Turcom AcoustoShock 903 Bluetooth speaker review: easily handles all your audio and abuse


Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, but GOOD Bluetooth speakers are an entirely other story. I’ve owned a number of these and it’s always been the same story. Durable, good sound, compact, reasonably-priced: pick two… sometimes, barely one. Turcom took it upon themselves to sway that expectation in the consumer’s favor, and in most ways, succeeded. Read … Read more

Minirig Bluetooth Review: Small Stature, Massive Sound


We’ve had a fair amount of Bluetooth speakers come in for review–all shapes and sizes–but the Minirig Bluetooth is in a class all its own. Minirig is a UK company just getting a leg into the US market, and they sent along their Minirig Bluetooth for us to take a look at. Check out our … Read more

FUGOO Tough XL Review: Waterproof Sound


Bluetooth speakers are great to have inside the house to listen to your favorite tunes while you relax and enjoy some couch time. But sometimes you want to bring the sound outside where things might get a little wet and wild. Enter the FUGOO Tough XL. FUGOO sent us this beefy speaker to test out … Read more

Luna Promises A Revolutionary Wireless Speaker


Luna is a new wireless speaker being funded on Kickstarter and the company behind it promises a revolution once it hits the market. Made from premium materials and sporting a sleek modern design the speaker is small yet powerful and filled with plenty of functions. The design of the speakers reminds me of the old … Read more

[301] EasyAcc DP200 Review: Your Adorable Little Bluetooth Speaker

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been having fun reviewing Bluetooth speakers for MOARGeek. EasyAcc has sent us one of their latest portable Bluetooth speakers to do a review on, so let’s get started with the EasyAcc DP200 review. Specifications Bluetooth 4.0 <10m Transmission Distance 1,050mAh battery 5Wx2 Output Power 90Hz-20KHz Frequency Response Product Dimensions: 65 … Read more

onanoff Sound Cover Review And Giveaway: A Different Spin On A Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers were once an emerging accessory in the technology market. You could find them here and there but they weren’t everywhere. Now days Bluetooth speakers have saturated the market like locusts in a biblical plague. Everyone from Bose to the cheapest Chinese accessory website are making these little boxes of sound. There’s not much … Read more

Monster Superstar Backfloat Review: This Monster Loves The Water


I’ll start this review out by saying this, you either love Monster products or you hate them. I’ve seen much maligning of the brand on social media and across the Internet and if you’re in that camp, this is not the review for you. As I do with any of my reviews I approach it … Read more

House of Marley Chant Speaker Review: Great Sound In An Impressive Looking Package


Last week we posted our review of House of Marley’s Liberate XLBT Bluetooth headphones. Today we bring you something else from the House of Marley, this time we take a look at and offer our thoughts on the portable Bluetooth Chant speaker. We’ve reviewed quite a few Bluetooth speakers in the past, and our House of … Read more

Review: JLab Audio Crasher 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Last week JLab Audio released their new portable bluetooth speaker dubbed the Crasher 2.0. JLab Audio was kind enough to send us a unit for review so here we go! I’ve always pondered the usefulness of portable Bluetooth speakers, I have a desk job so I’m usually using laptop speakers, but there have been times out working … Read more

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Crasher 2.0 Released By JLab Audio


Today JLab Audio, a designer and manufacturer of personal audio products, released Crasher 2.0 – a new portable Bluetooth Speaker. The Crasher 2.0 includes all the features of the original Crasher as well as a few new features wrapped into an affordable package. Portable Bluetooth speakers are a great solution to enhancing the sound from your mobile device or … Read more

Review: Bayan Audio Soundbook X3


Bayan Audio is a United Kingdom based provider of Bluetooth speakers and other audio accessories that primarily use your phone as the transmitter through Bluetooth. Like any quality company, Bayan has decided to start selling their products here in the United States and I couldn’t be happier that they’ve chosen to make that move. First … Read more

Review And Giveaway: TYLT Tunz Bluetooth Speaker NOW CLOSED!



We’ve reviewed a fair amount of TYLT products here at Techaeris, and we rated all of them very high. This time around TYLT sent me their TUNZ Bluetooth speaker to check out and review. Of course, being  no stranger to TYLT, I expected top of the line packaging and they didn’t disappoint. TYLT is one of those companies who puts thought into the entire experience of buying a product. From packaging to final product.

Read more