States undertake after their stint in the oval office has run its course. They pursue philanthropic, educational or ambassadorial duties in the forms of libraries, charities and diplomatic missions. That is of course in addition to establishing legacies and publishing books … Read more

[UPDATED] Google Manipulating Search In Favor Of Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton

Before we begin, let me make sure we start off with some clarity. We at Techaeris do not cover political news nor do we endorse any candidate or party, because we do not feel any of our political opinions matter to our readers. Whether you are voting for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or … Read more

Barack Obama Finally Gets @POTUS Account; Jokes With @BillClinton


After six years in office, the White House has finally claimed and started using the @POTUS Twitter account handle. President Barack Obama first tweeted yesterday morning, announcing he was finally on Twitter and in less than half an hour┬áhad reached 100,000 followers. As of the time of this article, the account has over 1.93 million … Read more