Runkeeper Faces Complaint In Norway For Tracking Habits

The popular fitness app Runkeeper is in some hot water after receiving a formal complaint from the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) after it was determined that the app tracks its users at all times, and sends that data to advertisers. As a fitness app, there is a certain amount of tracking that will need to … Read more

Lenovo Collecting User Data on ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, And ThinkStations


Lenovo just can’t seem to catch a break ever since it was discovered that at one time Superfish came pre-loaded on certain Lenovo laptops. Then they got caught modifying the BIOS on their machines to ensure their software was installed should a drive be reformatted. Now Lenovo is facing some heat after it was discovered … Read more

Facebook Allows Presidential Candidates To Track Your FB Page


Facebook is making available to US Presidential Candidates a new tool that allows them to track your political comments and Facebook likes to create a list of potential supporters. The tool also allows the candidates to upload their own voter file so they can locate those voters on the social media network and solicit them. The tool … Read more

Teen Killed After Tracking Down Lost Smartphone; What To Do If You Lose Yours


A Canadian teen was fatally shot after he lost his smartphone and used a tracking application to locate it. Jeremy Cook was shot multiple times when he and a relative approached a vehicle in a mall parking lot early Sunday morning in an attempt to recover it. After the shooting, the suspects fled and Cook’s phone … Read more

Law Enforcement Wants Waze Police Tracking Feature Removed

The popular GPS navigation/social networking app Waze appears to rubbing law enforcement the wrong way. Google owned Waze is full of useful features, namely real time crowd sourced traffic reports which include warnings about nearby congestion, speed traps, car accidents, and more; but law enforcement agencies in the U.S. are asking that the Waze police … Read more

Twitter Tracking Your App Downloads With New Update


Twitter tracking your smartphone app downloads? Yes indeed, that is what the company is saying they are going to start doing in their latest app update. The program, called app graph, is an opt-out update meaning you will have to specifically tell Twitter NOT to collect your data for their purposes. If you don’t opt-out … Read more