nevo Balade Parisienne review: A minimalist smartwatch that’s almost there


Smartwatches and fitness trackers have definitely been gaining popularity lately. If you don’t want a full blown smartwatch which barely makes it through the day, or don’t need all the features a fitness tracker offers, then there are other options. Our nevo Balade Parisienne review takes a look at a minimalist smartwatch that has basic smartwatch … Read more

Nixon Unveils The Mission, An Android Wear Watch For Extreme Sports

It was starting to get quiet in the world of Android Wear and smartwatches in general for a while, but the last few days have brought about a flurry of new announcements and devices headed our way. Fossil introduced its two new models; Casio gave us the Smart Outdoor Watch; Michael Kors announced a hideous … Read more

Meet The Xwatch, $100 And Possibly Running Full Android


Wearables (particularly smartwatches) haven’t truly hit the mainstream like manufactures would have liked, I attribute it to high price points. So maybe the Bluboo Xwatch can break that mold and deliver a smartwatch that is both beautifully crafted and affordable. The Xwatch is a looker, at least from the photos we’ve seen, and it seems … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Available In Canada Through TELUS


Motorola’s new Moto 360 Sport smartwatch is now available in Canada through TELUS, one of the “big three” telecommunications carriers. With built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and a music player, Moto 360 Sport has all the tools you need to hit the road and push for your personal best or just free your hands up to … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Review: A Smartwatch For The Activity-Minded


It’s been almost a year since I last visited an Android Wear device when I reviewed the original Moto 360. For the most part the smartwatch does what it’s supposed to, but in the end having constant notifications on my wrist wasn’t for me. When Motorola announced a Moto 360 Sport version, my curiosity was piqued … Read more

Apple Watch Review: Useful But Is It Worth The Price?

Apple Watch review

In my Moto 360 V2 review I admitted to changing my mind a bit about smartwatches. My initial impression was that smartwatches were redundant and really not needed. I mean, I can do everything by pulling my phone out and more. Why would I need a smartwatch? So the single most convenient thing about a smartwatch … Read more

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Sales Stopped Due To Hardware Issue


LG has stopped sales of its LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition due to what the company is calling hardware issues. The only clue we have as to the problem is a message from LG to The Verge stating the watch was pulled due to hardware issues that affect day-to-day operation. Both Verizon and AT&T have … Read more

NFC Payments Are Coming to Pebble Time Watches

Paying with your smartwatch hasn’t really hit the mainstream yet. Actually, smartwatches in general have yet to hit the mainstream.  But they will, as will using them independently from your smartphones for certain things like fitness tracking, music, and paying for your burrito. After being the first real smartwatch out of the gate, Pebble arguably … Read more

Motorola Moto 360 V2 Review: Still King Of The Hill


It wasn’t long ago when I said that smartwatches were useless devices that no one really needed, then I started reviewing and testing them. Truth still is, no one really “needs” a smartwatch but if you have some disposable income they sure do come in handy, handier than I first thought. With the new crop … Read more

TAG Heuer Launches Its First Android Wear Watch: The TAG Heuer Connected

In what will be remembered as one of the oddest presentations ever, TAG Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver took the stage with all the exuberance of a Steve Ballmer/Roberto Benigni admixture and delivered something thought impossible: too much cowbell. There was also cheese and some confusion regarding what a computer is. But most important was the announcement of a beautiful and … Read more

Apple Watch: Apple Has Reportedly Shipped 7 Million Apple Watches

We all expected it. Apple is owning the wearables market right now. Research firm Canalys has released a report saying that Apple has shipped 7 million Apple Watches since its launch in April, 2015. Apple is also the only company which sold over 300,000 units last quarter. 7 million is a huge number. Let me … Read more

Huawei Watch Review: This One Is A Looker


Without question the wearables market continues to be the one of most buzzed about tech spaces currently out there. Whether it’s opinion that the space is declining or opinion the space is growing, people are talking about it. With the release of the Apple Watch many analysts predicted that wearables might take off. We now … Read more

Samsung Gear S2 Will Make A Home At T-Mobile November 15th


The Samsung Gear S2 looks to be heads and tails improved over Samsung’s previous bulky Star Trek watches. With a stunning classic circular design, the Gear S2 looks like it should give the Huawei Watch and Moto 360 V2 at least a little competition. Now T-Mobile has just announced they will be carrying the Samsung … Read more

