Tesla set to make improvements to Autopilot radar


Elon Musk took to Twitter to hint at Tesla improving the Bosch radar sensor on its Autopilot system. This comes after a whirlwind of press coverage and much talk over the first Autopilot fatality. The accident, where Tesla’s Autopilot failed to recognize the white side of a truck against a bright sky, killed the driver … Read more

[UPDATED] Tesla’s Autopilot “failure” is a lesson in distracted driving

distracted driving

As we reported this morning, the NHTSA is launching an investigation into a fatal accident involving a Tesla being driven in Autopilot. Is the incident a lesson in distracted driving or a a flaw in Autopilot? While the NHTSA has yet to investigate the accident, we do have witnesses and evidence to help us at least start … Read more

[UPDATED] NHTSA opens investigation on Tesla fatality


The NHTSA is opening an investigation into a fatal accident involving a Tesla driving in Autopilot mode. This is the first Tesla fatality involving Autopilot, Tesla shares dropped three percent overnight on the news of the investigation. Joshua D. Brown of Canton, Ohio was the victim in this first Tesla fatality involving a tractor trailer. Brown was driving … Read more

Tesla Model S Boat Mode Observed, Elon Musk Doesn’t Recommend It


Is there anything that Tesla cars can’t do? Aside from being incredible looking cars, we’ve seen Insane Mode added to the Model S via a software update. We’ve witnessed the Model X and its Biohazard Defense Mode (available on future Model S vehicles) clear out pollution. If you thought the only areas left for Tesla … Read more

Are You Ready For Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are becoming a topic of discussion among even the non-tech community which usually means the tech is breaching into the mainstream. Google has been one of the driving forces behind autonomous vehicles with the Google self-driving car and now other car manufacturers are actively joining the fray. Volvo has been experimenting with the … Read more

Two More Tesla Executives Leaving The Company


Only a few days after showing off how completely real their Bioweapon Defense mode actually is, Tesla had some less exciting news today. It’s been reported that two more Tesla executives are leaving the company, and the timing is pretty bad. The two departing vice presidents are in charge of production and manufacturing, both pretty … Read more

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode Is Not A Gimmick

Tesla Model

Tesla now has a stable of two (soon to be three) electric vehicles that are drool-worthy on their looks alone. Many of us here at Techaeris would love to have one, and have offered multiple times to test one out and provide a complete review (we’re still more than willing, Mr. Musk). The Tesla Model … Read more

Apple Picks Up Another Former Key Tesla Employee

Apple Sales

9to5 Mac is reporting that another former key Tesla employee has ended up on the Apple payroll to work on Apple’s (not so) secret Titan car project. Chris Porritt is the former Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering, and he also worked for Aston Martin as their Chief Engineer. The new hire isn’t much of a surprise as … Read more

The Most Successful Company Founded Each Year Since 1944


Posted on April 11, 2016 by Ben Taylor About 50 percent of all businesses fail within five years. Only a quarter make it to the 15-year mark. Even then, the majority of survivors will be small operations, often based in a home. So it is that companies like Anthem, VISA, Microsoft and Facebook are the … Read more

Volvo Autonomous Cars Could Hit Chinese Roads Soon

autonomous cars

Autonomous cars (believe it or not) are being worked on by more than just Alphabet Inc. and Tesla Motors, companies like Toyota, Ford and Volvo all have their own research cooking too. Many believe the future of transportation is in autonomous cars and companies are testing their tech fervently trying to be the first to … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Is Finally Unveiled Priced At $35K

Tesla Model

Tesla Model 3…it’s what the press and the tech press (and many consumers) have been clamoring about and anticipating for a long time now, and it’s here. To give you an idea of how much some people want the Model 3, it already has 134,000 reservations. Each one of those people who reserved the car … Read more

Tesla Updates Cars With Summon Feature


Your car can now park itself! Well, it can if it is a Tesla Model S or a Model X, thanks to a new summon feature. Tesla has started pushing out the 7.1 to its cars and among other things, it allows cars with the necessary hardware to park and retrieve themselves autonomously. Yep, that … Read more

Tesla Autopilot Program Hiring Coders, Musk Personally Interviewing Candidates

Tesla Autopilot Program Elon Musk

The Tesla Autopilot Program is looking to hire coders to keep pushing the self-driving car initiative at the company and Elon Musk will be conducting the interviews personally. In a series of Tweets, Musk called the program “super high priority” and no prior experience with vehicles was required. Of course you’ll need loads of software … Read more

Tesla Recalls 90,000 Model S Vehicles For Possible Seatbelt Issues


Recalls are a normal part of doing business in the automotive industry, but when Tesla recalls 90,000 Model S vehicles for possible seatbelt issues… that’s huge. The most interesting thing about this recall is that it involves only one reported issue in one Model S. Tesla took it upon themselves to check every Model S … Read more

Faraday Future Is A Mysterious Billion-Dollar Company Gearing Up To Take On Tesla

Faraday Future is a mysterious company gearing up to take on Tesla. Never heard of it? You’re not the only one. It appears the company is a mysterious electric car company that’s building a manufacturing plant to the tune of $1 billion. It’s also in the process of nabbing some of the best minds in … Read more

Stolen Tesla Model S Tracked Via iPhone App, Leads to Arrest


Sometimes there’s perks to being always connected, especially when it comes to a stolen Tesla Model S. The owner of the aforementioned car, Katya Pinkowski, was leaving a concert last Thursday night and returned to the underground parking lot she parked in only to find her Model S was missing. Considering the car starts out … Read more

Consumer Reports Pulls The Rug Out From Under Tesla

Just weeks after Consumer Reports showered praise on Tesla giving the Model S a perfect score, the website has unceremoniously pulled the rug out from under them. Consumer Reports has withdrawn their initial praise and recommendation of the Model S and replaced it with a poor reliability rating. The announcement sent Tesla stock down the … Read more

OK Tesla – Tests Passed, Time To Make Cars We Can Afford


OK Tesla – tests passed with flying colors, time to make cars we can afford – or are electric cars just a toy in the rich man’s playground? Before you all start sounding off in the comments here and on social media, let make it clear that I love Tesla’s cars and the technology and … Read more

Aston Martin Takes On Tesla With Its Own Electric Car


When it comes to electric cars it’s hard not to say the name Tesla, at this point it’s almost second nature. While there are other electric cars on the market that are selling and doing decent business, Tesla is usually the first name that you think of. But now a new player in the game … Read more

Tesla Highway Autosteer And Parallel Autopark Updates Coming Soon


In a series of tweets Tesla Motors front man Elon Musk said the company is very near releasing a software update for both Tesla highway autosteer and parallel autopark. Like any new technology the original software wasn’t exactly working the best so Tesla’s crew went back to the drawing board. Tesla highway autosteer will allow … Read more