LYFT teams with SPLT to improve Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

If you’re an able-bodied, technological person, you probably don’t need to worry too much about getting from one place to another. Chances are good you can drive somewhere, walk to a bus stop, use your smartphone to hail a ride-sharing service, or any number of other ways of getting from place to place. Not everybody … Read more

Skullgirls bring their fight to Android, iOS devices

Today at Anime Expo, Lab Zero and Hidden Variable Studios announced that Skullgirls, the popular 2D fighter currently available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be coming to Android and iOS devices later this year. This over the top brawler pits a cast of female fighters against one another in hopes of obtaining the Skull … Read more

Acer Announces New 32 Inch 4K Monitor And New TravelMate P2 Laptops


Continuing on with Acer’s new products that were introduced today, these two will be targeting small and medium business users. The Acer BM320 4K UHD monitor is targeted at graphic and video professionals, while the TravelMate P2 will be geared toward small and medium businesses. Even if you’re not in a business, either of these two … Read more

Acer Announces Two New Affordable Acer Switch Laptops At Computex 2016


Today, Acer has given us a two different options on new affordable 2-in-1 laptops, and when I mean affordable, I really mean it. Both laptops are under $300USD and looked to be aimed for students and families on a budget. Introducing the Acer Switch V 10 and Acer Switch One 10. Both come with the … Read more

ExoSOLS Are Custom-Fit Insoles, Created And Ordered Via App

Anybody who spends time on their feet can understand the soreness and pain that can come from exerting yourself, or even just standing for too long. If you’ve seen me shuffling around at CES the last two years you’ll know that I know that feeling all too well. You can buy insoles for your shoes, … Read more

Thin Ice: Wearable Weight Loss Vest

Many of us would like to lose some weight. I know that personally I’ve got more than a few pounds to lose. Until those fantastic nanoparticles that MIT is working on come to fruition, we’ll just have to figure out another way, right? Thin Ice is a new wearable that wants to help with our weight loss … Read more

Raise Funds For Cancer Research, Buy A FCancer iPhone Case!


We’re pretty much a family focused and centered tech website here at Techaeris and we generally stay away from profanity and other not kid-friendly type posts. For this reason we’ve shortened the name of the charity in this story to FCancer with their blessing and permission. My father passed away from prostate cancer and that’s … Read more

Mark Cuban Backed ilumi Smartbulb Kickstarts Its 2nd Gen Bulb


Mark Cuban and ilumi are back for round two in the smartbulb game and they’re promising better performance, some new features, better integration and a fresh application. And the bulbs are set to go on sale for just $29 on Kickstarter, prices will likely go up and that $29 tier won’t last long. How the … Read more

Nyrius’ Songo Portable Receiver Brings Bluetooth To Your Car


Let’s face it, there are still a lot of good cars out on the road that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity. The Nyrius’ Songo Portable Receiver is a product that can solve that problem. So long as your car has a AUX connection the Songo Portable will work for you. Priced in at $24.99 it’s not … Read more

BlackBerry Releases Q1 Fiscal 2016 Results


This morning BlackBerry announced their Q1 fiscal 2016 earnings report. For those unfamiliar, the fiscal year and calendar year don’t often line up. BlackBerry’s fiscal 2016 first quarter was the three months ending May 30, 2015. Despite many media reports to the contrary, BlackBerry isn’t dead, nor are they going anywhere any time soon. They … Read more

The Huawei TalkBand B2 Now Available In The U.S.


Wearables are the ‘it’ thing this 2015. With Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch making their presence known people are starting to ponder smart wearables. Sure you’ve had FitBit around for awhile and all manner of fitness tracker type devices but wearables are starting to grow and expand in complexity and the Huawei TalkBand … Read more

Acer Liquid M220 Smartphone Available In The US June 2015


Acer has been making smartphones for awhile now but they have never been available to the US market, now for the first time they will be. Starting with the Acer Liquid M220 (a Windows Phone) in June, Acer will be test driving the market through Microsoft stores. The phone will be offered in Mystic Black … Read more

You Can Now Have Your Google Nexus 6 With Toast!


Whether it be for added protection for phones that approach (and sometimes exceed) $1000 in price, or as a way for an owner to personalize their phone, custom cases and ‘wraps’ or ‘skins’ come in all shapes and sizes.  But in a market dominated by high impact thermoplastics and metals, a small outfit based in … Read more

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery Stacksocial Deal


The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh battery was shown at CES this year and it was a pretty cool little external battery. In a market flooded with external batteries and competitive pricing, ZeroLemon manages to give you a aesthetically well designed device that also packs a punch. Read on below for full details or head over to … Read more

Wyrmbyte Announces Update To Dragons And Titans



Wyrmbyte Studios sends along word that they’ve just released a major update to Dragons and Titans.  You may remember that we’ve covered Dragons and Titans here in the past.  Check out the press release below to see what this update has in store for players.

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Philips And Accenture Deliver Proof Of Concept For Delivering Vital Patient Data Via Google Glass


Philips and Accenture announced today the creation of a proof-of-concept demo that uses Google Glass for researching ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of performing surgical procedures. Stories and press releases like these are sure to become more common place as Google Glass development continues to mature. Read on for the full Press Release.

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