Martian Envoy G10 Review: A Smartwatch That Doesn’t Distract


Apple’s hoopla release of the Apple Watch and Google’s continued push of Android Wear is currently taking up the majority of the headlines and press. While the offerings from both companies are good and they do what they do well, not everyone is ready for a touch screen interface on their wrists. A smartwatch doesn’t … Read more

Pebble Time Round Smartwatch Spotted Ahead Of Official Launch


Pebble put up a countdown on its website about 5 days ago and now, with less than an hour left, we might have just seen a glimpse of the newest Pebble smartwatch on Amazon. The product description lists iOS and Android compatibility, which is pretty standard for Pebble smartwatches. Pebble also claims that the watch … Read more

Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch


Smart watches are slowly gaining in popularity with the increased availability of Android Wear and Apple Watch devices. But what if you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, spend $300 or more on a smartwatch but like the idea of having notifications and other functionality on your wrist? Enter the Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart … Read more

Apple Watch OS2 Intros Time Travel, Transit, And iTranslate


Apple took to the stage today to start its two hour plus presentation of all it’s various new products and features starting with Apple Watch OS2. Tim Cook claims a 97% customer satisfaction rating with Apple Watch hardware and also introduced several new watch faces for the device. New for Apple Watch OS2 is third party … Read more

TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch Integrates Music And BT Connectivity


TomTom has announced their latest fitness watch, this time integrating a music player and Bluetooth connectivity. The TomTom Spark GPS Fitness watch is designed for all fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The Spark allows users to store 500 songs directly on the watch which lets them listen to their favourite playlists while tracking their steps, miles, … Read more

Moto 360 2nd Gen Announced, Sport Version Coming


After weeks of rumours and speculation, Motorola has officially launched the new Moto 360 Collection with more styles, features and longer lasting battery life. With this second generation, Motorola has refined the design of the Moto 360 and will have versions specifically designed for men, women, and fitness enthusiasts. The new design will feature lugs … Read more

Samsung Gear S2 Models And Specifications Unveiled


After weeks of speculation, and T-Mobile announcing yesterday that they will be carrying the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, official specifications and models have been announced by Samsung at IFA in Berlin. Two version of the smartwatch will be released next month — the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 classic — Samsung designed the Gear S2 … Read more

Samsung Gear 2 Watch Coming To T-Mobile This Fall


Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Gear 2 watch and T-Mobile has also announced they will be carrying the device this fall. In an email sent to press T-Mobile confirmed they will be carrying the watch and users can add it to their existing plan for $5 a month with one of T-Mobile’s new “wearable … Read more

2nd Gen Moto 360 Makes An Appearance In Indonesia


The tech world is ramping up for a lot of announcements over the next few months. Apple is working on preparing all of their new wares for September 9th. Samsung recently unveiled some of their gear and hinted at a new smartwatch as well. IFA 2015 is getting ready to drop and tech companies are … Read more

New Moto 360 Images Show Off Two Sizes: The Moto 360L And Moto 360S


We’ve heard the rumours and seen some shots of what appears to be a new Moto 360 smartwatch in the wild, and now we have two more images that – based on the tagging – indicate that there may be two versions of the update to Motorola’s smartwatch that was released just under a year … Read more

After Initial Surge, Wearables Demand Slows Significantly


Even though they’ve been around for some time now, wearables are still the “new kid on the block” when it comes to mobile technology. With the announcement and release of the Apple Watch last year, interest in wearables surged, but a report by Argus Insights has found that demand for wearables has slowed significantly since November of … Read more

The Samsung Gear 2 Could Throw Ice Water On The Wearables Market


Yesterday Samsung announced its eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ phablets in typical glorious Samsung fashion. Breaking up their users into categories the company says the Note 5 is for multi-taskers and the S6 edge+ is for multi-media consumers. While the phones themselves seem to have stirred a mixed … Read more

The Dot Is The World’s First Braille Smartwatch


South Korean company, Dot, has come up with the world’s first braille smartwatch and it’s pretty spectacular. The display on the smartwatch can impress up to four braille characters at a time and the user has full control over how fast those characters are presented to them. The Dot does exactly what you would expect … Read more