Runkeeper Faces Complaint In Norway For Tracking Habits

The popular fitness app Runkeeper is in some hot water after receiving a formal complaint from the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) after it was determined that the app tracks its users at all times, and sends that data to advertisers. As a fitness app, there is a certain amount of tracking that will need to … Read more

One Month Challenge: Pebble Smartwatch Review

In December 2013, I won a black Pebble Smartwatch (Model 301) as a prize at a Christmas party. I’d always had a passing interest in the device but not being a watch wearer, I had never really been able to justify the $150 USD price tag. I’d watched the Pebble rise through the ranks as … Read more

Kickstarter Tap Tap Wristband, Send Your Love With A Tap

Woodenshark, creators of TV ambient light system Lightpack, is announcing the launch of another Kickstarter campaign to fund TapTap – a wristband designed to keep in touch with your significant other long distance.

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