Goldgenie custom iPhone 7 render shows dual cams and Smart Connector

iPhone 7 video

Yeah we know, we already posted one rumor about the iPhone 7 today. But we’ve warned you that these will start coming fast and furious as September gets closer. This time we were sent an email showing an iPhone 7 render that has dual cameras and a Smart Connector. Our last iPhone 7 rumor showed … Read more

There are three new Blackberry handsets in the works

BlackBerry Hub

It looks like there are new Blackberry handsets in the works as the company is working on three new devices. The devices will be built by TCL, a Chinese company who makes TVs, DVD players, cellular devices (Alcatel), computers, and more. The three devices have code names (Neon, Argon, and Mercury) and will boast higher specs than previous … Read more

Nintendo NX Rumors: Portable Controller, Beefy Processor, Games, And More


Since it was officially announced in March of 2015, there have been no shortage of Nintendo NX rumors. Some seem plausible while others are so far out of left field that they hardly warrant any attention. A NeoGAF forums user — 10K — seems to have some inside sources that have provided some new clues … Read more

Microsoft And Canonical Purchase Has Me Eating Crow


Earlier this month we reported the rumor and possibility of a Microsoft and Canonical deal that might have shaken up the Linux and Open Source world. We had several sources who claimed that this was happening and might be happening soon. Since then we’ve poked around asking other connections about the validity of such a … Read more

Microsoft’s October 6th Windows 10 Devices Event Confirmed


Just about everyone, including me, in the tech world has been waiting for a new Lumia flagship phone since the Lumia 930 that came out last year from Microsoft, and that time may be right around the corner. We reported almost a month ago on rumours that Microsoft was going to be holding an October event … Read more

[UPDATED] Leaks Of A New Nokia Phone Running Android Show Up

Everyone knows that Nokia is unable to make smartphones until next year, due to their devices division being obtained by Microsoft. Since the start of 2016 is only 5 months away, Nokia might be gearing up to enter the market again by possibly coming out with the “Nokia C1”. UPDATE (09/08/2015 10:30ET): It appears these … Read more

Rumor Pile Up: Moto X Play Coming to US as Droid Maxx II

Not Actual Droid II

Be the bigger man…. Be the bigger man… Be the….screw it. I told you so! On July 28th Motorola announced a collection of phones, among them: the Moto X Play. A slightly tuned-down Moto X Style/Pure Edition (or tuned-up Moto G if you’re a glass-is-half-full-kind-of-person at heart) with a large 3630 mAh battery. The twinkle … Read more

Rumored Stylus Will Be For Apple’s iPad Pro


We’ve been hearing about Apple making a bigger iPad dubbed “iPad Pro” that’ll have a screen size of 12.9″ that should hopefully be announced during Apple’s event in October. Well, to add even more rumors to that rumor, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claims a stylus will work with Force Touch on the rumored iPad Pro. Anyone … Read more

[Rumor] Microsoft’s Surface Phone Leaks Show Specs


Well, what do we have here? Talk about another Windows device that isn’t about the Cityman or the Talkman? Considering we’ve read enough right? Anywho, leaks have made their way to the surface (pun intended) about Microsoft coming out with a Surface style phone to go with its own branded Surface Tablets. Code name “Juggernaut Alpha”, which … Read more

Nexus 5 (2015) Rumors Hint At Not One But Two Nexus Devices This Year

Gather around kids as I tell you the rumors about Google’s next Nexus device. Don’t forget to grab that salt shaker too as you’ll need it. It all started with a rumor that Huawei would be making the next Nexus device for Google, but recent rumors have been coming forth that LG will be making a … Read more

4K Display To Possibly Be On Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5

It looks like the rumor mill is starting to stir for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, though their Galaxy S6/S6 Edge has only been out for a month so it’s not uncommon for rumors to start months before final release or shortly after a company’s flagship device was released. Take Sony’s Xperia Z line for example. … Read more

Evidence Mounting For A November 21st Super Smash Bros Wii U Release Date

Rumors about the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros Wii U potentially coming out on November 21st have been floating around since early September, but a major online retailer listing the game on that same date has the Internet buzzing again. Amazon Canada has updated their product page for Super Smash Bros Wii U to state “This item will be released on … Read more